Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Guest Post | Revlon Colorstay Moisture Lip Stain 015 Barcelona Nights

Hey lovelies, I'm Abbie and I blog over at abeautifuldelight.co.uk I am so happy to be guest posting here on the lovely Stacey's blog today, I'm hoping that all of these amazing guest posts are giving her the chance to get lots of rest and pampering and I wish her a very speedy recovery!
As we all know, Stacey loves a good ol' lip product, so I thought it would only be right to do a blog post on the latest lip product to be welcomed into my makeup collection. Moisture stains are the latest creation to hit the beauty world with every brand jumping on the bandwagon and creating their own version. Ticking all the boxes, being a product that offers the gloss and shine of a lip gloss with the pigmentation and lasting power of a lipstick, why wouldn't you want to join in too?! I've tried moisture stains from plenty of brands already but Revlon always does well in my eyes and so of course, it didn't matter that I already had an array of colours to choose from in my drawer, when I spotted Revlon's offering, I had to pick one of their's up too!
With twelve shades to choose from, it wasn't easy to choose just one but Barcelona Nights caught my eye straight away as it's just my kind of colour, a gorgeous bright fuscia pink, perfectly toned to carry through all seasons. I love how sleek the packaging of this product is and how the colour of the tube reflects the colour of the product inside, allowing you to choose the colour from your handbag quick enough to top up without anyone even noticing. The pointed doe-foot applicator on this product allows you to glide the product on with ease whilst shaping the product to the lips perfectly without even needing a mirror, yep, I tried it! The product itself is seriously pigmented, the formulation a dream and the lasting power outstanding. This moisture stain is so smooth and silky, containing Vitamin E and Aloe it feels hydrating on the lips without being sticky, Revlon have the hair covered. The colour is seriously pigmented leaving a high shine stain on the lips as the gloss eventually starts to wear off throughout the day but the best thing about this product is the staying-power, this stuff seriously lasts all day! The majority of moisture stains I have tried last a good three to four hours but I would say this one has a good six hours plus and I still have to remove the remaining product in the evening, however with a colour this gorgeous, I find myself wanting to reapply it!
Have you tried any of the Revlon Moisture Stains yet?

Monday, September 29, 2014

Guest Post | Michael Kors Bombshell Lipstick

Stacey’s Lip Six posts have been the cause of many a high end lipstick splurge, so it was only apt that I reviewed the latest object of my lippie affections. With a vast collection of bold lipsticks and an unhealthy obsession with the one and only Michael Kors, it was inevitable that at least one of the lip products from the designers beauty line would eventually make its way into my collection. Que the Michael Kors Lip Lacquer in Bombshell, a vibrant fuchsia shade embossed with the MK label and encased within the most luxurious, yet effortlessly sleek gold packaging. 

Everything about bombshell is perfect from the show stopping yet simple packaging (this really is a product fit to adorn any dressing table), to the long lasting, super moisturizing formula enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin E. This beautiful Lip Lacquer is sheer enough for a subtle pop of colour, yet buildable enough to create a bold statement.

Bombshell is a little on the pricey side (£23), but my argument is that its a lot cheaper than one of his beautiful bags, or eye catching arm candy. If pinks not your thing, do not fret as this lipstick is part of three sub collections, Sexy (above), sporty (subtle nudes), and Glam (vampy reds). All of which can be purchased from the likes of Escentual and Debenhams. 

Have you tried anything from Michael Kors’ Beauty line?

Before I go I would just like to say thank you to Gemma and Stacey for letting me guest post on Expat Makeup Addict. Stacey you truly are a beautiful, brave woman. I wish you all the best wishes and a speedy recovery. 

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Guest Post | Autumn Plum Look of the Day

Hi, everyone! It's Jen from Vibrant, Vivacious, Veracious Beauty Blog. So excited to be posting on Stacey's blog today. Quite the honour! If there are two things that warm my heart, it's makeup and Fall (and cats, but that would make three). So, in line with these sentiments, I'm bringing you my first Autumn-inspired makeup look of the season! It's all about plums, golds, and berries, typical Fall colours that I can't help but fall for each time the cooler weather breezes around. I hope you enjoy it!

For the complexion, I kept the skin matte with a medium coverage. I opted for the lovely YSL Fusion Ink Foundation in B10 Porcelain, which I'm sampling currently and really loving! The cheeks are all about a glowy plum finish. I applied Becca's Beach Tint Shimmer Souffle in Raspberry/Opal on the apples of my cheeks with a stippling blush, blending up to the temples. I then swept some of the ultra luxurious By Terry Blush Terrybly in Sexy Plum underneath my cheekbones and on my temples to contour. For the lips, I reached for my brand new Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Aura, a gorgeous sheer plum. It's Fall perfection! 
On the eyes, I started by applying Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Velvet Plum (a purpley-taupe with gold shimmer) all over my lids, concentrating on the crease and outer corner. It worked as a great plummy base! I then applied MAC Cranberry eye shadow on the outer half of the lid and Stila Oasis eye shadow on the inner half of the lid to brighten things up a bit. I finished with some winged out neutral brown cream liner (Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel #89) and two coats of the lush Revlon Lash Potion Waterproof Mascara in Black. 

Here's a peek at the key products in this look, followed by a full breakdown of everything I used!

The Breakdown:
Foundation: YSL Fusion Ink Foundation in B10 PorcelainConcealer: BeneFit Fake-Up (on dark circles) and MAC Select Cover-Up in NC20 (on blemishes and redness)
Powder: Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot (on t-zone) and Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light (lightly all over)

Blush: Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Souffle in Raspberry/Opal (applied to cheekbones, blending upward) and By Terry Blush Terrybly in Sexy Plum (as a contour underneath cheekbones and on temples)

Brows: Maybelline Define-A-Brow in Dark Blonde
Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion Original Formula
Eye Shadows: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Velvet Plum (all over lid, focusing on the crease and outer corner), MAC Eye Shadow in Cranberry (on outer half of the lid), Stila Eye Shadow Oasis (on inner half of the lid)
Eyeliner: Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel #89
Mascara: Revlon Lash Potion Waterproof Mascara in Black (on top lashes) and Dior It-Lash in It-Purple (on bottom lashes)

Lips: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Aura

And a few more shots of the look:

So there you have it! My first Autumn-inspired makeup look of the year. I always enjoy the transition to crisper weather and vampier shades of  makeup, so I'm ready to soak up all that Fall has to bring!

Thanks again to Stacey for letting me share this with you all. She's the best! xo

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Guest Post | Angel Eau Sucree Review

Hello everyone! I'm Ray from ToySaturn and I shall be your guest blogger this post. *tips hat*

I've got a sweet treat for you today in the form of Thierry Mugler's Angel Eau Sucrée perfume, and I'm really excited to share my thoughts on this because it is really is quite something to behold.

I have a few friends that love the original Angel, but I wasn't sold with how it smelt on my skin. 
But I'm always up for trying new things so when I spotted Angel Eau Sucrée, I wanted to see what it smelt like. It took a few attempts to find a bottle of this that had some left in, and I actually had to try about five bottles that were all empty first! In the end, I hunted down a perfume lady in Debenhams and ask if there was any I could try.

The iconic Angel star bottle has been iced, sprinkled in sugar and wrapped up in an angel blue and parma violet lilac candy striped box. There was a little lilac envelope in the box inviting me to register my perfume to join an online community. This was such a nifty little touch that I wasn't expecting. It made opening the box into an experience, and that isn't something that perfumers often pull off. It's a seriously pretty package from the second you get it in your hands. 

Top Notes: Red fruits sorbet.
Heart Notes: Caramelized meringue.
Base Notes: Vanilla and Patchouli.
I can't think of any other fragrances that smell anything like this. Vanilla is almost always a winner with me, and I love the fact this has meringue at the heart. Meringue! Whoever came up with the idea of putting meringue in perfume can be my new best friend.

I always feel a little nostalgic when I first spritz this on, and it makes me think of funfairs with sugary doughnuts and carousels. That's where my mind goes, although it may just be me. This scent stays quite noticeable for a fair few hours, and lingers on the skin for many more. I find it to still be very subtle on the skin still even after sleeping through the warm summer nights. That's what I call serious staying power. It outlasts everything else I own.

I ordered mine from Debenhams to take advantage of the "Try It First" guarantee, so I could see how the scent smelt on my skin, and I found that it smelt exactly the same on my skin as it did on the tester card, so I wasn't disappointed.

This fragrance launched on May 1st 2014, a limited edition for summer priced at £42 for 50ML. Personally, because of the sugary sweetness, I prefer this for winter and is the scent I plan on wearing throughout the season. I've already decanted a little into a tiny spray bottle for traveling even though it's three months away!

The only downsides to this perfume are that it doesn't come in a refillable bottle so you can't take it back to a source for replenishment (although it is in a gorgeous bottle, so maybe we can forgive it...) and that it is a limited edition, so who knows how much longer we can get our paws on it.

I'm definitely going to try and pick up a few more bottles before it vanishes forever. I really hope the house of Mugler have a change of heart and let this little beauty stick around for good.  Please oh please oh pleeeeeease!

I really hope you enjoyed reading today's post. If you wanna see more of my posts you can catch up with me at all the following places;

Thank you Gemma for organising this post. It's been a pleasure to help out and I hope everyone joins me in wishing a speedy recovery to the wonderful Stacey.  ❤

Catch you later! :)


Friday, September 26, 2014

Guest Post | Barry M Prickly Pear

Hello there!:) My name is Mollie and I have a blog called The Fashion Of Craft which I post at on Monday's and Friday's every week, sometimes Wednesday's too if you're lucky! Today I have written a guest post for the lovely Stacey which I am extremely excited about as I have been a major fangirl of Stacey's blog for months now; to get the opportunity to do this is unbelievable! This post is going to be a review of one of my favourite nail polishes at the moment, which is by the brand Barry M. If you would like to find out my opinion of this then you can carry on reading below!
The nail polish that I shall be today is the Hi Shine Nail Paint in the shade Prickly Pear. This colour is a pastel lilac shade that looks gorgeous on pale skin like mine, but I can see it looking amazing on darker skin tones too. This polish only cost me £3.99 and I think that the price is such good value for money when you consider the quality of it, which I have to say is great. If you're expecting an opaque in one coat type of product then this isn't for you because the first coat is pretty sheer however I find that once I have applied 2-3 coats, the product builds up nicely.
I have to say that I agree with the name of this product. Using a top coat over the top of this would be pointless because the nail polish itself gives off the same finish as applying a top coat in the first place. I find that the finish does last as long as the colour does too, as in the past I have had the problem with the sheen only lasting a day or two. For me, the product itself lasts on my nails for around 3 5 days before chipping which is amazing, especially because it doesn't state to be a long lasting product of ay sorts on the glass bottle.
Overall, I am definitely going to be purchasing more shades from the Gelly HiShine range, I just hope that the rest of them are as good as this one. I am thinking of purchasing some brighter shades next time as I only have two shades, which are both pastel. My only hope would be that they'd be a little more opaque because if not I can imagine them taking a while to build up.

Thank you if you took the time to read until the end of my guest post! If you liked this post then don't forget to check out my blog here, as there any many more posts like this one there!
Goodbye and until next time,
Mollie xx

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Guest Post | A Guide To Maintaining Blonde Hair

A guide to maintaining blonde hair - from www.lauralovesbeautyblog.com @LA_Curwood
Do blondes really have more fun?!? Short answer: yes! Real answer: Only when they aren’t busy using copious amounts of purple shampoo. Being a blonde can be tough work! Lighter coloured hair naturally shows flaws more easily so it needs extra care, and also there’s the case that there aren’t actually many ‘real’ blondes around meaning a lot of regular trips to the hairdressers. I myself have been a natural and unnatural blonde for many, many years and have definitely picked up a few tips along the way.
♥ Going Blonde – let the professionals do it
I am all for DIY beauty hacks and tricks, but if you really want your hair done properly and with minimal damage, leave it to the pros especially if your hair is darker to start with! I spent awhile colouring my own hair blonde from my natural dark blonde shade and I was never one hundred percent happy with it and the dry frizzy mess I was left with just wasn’t worth the money or stress. Find a hairdresser you like and stick with them, they will get to know you and your hair and work to create a happy blonde medium.
♥ Chill out on the heated hair tools
Hair dye and peroxide contributes to dry and brittle hair, so if you are also blasting your hair with the dryer, straightener and curler you’re going to have a bad time. Use heat protection and have days where you don’t get out the styling tools. As the weather gets warmer plait your hair when it’s wet and let it naturally dry in the sun. Once it’s half dry let it loose and you’ll have amazing loose summer waves!
♥ Use products for coloured/blonde hair
Purple shampoo is absolutely essential for any person who lightens their hair. The violet tones out any yellow or brass coloured shades in your blonde mane and keeps it looking fresh. I really like to have a more ash coloured blonde so I really crank out that purple shampoo and sometimes use it a few times a week, in reality once a week is fine. I have even been known to leave my purple shampoo in for a while to give my hair some purple hues which I love the look of. I use a conditioner for dry/damaged hair and always follow up with a serum or oil on my damp hair once I’m out of the shower. A once a week hair mask or overnight treatment is also a super good idea. My favourite over the counter one is the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Mask (from Shampoo n’ things) or check out Hello Hair online. Coconut oil works a trick too – however my cat likes to lick it out of my hair while I sleep.
Here's some products which I am either using now or have used recently. Fudge Purple shampoo is one of my life essentials.
Here’s some products which I am either using now or have used recently. Fudge Purple shampoo is one of my life essentials.
 ♥ Be gentle and nice
The nicer you are to your hair, the nicer it will be back to you. Really! I use a Tangle Teezer to brush my hair and seriously can’t understand what I ever did without one. Make sure you are using hair ties without any metal or elastic which is too tight. I use these knotted wide elastic ones as they never get caught up in my hair and don’t dent my hair like those super skinny ones do. I have also found that this style of hair band doesn’t over stretch too quickly so they last longer.
You can pick these up at Cotton On for around $6
You can pick these up at Cotton On for around $6
♥ Be prepared to deal with dark regrowth
It’s the worst part about being a blonde. Even though I get my roots done fairly regularly and my natural hair isn’t that dark, I still experience regrowth and it annoys the shit out of me. Just know that it will happen, and it may bug you but it’s going to be okay. I survive by trying out different partings when regrowth is starting to show and go for looser more relaxed styles to make it look like it’s all part of the style. Ombre look anyone?
Me? I’ve tried other hair colours, but I am really just meant to be a blonde. It suits my style, my look, my skin tone and I don’t think I’ll be changing any time soon.
And don’t forget, anyone who thinks hair colour correlates with intelligence obviously has none – and probably doesn’t have very nice hair either! ;)


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Guest Post | Clinique Chubby Sticks - The Freebies

Hi guys, I am Rachel from Beautyqueenuk and I am absolutely chuffed to be guest-posting for the fabulous Stacey whilst she is recovering.  Get well soon Amazing Stace xx

Not too long ago there was a complete stampede of every Supermarket and Newsagents to get hold of a copy of Glamour Magazine for the offering of not one but two different shades of Clinique Chubby Stick. okay, so possibly not quite a stampede, but there was a lot of excitement about them and I was one of the lucky one who managed to get two sets, one of which I sent to another blogger who had been searching for them.

The reason I got them is because I am obsessed with lip crayons, I love them and have a growing collection and because I had been wanting to try a Clinique Chubby Stick for ages and ages and this was a cheaper way of doing it, not to mention I liked the look of both shades, the first being Watermelon and the second Super Strawberry and they worked out being worth around £9 each because they are smaller than a full size, but they are still a great freebie for a £2 magazine, the rest of the freebies on offer from Clinique can be seen in my post

The reason I am such a fan of lip crayons is because they are just ridiculously easy to use and the shades that are available is quite amazing, it is that simple. I have Max Factor, Revlon, Collection, Lacq and other within my collection and the Clinique ones are a great addition.

The Super Strawberry Chubby Stick is one I haven't used as much as Watermelon, but I do love it. When I put it on my lips, you can just about see the colour and it does leave a bit of a shine, but for me the Watermelon shade, which you can see in the bottom swatch, is the one which gives both colour and shine to the lips.  Once applied, they have an alright staying power, nothing like a lipstick, im talking 2 hours maximum, assuming you don't eat or drink during that time.
Personally, I am a fan, I would love to try some more from the range and have my eye on quite a few of them.

Did you manage to pick up any of the Clinique freebies? Do you have a favourite chubby stick or Clinique product you think I should try?



Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Goodbye to Cancer

Cutting to the chase, not something I am known for, when I went to meet with my oncologist doctors last Thursday to review my PET scan they confirmed that in their opinion I was now clear of cancer and did not require any further treatment at this stage.  They said that two things had contributed to this outcome-one, that the cancer had been diagnosed relatively early (stage 1B2) and that the extensive surgery I had undergone and the sheer amount of lymph nodes removed meant that my surgeon had successfully cleared me of the malignant tumours I hadn't even known were there 10 weeks ago.

This is a real 'yey' moment yes?  But I spent the rest of the afternoon in tears-mainly tears of relief that I didn't need further treatment in the form of chemo or radiotherapy but also tears of sadness for the life changing effect this has had on me and my future.  I felt numb, I felt bitter, I felt angry. 

I had told people I was getting the results that day and people started messaging me and asking how it had gone and I guess my silence worried them.  When I did say I had the all clear the outpouring of support/joy/high fives was amazing and temporarily lifted to me the place mentally that I should have been.  It's all over, the cancers gone.  But I did not feel the elation everyone kept telling me I should be feelingSometimes, I don't think it has sunk in.  Even the past 10 weeks hasn't really sunk in at all.  People kept saying to me on Thursday evening I had 'beaten cancer' but in truth I have been on autopilot so much since the beginning of July.  I just did what I was told to do and went where I was told to go for every appointment, operation, test and scan and had been protected and guided by my surgeon and his team the whole time.

A dear friend asked me this morning 'what's the next stage in your recovery' and I really didn't know how to answer.  I have a fear that people think because I have had the all clear that I should be fine and back to normal and back at work.  I know I am not physically 'fine' yet.  I still suffer from a lot of abdominal pain and find it difficult to sit in one position for any length of time.  I have 90 internal stitches that my surgeon says take up to 9 months to heal fully.  I am not allowed to swim or have a bath still.  I get very tired quickly and I walk quite slowly and not very far.  On the plus side, both my oncologists said I was doing really well for 7 weeks post operation when I saw them last week.

I guess the answer to the question 'what's the next stage in your recovery' is get well, get back to normal and get back to work.  Writing it down like that makes it sound just so easy.  I couldn't work out why, on the day I got the all clear I felt so down so I started to have a look online and found a brilliant article on the NHS website called Life After Cancer which pretty much summed up how I was feeling.  Now I know that some of the feelings I am experiencing are 'normal' and that I acknowledge them means I can address them better.  I have also decided to interact with some of the ladies on the Jo's Trust website which is a UK website dedicated to ladies with cervical cancer and raising awareness.  I have a few post surgery issues etc that I think only someone who has been through the same thing can understand.  I have met two wonderful ladies-Elaine via my blog and Penny via twitter who have been through the same thing and have been a constant source of support and guidance.  Elaine pretty much picked me up off the floor the night before my PET scan results.  I had been told by my surgeon to expect to need chemotherapy when he had reviewed the results of the scan before my oncology appointment and I was in bits.  Thank god he was wrong.

Shortly after my surgery, a lady on Instagram who had never interacted with me before took offence to a picture I posted.  It was at the height of the ALS Ice Bucket challenge craze and it was a picture of my friend Anna who had done the challenge to raise awareness of cervical cancer.  This lady posted on my photo saying 'did I realise the ice bucket was to raise awareness for ALS' and I replied saying 'yes I did but I have recently been diagnosed with cervical cancer and my friend thought it was a nice way to raise awareness.'  I also said that I hadn't hashtagged the picture with ALS or Ice Bucket Challenge so if people searched for those terms on Instagram my photo wouldn't come up.  I thought that would be the end of it but to cut a long story short this lady had really taken offence to me using the hashtag #teamstace as she said that belonged to her friend who had died from ALS and wrote several more comments under the photo, calling me an inconsiderate bitch and one of the worlds ugly people.  She concluded by saying that it 'sucks your situation hasn't taught you anything....and hopefully you will come to see your wrongs eventually'.

My friends literally went ballistic, reporting her to instagram and most of the comments were removed but I would be lying if I said her comments didn't hurt me deeply.  But she is wrong-my situation has taught me a lot.

1)  The kindness of strangers is incredible and has been completely unexpected.  The support, the care, the kind words of people I have never met, tweeting me or leaving comments on my blog posts.  Gemma contacting me and suggesting guest posters and all the work she has done rounding them up whilst I recover and equally all the time and effort people have gone to to write posts.  Many of those online 'strangers' have become friends.  Some have even become people I now speak to daily.
I am genuinely shocked at how nice people have been and I will definitely be paying that forward.

2)  Social media is amazing.  For all it's faults and the pain and nastiness you do sometimes see, I have had a very positive experience with the power of social media-especially twitter and instagram.  There have been people across the world who have tweeted me and kept me company when I couldn't sleep at 4am.  There was one blogger who I know through twitter who emailed me every single day whilst I was undergoing surgery even though I didn't reply to her even once at the time because I was in so much pain.  Social media was pretty much a lifeline for me and a way to forget what was happening.

3-Social media is amazing but....  It's very easy to hide behind.  Since I have been out of hospital, apart from my mum, 3 people who live in Dubai have been to see me at home, I have met one for lunch and Vanessa came to stay for a week.   When I went into work for the first time last week for a couple of hours I found the whole thing very intimidating and overwhelming.  And these are my colleagues!  I have become unsocial (that's a word right?) and a bit, well scared of social situations.  Yet I can 'talk' for hours to someone on whatsapp.  I need to do less hiding behind a screen and more actual interaction.  I think going back to work will help a lot.

4-Never take for granted your parents.  Mine are amazing.  To be honest, it pretty much took me until I was about 22 to realise that.  I have a great relationship with my mum and dad and as some of you know my mum came over as soon as I had my operation and for 3 weeks was my absolute rock.  She showered me, dressed me, gave me all my medication including injections, held my hand, drove me to hospital and was just there all the time.

When I was in London with my mum having a bit of a girly holiday at the end of June I told my mum that I had had a dodgy smear test and had to have a cone biopsy to cut out the abnormal cells.  At that point that was all it was.  A very routine operation that was going to fix me.  And I wouldn't be so bloody stupid next time and I would have my next smear test on time.  I'm 34, cancer in your 30's is pretty rare so it never crossed my mind I might have cancer.  We talked about me having kids and she said 'you'll miss out on so much if you don't'.  I had always assumed I would have my own family-two kids just like me and my brother. I had assumed it would be pretty soon too.  Now since I had to have a radical hysterectomy I never will and I have had a few down days recently coming to terms with that fact.  Despite all the joyous (and difficult) moments a mum and dad have raising children and all the 'firsts'-first steps and words, first day at school etc the thing that makes me the saddest if I am really honest is that that I am never going to have the relationship I enjoy with my mum with a daughter of my own.  Never being able to do the lovely things we do when we are together like shopping, afternoon teas and the theatre.  Not having that closeness.  Not having a family underneath me as I grow older.  Being alone.  It's too much to bear sometimes.  But something I will have to deal with and accept. 

5) Prevention is way better than cure.  I was such an idiot to put off going for a smear test just because I was too busy.  I will continue to promote the importance of smear tests/PAP smears/cervical screening.  It's not a test for cancer.  It's a test for abnormal cells that could lead to cancer if not treated.  A PAP smear will identify those changes in the cells early and allow for them to be treated before you get to the stage I was at.  That PAP smear I eventually went for did save my life.  But sadly it also changed and took away control of part of my future.

So many ladies have contacted me and told me they had booked an appointment for their smear test.  I don't want anyone to go through this.  Not just the physical pain but the emotional bit too.  It can be really crappy.  I know that I will come out stronger and better and I have to not get so frustrated with myself sometimes for this seemingly 'slow recovery'.  I will, I won't let this define me.  I won't become a victim to it.  I just need to figure out what 'better' looks like for me.  I have fears of course.  I did have symptoms of this cancer (bleeding between periods being the main one and constant UTI's which I thought were stress related) but it was nothing major and I worry I will get cancer somewhere else and not know, and that this time they won't find it as early.  Who knows how long I had cervical cancer for before I was diagnosed.  My surgeon can't even given me an estimate.  As soon as I was diagnosed I just knew I wanted it taken out of me immediately.  Sometimes it's even hard to look in the mirror and see the exact same reflection staring back at me from 10 weeks ago as if nothing had ever happened.

Don't get me wrong, I know in a way I have been incredibly lucky.  Lucky to get an early diagnosis, lucky to have such amazing support all around me, lucky to have a brilliant surgeon and fantastic medical insurance, lucky to not need chemotherapy or radiotherapy, lucky to have the support from work to recover fully, lucky to be alive.  So so so so so many people have it much worse than I do.  In the grand scheme of cancer I have had it relatively easy-my dentist even said to me today 'oh everyone gets cancer these days'.  I retaliated 'not at 34 they don't'.  But if you have read this far and thought 'she needs to just sort herself out/be more grateful/stop being so pathetic' that's totally ok-I think it myself sometimes!

Let's end with some wise words from my assistant James (I know you all love James!) He could sense all was not right the day I got the all clear and very late that night we had the following conversation on whatsapp:

JP-Fellster, why are you not happy today?
I feel a reservation

SF-Just a bit overwhelmed and not sure what I have been through.  I have just been on total autopilot.

Switch to manual
You have been given a second shot at life
Live it to the fullest, don't fuck it up
I am wasted but this is being honest

SF-You're not going to tell me you love me are you JP?????

I'll leave you guessing at his answer.  Pretty good advice from a 23 year old though.

You can read back about this whole journey in these posts:  Life lately...and other news, The Curveball, The Recovery and An update and 'time to test', The PET scan


Guest Post | The Best Advice You Will Ever Read... Maybe!

Before we begin, I should introduce myself a little bit. My name is Kirsty and I write the blog Effortlessly Excessive – (http://effortlesslyexcessive.blogspot.fi/) You could say it’s a blogging soup with a little bit of everything thrown in. Some days I review beauty products, post fashion pieces, write about what I get up to living in sunny old Finland or pretty much just waffle on about anything that springs to mind.

I am absolutely honoured to be writing for Stacey’s blog and I think that the hard work other girls have put in to help out around here is utterly admirable. The bravery and good-spirited nature of Stacey is, I’m sure, an inspiration to many and I wish her the world of luck in her battle.

Moving on to the situation at hand, when I saw Gemma from Miss Makeup Magpie posting on Twitter for people to help out, I jumped at the chance to do my bit; but then almost immediately I was hit with a bit of, ‘holy crap, what do I write?!’  I don’t feel like I fully fit in to the cool beauty crowd. I own a MAC CC cream that I don’t entirely know how to use. It’s purple, which is a pretty colour, and there ends my understanding.

Even though I probably own enough lipsticks to recreate the paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, I thought I would stray away from the whole ‘make up’ game if I may, and write what I feel most comfortable with; which in this case today is plucking some words of wisdom from the weird and wonderful place that is my head.
So here goes:
My key pieces of advice

1.       Never microwave a Jaffa Cake. Ever. The smell is unholy and as good as gooey, orange chocolatey sponge sounds, it just doesn’t work.
2.       Don’t trust a man to do laundry. You know the saying, ‘If you want something doing right, do it yourself’? Yea… this applies.
3.       Never, ever risk a cheeky dry shave of the legs, regardless of how much of a rush you are in. That is unless you are totally cool with them feeling like they are burning in seven levels of hell.
4.       Don’t play ‘Chicken’ with your phone to see who will crack first when the battery is low. You won’t win. Seriously. Just go and put it on charge. (I’m working on this one)

 5.       As Autumn is drawing in, be wary when picking conkers up off the floor. Not every circular, brown object in the grass is the seed of a horse chestnut tree.

6.       If you’re on a deadline or you need to get something done, do NOT turn on Netflix. Your wardrobe will last another day without being tidied and for heaven’s sake stay away from ASOS.
 7.       Don’t snooze your alarm. Chances are, you’re going to sleep in too late and end up spending your morning running around your house trying to get ready whilst going batshit crazy.
 8.       If you’re sad, buy a guinea pig. If you’re happy, buy a guinea pig. If you’ve just recently moved to Finland, buy a guinea pig. There isn’t any moment in life where you should not buy a guinea pig. If you need any more convincing, check out my ‘children’ right here – (http://effortlesslyexcessive.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/pig-post.html)

9.       Don’t go, ‘window shopping’ in Sephora or Boots or any other place like it for that matter. You will buy something, it goes without saying. If you’re on a spending ban or trying to be careful with your pennies, avoid at all costs!
10.   Finally, there is absolutely no such thing as the, ’10 second rule.’ Answer me this, if you touched a poop for under 10 seconds, would your hands be dirty? If you answered anything other than yes, then I’m doubtful that we can be friends.

There we have it guys and girls, my ultimate snippets of advice and words of wisdom to live by. If you had one piece of advice to give to people, what would it be?
I really hope you enjoyed today’s dose of waffle and thanks again to Stacey and Gemma for letting me post here.
Kirsty xxx

Monday, September 22, 2014

Tom Ford FOTD-Fall 2014 collection

Tom Ford Fall 2014 Nude Dip

I am partial to a bit of Tom Ford.  Call me a collector.  Pieces too beautiful and precious to use.  Until Vanessa from The Other VW visited and baulked at the fact that my Tom lay untouched.  She literally told me I didn't deserve to have Tom Ford if I wasn't going to use it.  So I am making a conscious effort to touch and use Tom (so to speak) and where better to start than my newly acquired items from the Tom Ford Fall 2014 collection-Nude Dip eye quad, Stroked contouring cheek color duo and Twist of Fate lipstick.  All limited edition and selling fast.

Tom Ford Fall 2014 Nude Dip

Tom Ford Fall 2014 Nude Dip

Tom Ford Fall 2014 Nude Dip swatches

Tom Ford Fall 2014 Nude Dip swatches

I am really annoyed that my photos of the Nude Dip quad look completely different to my swatches.  The swatches you see above are the colour of this stunning quad.  I am already thinking of getting a back up.  Sara from Color Me Loud has much better 'what's in the pan' photos in her review.

You know all the euphemisms bloggers use about eyeshadow?  Buttery soft, easy to blend, no fall out?  Well you are hereby banned from using such terms unless you have used and are comparing your eyeshadow to a Tom Ford eyeshadow.  These are so light they feel like you're applying water to your lids.  No fall out.  They practically blend themselves.  An absolute joy to work with and pretty much foolproof.  And I should know because I am indeed a fool at applying eyeshadow.  The result is softly shimmering, brighter eyes.  And these Tom Ford eyeshadows are made of tough stuff, looking as perfect at 8pm as they did at 8am.  The bottom left mid toned taupe shade will definitely be the one I hit pan on first.  I am in love.

Tom Ford Fall 2014 Stroked

Tom Ford Fall 2014 Stroked swatches
Stroked is the surprise package for me.  I really wanted one of these contouring cheek duos but liked the cheek colour of Stroked and the highlight in it's partner in crime, Soft Core.  I was so indecisive I put them to the back of my mind but then Vanessa arrived in Dubai with the gift of Stroked.

It is a cream or is it a powder?  I honestly can't decide but I have been obsessed with the cheek colour in Stroked and can see me wearing this for the next few months.  I am surprised how much this warm terracotta suits me.  I use a MAC duo fibre brush (limited edition sorry but I recommend using a small headed brush with dense bristles) to gently buff it into my cheeks and then set with powder.  It's very pigmented and a tiny bit goes a long way.

I am still getting to grips with the highlight shade, but again stunning.  Not too in your face.  You can see it best down the centre of my nose in the FOTD pictures below and it's not as frosty as my heavy swatches appear. 

Tom Ford Twist of Fate

Tom Ford Twist of Fate swatch

Again I ummed and ahhed over the lipsticks.  Did I want Negligee or Twist of Fate?  Or both?  Or none.  Some of the swatches I saw online looked really brown toned but I plumped for Twist of Fate (via my personal shopper Vanessa) and on me this is a lovely warm, wearable coral colour which goes well with Stroked.  Nothing negative to say about the formula-they're not drying, last a decent length of time, are smooth to apply and don't budge or bleed.  But don't tell me you don't wince at the thought of rubbing off that TF.

Here are a few FOTD pictures with the three products, on my eyes I have used the top right shade all over my lid and the two bottom colours blended through the crease.  I haven't applied any filters (eek) but I don't see the point if you're trying to show the genuine colours of products.

Tom Ford Fall 2014

Tom Ford Fall 2014

Tom Ford Fall 2014

Rest of the face-
Foundation-YSL Fusion Ink foundation in BR20
Setting powder-By Terry Hyluronic powder and Hourglass Dim Light
Eyeshadow primer-Smashbox Photofinish Lid Primer
Mascara-L'Oreal Telescopic mascara
Brows-MAC Omega

Does Mr Ford rock your boat?  He definitely does mine-I can't wait for the Christmas collection of lipsticks to launch.

PS-Vanessa has done a little vlog of her time here in Dubai if you'd like a little peek of us shopping and eating!

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