Wednesday, April 29, 2015

NARS blush review-Gina, Lustre and Unlawful

NARS blush review

NARS Gina review
NARS Lustre review
NARS Unlawful review
NARS blush review,

My NARS blush collection is now somewhat insane!  I appear to be on a mission to collect them all! Here are my thoughts on my latest three purchases.

Unlawful is my favourite of the three-it's a warm dusky rose with an almost terracotta undertone to it.  It has very visible silver sparkle in the pan but it doesn't translate much to the face.  It applies evenly and lasts all day.

Lustre is very shimmery on application and has a high frost finish with glitter.  Described as a golden apricot it has strong yellow undertones.  You definitely don't need any additional highlight with this shade.  I am not 100% sure this shade is for me-I have quite a lot of redness and unevenness in my skintone and I think with a more even toned, tanned complexion it would work well.  Having said that, I did find that later in the day the glitter and high frost did subside leaving a very pretty glow to the cheeks.

Gina is a completely matte orange blush.  It is not chalky or powdery and can be used with a very delicate hand for a pretty flush to the skin (the only way I can wear it) or for a much bolder pop of colour.

Overall the formula of NARS blushes is superb and they offer versatility in terms of the pigmentation so you can create a variety of effects-from a subtle wash of colour to a more striking statement cheek.  The packaging remains my bugbear-the black rubberised finish attracts dust, dirt, fingerprints, the lot but NARS do seem to be moving away from that with their recent launches so it may transcend across the whole range.

What is your favourite NARS blush?  My all time favourite remains as Deep Throat!


Sunday, April 26, 2015

MAC Amber x 9 palette review

MAC Amber x 9 palette review

Sometimes things get released that make me swoon and this is one of them!  MAC has launched/is launching four compact eye palettes in colour co-ordinated tones-Burgundy x 9, Purple x 9, Navy x 9 and the one I purchased, Amber x 9.

The compacts are the size of a regular 4 quad from MAC but pack in 9 mini shadows with a good range of both matte and shimmer, limited and permanent shades-it's lightweight and portable and this will probably now come with me everywhere.

Amber x 9 was the one that stood to me the most.  As someone who owns more than 75 (I know I know) single MAC shadows it only contains one shadow that I already own-that's pretty impressive in my book.  I was tempted by Burgundy x 9 too but I already own 7 of the 9 shades in the compact so my reasons for buying it would be driven by the ease and convenience of having complimentary shades altogether and used for travelling mostly.  It is well put together though and as a taster palette from MAC it's ideal.  I think Navy x 9 looks interesting as a smokey eye palette and contains an all time favourite in the shade Club.  It seems more grey toned than navy toned to me though and the shades seem mainly limited edition.

I am however extremely happy with Amber x 9 though and here's a run down of the shade selection.
MAC Amber x 9 palette review

MAC Amber x 9 palette review

Cozy Gray-Not in the permanent collection but included in the MAC Cool Toned palette which I own.  This is a matte stone colour, only a shade darker than my natural skin tone so great for a defining crease colour or even eyebrows.

Kitties-Limited Edition.  Great name for a shadow, Kitties is a warm light gold with a slightly shimmery texture.  This is a really beautiful shade alone but also over other shadows to give them a more metallic, sparkly finish-recently I wore this over NARS Brousse and loved the finish.

Georgia Peach-Limited Edition.  Matte, medium peach toned brown with good colour payoff for a matte and another creasework/transition shade.

MAC Amber x 9 palette review

Ricepaper-Permanent.  Yellow toned, frosted light gold

Creative Copper-Limited Edition. Golden bronze with a coppery undertone-good colour payoff for a lustre finish and easily buildable with a sparkly metallic finish.

Cork-Permanent.  Satin finish, medium almost golden brown.  The three middle colours work really well together for a golden smokey eye.

MAC Amber x 9 palette review

Dont tell-Limited Edition.  My favourite in the pan.  A warm rosy brown with slight sparkle-very versatile and rich in pigment.

Aromatic-Limited Edition.  A medium brown matte shadow that pulls quite grey on me.  This can be a little patchy and difficult to blend out.

Pepper Please-Limited Edition.  The sparkle in this shade is very obvious in the pan-the golden glitter sparkles against the dark grey toned brown backdrop.  Once swatched however the sparkles are much less visible on the lid and again the shade pulls greyer on me than it appears in the pan.

I know I will get a lot of use out of this palette-it's a no fuss/the colours are right there/they all work together compact that would suit most skintones.  My favourite MAC release in a while!

In the US this retails for $40, in the UK I would expect it to be around the £30/35 mark when they launch and apparently this will be a permanent line!

If you like neutral palettes you might like these reviews too:


Friday, April 24, 2015

Currently Loving

A short and sweet currently loving this month but I just wanted to touch on some things that I can't stop using!

Benefit Roller Lash

This is the free sample that came with Elle magazine that I procured via Tasha who very kindly sent it over to me.  I really like it as a mascara.  My lashes don't really curl even with lash curlers but I do find that this mascara gives my outer corner lashes a natural boost.  For the rest of the lashes I find it separates, lengthens and volumises-pretty much everything I want from a mascara.  It doesn't flake or smudge, lasts all day and is easy to remove which is a revelation after using Chanel Inimitable.  I find I can get an even bigger boost to my lashes if I pair it with the Estee Lauder Little Black Primer.  This is the sample size but luckily for me, my god daughters bought me the full size version for my birthday!

YSL Volupté Tint in Oil

I have dedicated a whole post here to this lip gloss but I just can't stop using it!  I love the glossiness and shine, it leaves a stain behind that lasts hours, it's light and nourishing and basically I ordered 3 more shades which you will have seen in my haul post on Wednesday.  Oh and the packaging is beaut.  Check out my review for swatches and the full low down.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer

I picked up two shades of this concealer (from the Sephora counter in Dubai Mall where the service was horrendous)-one shade matches my skintone exactly and the other is a lighter, brighter shade for under the eyes.  I have heard many a comparison of this to the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer but I feel like the only blogger who wasn't a fan of the NARS concealer (my thoughts here).  However I can see where the comparison gets drawn-the concealer is quite a thick texture but I find that the Urban Decay version blends easier, sits nicer and is just better to work with all round.  It offers very full coverage but doesn't crease or move.  I also prefer the wand-the NARS concealer has a short doe foot applicator whereas the Urban Decay concealer has a much longer, more flexible applicator.  I can see an immediate repurchase when I finish this.

Japonesque Gentle Goat Milk Cleansing Balm

I had to wrack my brains to remember when I bought this and I have concluded that it was in the 'at the carousel/counter' in Space NK impulse purchase and I think I picked it up in Manchester at Xmas.

I only own one other thing from Japonesque and it's a kabuki brush that I use almost every single day and have done for years.  I had heard nothing about this brush cleanser and still haven't.  But it is uh-mazing.  The reason I started using it is because baby shampoo was just not efficient enough to get MAC Pro Longwear foundation out of my foundation brushes.  It was leaving the bristles tacky and stiff and just wasn't working.  So I opened this up on a whim and it works a treat.  It's a solid cleanser, I just quickly swirl it under the running tap, wet the brush under the tap and then swirl it in the solid cleanser a few times.  I then work the brush into my palm to get the cleanser to penetrate deeper into the bristles.  If I am cleaning foundation brushes I do add some baby shampoo for extra cleansing power but for anything lightly used such as blusher brushes, eyeshadow brushes etc it's brilliant on its own.  It also seems to cut down the drying time of my brushes (weird but true) and it also leaves the bristles really nicely conditioned.  I definitely want to repurchase although I have been using this loads and I don't seem to have made a dent in it at all!

Let me know if you have used any of these products or indeed you feel enabled to go out and buy them!!


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Gigantic Nordstrom/Sephora online haul!

My sincere apologies if this post appears somewhat thrown together-it is!!  Truth is I am currently on a business trip in Cairo and tapping away in my hotel room.  I took these pictures in a rush over the weekend before I flew here-we had family in town and so the weekend was swallowed up too.

But I wanted to quickly share my recent US hauling before I start jumping in to testing and posting reviews of what I picked up!  I think there is some really good stuff in here that I am excited to try!

First up, I have bought all three of the new Jo Malone 'Blue Skies and Blossoms' collection-I am still waiting for one to be delivered but it's the Osmanthus Blossom which is a re-promote and I have had before.  I love the coloured caps on the traditional bottles but was disappointed that the bottles didn't come with the ribbons that were shown in the online picture.  Having said that, I saw the bottles in Duty Free in Dubai on Monday and they didn't either so it's possibly just a UK thing.  These sort of scents are utterly up my street!

I also can't resist anything smelling of lemon so I threw in this new body souffle from Philosophy-iced mint lemonade sounds perfect for the hot and sticky summer months on the horizon in Dubai.

On to make up.  Firstly I picked up four of the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow Sticks and a replacement Trish McEvoy 24hr eyeshadow and liner stick.  My love for the Trish McEvoy formula is widely documented on my blog but you can read my full ramblings here.  I also picked up Tuxedo, Violet Plum, Goldstone and Taupe from Bobbi Brown-I have high hopes!

Next a product I fear is going to be a dud from my initial swatches-the YSL Full Metal Shadows in Onde Sable and Aquatic Copper.  I bought these because I have been loving the Armani Eye Tints and thought these would be a similar concept.  But the initial swatches seem poorly pigmented and very glittery.  I'll report back.

Also sneaking into the picture is the Tom Ford Lip Shine in the shade Chastity.  This has been on my wish list for the longest time but seemed permanently out of stock-I feared it had been discontinued.  When I saw it online I nabbed one.  Love the packaging of the Tom Ford lipsticks-so sleek!

I loved the formula of the first YSL Volupte Tint In Oil I purchased and so I bought three more!  These are uber glossy, light, juicy 'first gloss then stain' lip products and I can't wait to try these three shades! 

I picked up a couple of things from MAC-firstly the MAC Amber x 9 mini palette which is totally totally swoon-worthy!  This is the sort of product that makes me smile so much!  I believe these are yet to launch in the UK but they come in 3 variations and I chose Amber because I only own one of the shades in the palette already-and given I own over 75 MAC eyeshadows that is no mean feat.  I'll have a review up asap!  This is a brilliant neutral quad though with a great balance of matte and shimmer shades.

I also bought the Beauty Powder in Pearl Blossom from the MAC is Beauty collection.  I was really hoping it would be a re-promote of the Maleficiant collection Beauty Powder that I loved so much but it's much much pinker in the pan.  I thought initially it would be a 'sheen-y' pink blusher but when I swatched it, it looks quite 'highlighter-y' and silvery which I was quite happy with.

I bought a NARS Dual Intensity blush!  I was so excited about these but then when they were released I looked at online images and was a bit meh about them but I had to try one, so I have gone for Adoration.  Am excited to read some reviews about these as I am sure they will be popping up everywhere now.

I absolutely love the Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy formula and I picked up another one of the original formula and one of the new 'Shine' formulas.  I am expecting the 'shine' formula to be similar to the Dior 'Rouge Dior Baume' or the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks.  My thoughts soon.  Both are nude/pink/slightly coral shades.

I also grabbed one of the new YSL Pop Water Glossy Stains in 'Wet Nude'-quite possibly one of the worst named lipsticks ever.  I wasn't a huge fan of the original glossy stain so lets see how these newer updated versions perform.

At I was relatively restrained (pity I wasn't at Sephora Dubai on Sunday).  I picked up 3 of the new Colorful Duo Reflects eyeshadows-I love the Sephora eyeshadows and these new limited edition versions are all duochrome which I have a bit of a weakness for.  Below is Mermaid Tail,  Sirens Charm and Iridescent Shell.

Finally I picked up two of the new Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Creme lipsticks in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Infamous.  I am hoping this newer formula will be a lot less 'slippy' than the original and not migrate outside lip lines.  I have heard it is improved.   The last thing I picked up was from Bite and it is their monthly limited edition lipstick shade in Dragon Fruit.  Bite are producing an exclusive shade each month for Sephora which is in very limited quantities and I managed to grab this on the first day it was released-sadly it's now out of stock but Bite is definitely a brand I highly recommend.

Let me know what you are interested in hearing about first and also what you have been buying recently!


Monday, April 20, 2015

Lip Six

Happy Monday!

Quite a neutral week this week....

Lipstick swatches

Top row (L) Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipstick in 521 Red Strass (R) Dior Rouge Dior Baume in Spring

Middle row (L) NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in New Lover (R) Bite Beauty Luminous Creme lipstick in Fig

Bottom row (L) Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy lipstick in Intense Nude (R) Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy lipstick in Rebellious Rose

Pick of the week?  It was the rediscovery of the NARS Velvet Gloss lip pencil in New Lover that was my favourite!  The colour is sensational for spring-a mixture of pink and coral with a very glossy finish.  I also love the formula of the Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy lipsticks-watch out for a review coming soon!

Which is your favourite?


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Three hot pink lipsticks for every budget

This post came about because I was scrolling through instagram (obsessed) and I saw one of the accounts I follow (Mandycon) post her Girl About Town from MAC and I was like 'OMG I used to love that, I need to dig mine out'.

And I did.   

During the day I topped up my lipstick 3 times but with three different lipsticks which I realised were all actually the same colour!

So here are three hot pinks that are all essentially the same shade, for every budget!

The high end luxe-YSL Rouge Pur Couture Le Mat in 208 Fuchsia Fetiche// £26

YSL Rouge Pur Couture 208 Fuchsia Fetiche review

I have written a full post on this beauty here and I think it is limited edition but it's still definitely available online right now.  This is an extremely comfortable, semi matte vibrant pink with excellent lasting power.  It's so good! 

The mid range option-MAC Amplified lipstick in Girl About Town// £15.50

I own more MAC lipsticks than I do pairs of knickers and socks put together and this is one fabulous fuchsia.  The Amplified finish is slightly waxy and has good lasting power and this is the glossiest of the three.  All three have a blue base which is great for making teeth look brighter and whiter.  MAC do a matching nail polish too!

MAC Girl About Town lipstick review

The budget choice-Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Ping Pong// £8.99

Terrible name, fantastic formula.  I have written a whole review here and-fun fact-this is the lip colour I wear in the blog photo you see on my home page.  This is the most matte of the three but is extremely comfortable and long lasting and by far the best drugstore matte formula I have tried.

Bourjois rouge edition velvet pink pong review

Three hot pinks, three finishes, three budgets-which is your favourite?


Friday, April 17, 2015

Filthy/gorgeous-MAC Pro Longwear foundation review

MAC Pro Longwear foundation review

The reason for the title of this post being Filthy/Gorgeous is that every single bottle I see of this foundation is absolutely filthy looking!  It really is not a pretty looking foundation on any dressing table.  It even looks manky in the bottle-like it has separated in the glass vial.  Although it has a great pump, the actual foundation seems to get everywhere!

But it's absolutely gorgeous on so I wanted to share my thoughts with you on the formula.

This is quite a cult formula that has been around for a long time.  I have never thought about trying it before until I was watching a Sharon Farrell video about make up for oily skin and she recommended it as being a great long lasting foundation.  My skin has really changed since my cancer surgery last year-it's now super oily and I get lots of hormonal breakouts round my jaw so I need quite a lot of coverage to feel confident.

There are things I love about this foundation and there are things I am not fond of.  But overall this is my favourite foundation to date.

Who will love this foundation?

Girls (and boys-I don't judge) who like very long lasting foundations and like full coverage.  Air hostesses.  Anyone who works in a warm climate.  People who prefer matter rather than dewier finishes.

This is definitely full coverage and I have found it sits well over both 'matte' and 'radiant' primers.  Equally it applies well with either a foundation brush or fingers.  But it is an absolute shit to get out of foundation brushes.  It's such an 'adhesive' foundation in that it welds to the skin, that it also welds to the bristles of any make up brush.  Normally I use a foundation brush two days in a row before washing it but with this formula, by the second day, the residue foundation left in the brush has stiffened into the bristles making the application difficult.  So I am only getting one days use out of a foundation brush when I use this before I need to wash it.  And I wash the brush as soon as, because the longer the formula sits in the bristles the harder it is to get it out.  I find I have to use both baby shampoo, a solid brush cleanser AND a Sigma brush cleansing glove to get all the foundation out.  And you will know if you haven't got it all out because when the bristles dry they will feel horrible.

Ok so by this point you are probably thinking 'Jesus Christ what a palava' but I promise you the coverage and finish is worth it.

This is definitely one of those foundations that looks better when it has had 20 minutes to warm up and sit on your skin.  It looks more flawless the longer you wear it.  That does not mean that you can't powder immediately or that it is tacky on application, it just seems to improve with time.  It doesn't settle into pores or fine lines and it keeps oil at bay longer than any foundation I have tried.  It's more on the matte/satin side-it's not dewy enough to be 'plastic skin' (still a foundation goal for me but I feel like I would just look greasy) but its not matte/flat.  It's quite a 'liquid' formula so it does blend very easily and seamlessly and you have a bit of time to ensure you have blended thoroughly before it sets on the skin.  It does contain SPF but only SPF10 so you shouldn't experience any flashback in photography (I have read somewhere that unless the SPF is higher than 20 you shouldn't get 'ghost face' in flash photography although I am such a granny I can't remember the last time I was photographed at night)

This foundation has been an absolute godsend to me whilst my skin has been so crap recently and I think I will forever have a bottle. more thing! You must double cleanse your skin at night to ensure you remove this fully as it does weld to the skin (in a good way obvs) Use a good oil or balm to ensure you really get the foundation off and a flannel to remove the cleanser. You will be shocked how much foundation was still on your skin at the end of the day and comes off on the flannel!!

Have you tried this MAC foundation?  I would love to know if you love it as much as I do?

Pro Longwear retails for £25/$32-I got mine online from Nordstrom


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

YSL Palette Lumiere De Jour and Touche Eclat Blur Primer review

YSL Palette Lumiere De Jour and Touche Eclat Blur Primer review

YSL Palette Lumiere De Jour and Touche Eclat Blur Primer review

YSL Palette Lumiere De Jour and Touche Eclat Blur Primer review

I have to say I have been finding YSL a little hit and miss these days-some massive hits with me were the Fusion Ink foundation, the YSL Voulpte Tint in Oil and the Babydoll Kiss and Blush but I was really upset about the formula of the uber expensive YSL Couture eyeshadow palettes and the price versus quality of the packaging.

Today I'm talking about a good and a bad new launch.

The good is the Touche Eclat Blur Primer which is the very fancily packaged tube with the gold flecks.  It's glass (which presents certain danger for butterfingers like myself), gold and luxurious.  The primer belongs to the Touche Eclat family and the gel formula is designed to infuse light, blur imperfections and add radiance to the skin.

Although the gold flecks are visible when the gel is pumped onto the hand, the formula is completely transparent on the skin.  Where the gold goes I am not sure!

The first time I used the primer I did think it was quite heavy in texture and I suspect it's laced with silicone.  What I didn't see though was that instant 'blurring' effect you get with something like Smashbox Photofinish which I would have expected given the heaviness of the texture.  It does have that velvety and almost slippery feeling on the skin.  Although it sounds like I am not really selling it, this does settle down though after a minute or so and your skin feels very smooth.  After I applied my foundation I have to admit my skin did look quite radiant and glowy without being oily and my foundation sat well on top of it.

So the Blur Primer is a thumbs up so far.  If you're a seriously oily skinned girl it might be better to skip this but for combination/normal/dry skin types it should work well.

The YSL Palette Lumiere De Jour is not what I thought.  First up I actually thought I was buying the Touche Eclat Blur Perfector compact which I had seen reviewed in the UK as a 'touch up on the go' product in a pretty compact but what I have actually bought it this supposed finishing powder instead.  But I just don't get it.  The powder is finely milled and quite hard to pick up from the pan and the only effect I see on the skin is an overdose of silver glitter.  And it's not an overspray either-the glitter right through the compact.  Using it as a highlighter doesn't seem to 'work' either as the powder doesn't have any underlying shimmer to it, I just look like I have random flecks of glitter on my face.  I can't see this for sale anywhere in the UK but it does seem to be available in the US/Canada.  Anyway, I would stay clear.  Yes the packaging and the pan itself is gorgeous but this seems to me to be a pointless glittery powder.  My understanding is that it is supposed to be a setting powder with a luminous rosy glow but it just isn't ticking any of my boxes.  Every time I use it I feel disappointed.

I picked these items up from Bloomingdales in Dubai Mall. 

What I feel like I am learning about YSL is to stay clear of the limited edition products and stick with the tried and tested.  Have you tried either of these products?  Are there brands that you feel do great 'staples' but substandard limited editions?


Monday, April 13, 2015

Lip Six

Happy Monday!  I think this is my favourite lip six so far of 2015!

Top row (L) Urban Decay revolution lipstick in Illicit (LE) (R) NARS semi matte lipstick in Funny Face

Middle row (L) Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick in Coachella Coral (R) Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss in 15 Sensible

Bottom row (L) YSL Babydoll Kiss and Blush in Rouge Effrontee (R) Burberry Lip Cover in Primrose Hill Pink

Pick of the week?  Funny Face!!!!  Oh how could I have forgotten about this lipstick?  It is an insanely gorgeous colour.  I feel like I need a back up?

Which is your favourite?


Sunday, April 12, 2015

MAC Viva Glam lipstick 2015-Miley Cyrus

MAC Viva Glam lipstick 2015-Miley Cyrus review

MAC Viva Glam lipstick 2015-Miley Cyrus review

MAC Viva Glam lipstick 2015-Miley Cyrus review

The latest MAC Viva Glam launch sees them teaming up with Miley Cyrus.  Now whilst at 34 (35 now dammit) I can't say I aspire to be or admire Miley Cyrus but having seen a few shots of this shade online and concluding this was right up my street I found myself clutching yet another MAC lipstick to add to my already 70+ strong collection.

If you're not familiar with the Viva Glam concept let me bring you up to speed.  Viva Glam is MACs  lipsticks range, established in 1994, created to directly confront and raise money and awareness for AIDS at a time when the disease dramatically affected the fashion makeup communities, and was greatly stigmatized as a gay disease.  It's first 'spokesperson' was Ru Paul and it's second KD Lang.  And over the years a fair few icons have been involved with the project-Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Cyndi Lauper, Nicki Minaj, Mary J Blige, Elton John, Pamela Anderson-the list goes on and on.

100 percent of the proceeds of every VIVA GLAM product go directly to men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS.

There are now 6 Viva Glam lipsticks in the permanent range and then the celebrity collabs which are limited edition.

The Miley Cyrus shade is a vivid pink in an amplified creme formula-one of my favourite formulas for its opacity and creaminess.  This is definitely my go to hot pink for Summer this year!

Do you own any of the Viva Glam shades?


Friday, April 10, 2015

Gucci Vibrant Demi-Glaze Lip Lacquer in 070 Carnelian

Gucci Vibrant Demi-Glaze Lip Lacquer in 070 Carnelian

Gucci Vibrant Demi-Glaze Lip Lacquer in 070 Carnelian

Gucci Vibrant Demi-Glaze Lip Lacquer in 070 Carnelian

Gucci Vibrant Demi-Glaze Lip Lacquer in 070 Carnelian

So far my reviews of Gucci's make up line have focused on the single eyeshadows which I believe are very much one of the 'best' products in the whole line from reading other reviews but I have to share my thoughts on the Demi Glaze Lip Lacquer in Carnelian because I really like it.

I've been to the Gucci counter in Dubai about 5 times now but never picked up a lip gloss.  I own oodles of lip gloss.  I didn't need more.  I did however buy my best friend Danielle one for Christmas and she said it was really nice.  Then when one of my other best friends Sylvia was here recently I bought her one for her birthday too-this shade '070 Carnelian'.  Because Sylvia doesn't have a blog and doesn't have the beauty blogger issue of having to photograph everything before we use it, she used it the same day I gave it to her.  And I borrowed it.  And the next day went and bought my own.

Ok so packaging first-square heavy plastic clear tube with a Gucci G embossed black lacquer top.  Doe foot applicator.  Looks swishy and you wouldn't mind getting it out in public.

The formula is brilliant-absolutely no stickiness at all.  The finish is described as 'demi glaze' which to me sounds like something that should be on a doughnut.  I would describe demi glaze as glossy and semi opaque which I guess doesn't sound as fancy pants as demi glaze admittedly.  It fades nicely, there is no puckering of the gloss around the lip lines and it feels extremely light and hydrating on the lips.  Another Gucci term is that these glosses have the 'signature blue chocolate' fragrance-have you ever seen blue chocolate?

There are 18 shades in the range-some look packed with glitter which I have avoided but I would love to see swatches of them.  They retail for $32 in the US and £25 in the UK (and scandalous amounts of money here in Dubai) but if you are into your high end lipgloss I would definitely recommend checking these out.  In Dubai you can now buy Gucci in Harvey Nichols Mall of the Emirates, Sephora Dubai Mall, Paris Gallery Dubai Mall and I saw it recently in Terminal 1 Dubai airport.

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