Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cult Beauty Haul

I do love Cult Beauty!  I just think they are such a great company-the service is amazing, they always have products in stock and delivery is so fast!

These are the latest things I picked up online which are now gracing my bathroom.

The Haul!

Alpha H Liquid Gold Discovery Collection

Alpha H Liquid Gold

Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask and Caudalie Vinoperfect Masque Peeling Enzymatique

Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength Bath and Shower Oil

2013 is all about the skincare for me.  I decided to treat myself to these new products as part of my mission to clear skin.

I started using the Alpha H immediately and I will review it shortly.  The good news is I have seen an immediate improvement in my skin but I do need to road test it properly.

The Ren and Caudalie masks I have been reading about online recently-I've been really enjoying using masks this year as part of my Saturday night back to work pamper.

The Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength oil is a special edition created by Aromatherapy Associates founder Geraldine Howard who is currently battling cancer.  She created this amazing oil blend of uplifting clary sage, calming frankincense, fortifying rosemary and balancing rose for anyone experiencing personal trauma.

10% of proceeds will be given to the charity that is helping pioneer a new cancer vaccine treatment-great product, great cause.


Most reached for-NYC!

Hello! Sorry I am a little AWOL at the moment-I am having an awesome UK/US trip and dashing around everywhere. Got another really fabulous weekend coming up with a hen weekend in Essex for one of my best friends and then dinner with another great friend on Sunday night before flying home Monday.  It's going to be hard to get back on that plane!  I have purchased SO SO SO much make-up in NYC, it's actually rather shocking when you see it all together-but there will be plenty of haul posts coming up soon!

Don't forget-I am having a giveaway and there are 3 days left to enter-check out the giveaway post here.  And, as an extra bonus I picked up some US brand make-up whilst I was in New York and I'll be giving that away too!

Having a little down time today so thought I would do a quick 'most reached for' post for when I have been travelling the past 2 weeks. Some of the things were new to me so I thought I would share my finds.

My most reached for-Dior Micellair water, Make Up For Ever Pro Finish foundation, This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less, Blistex and Mac Casual Colour in Relaxation

Dior Instant Cleaning Water with Pure Lily extract

This is a Micellair water and I picked it up in duty free in Dubai before I flew to Manchester. I find Bioderma a brilliant concept but too drying for me. I really like this one though-its super effective at removing both make up and eye make up and on the 3 long haul flights I have taken so far I have religiously removed all my make up the moment I have stepped on the plane. It's non drying and contains Pure Lily extract for clean, supple and soft skin.

This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less rollerball

I am the craziest worrier-I have to admit I have a bad habit of creating things up just to worry about! I picked up this aromatherapy rollerball in Boots when I landed in Manchester (never one to pass up a shopping trip, mum and I went straight to the Trafford Centre after I landed)

I've found this really useful for getting me to sleep when I am jetlagged. So far over the past week I have flown Dubai-Manchester, Manchester-London, London-New York, New York-Manchester. Thats a lot of miles and a lot of timezones.

This nifty rollerball contains Eucalyptus to invigorate the mind and counter physical and mental exhaustion. Frankincense to fight off germs and relax physically and mentally. And finally it contains Lavender to help with nervous tension and exhaustion.

It smells divine and really comforting but at the same time refreshing.


My trip to the dentist before I left Dubai ruined my mouth-my lips were cracked and swollen and painful.  This stuff sorted it in 2 days-absolute genius!!

Mac Casual Colour in Relaxation

Mac brought out the 'causal colour' collection last year and I snapped up four pieces from the range and surprise suprise they laid unopened until last week.  Sadly they were limited edition but you may find them on Ebay.  This is a multi purpose cream but I have been using it on my cheeks-its the most amazing pink!  Works best applied with the Real Techniques stippling brush. Am sure there will be similar colours in the Mac range to this sweet lilac-y pink. I adore it.

Make Up For Ever Pro Finish

This Pro Finish foundation has just launched and I picked it up in Sephora in Dubai.  It can be used wet or dry (for a heavier or sheer coverage) and I have been using it with a foundation brush dry or with the sponge.  It's absolutely brilliant for touch ups throughout the day which is mainly what I used it for when I was out and about in New York.

The clothing items I reached for most whilst in New York were the Tory Burch Robinson Cross Body bag-brilliant for hands free shopping and carrying round essentials like your camera, phone and lip gloss- and my Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse scarf.  This was the first 'version' of the Stephen Sprouse scarfs and I absolutely love it.  I wore it every day, it's warmer than it looks and was worth every penny!


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Make-up collection part 4!

Here's a little post for you whilst I am away in NYC!!  This is part 4 of my make-up collection and this post is all about my lipstick and mascara collection!

The Lipstick and Mascara drawer

This is one of the most crowded drawers but I really try to keep it as tidy as possible!!

Mascara collection

Mascara collection

I absolutely LOVE mascara!  This corner of the drawer represents my collection of mascaras.  They are all sealed and brand new.  I am literally anal about hygiene and use a mascara for 2 months then bin it and move on to the next-trouble is I buy them much faster than I can use them so have about 2 years supply!!



My acrylic lipstick holders came from Ebay and they're really useful for storing and displaying lipstick.  I have one purely devoted to Mac and then the others are mixed.

Spare storage and Belmacz glosses

In the corner I have a couple of spare acrylic lipstick holders and 2 of my lovely Belmacz lipglosses.

More lip products

This tray holds 3 pots-one containing all my Stila lip glazes-as you can see I have loads but I really love them.  It also holds lip liners which I rarely use and then a few 'stick' lipsticks like the new Estee Lauder Sheer Matte lipsticks, Nars chubby lip pencils and the Clinque Chubby Sticks.

Belmacz glosses and Guerlain lipsticks

In here I also have my other Belmacz lip glosses, a nice lip palette and 2 Guerlain lipsticks which are a weird shape and don't fit into my lipstick holder.

Mini eyeliners
Finally in a little tea light holder I store some mini Urban Decay eye pencils.  They're the perfect size for the candle holder!

You can read my other make-up collection posts here- Part 1-Brushes, Part 2-nail polish and Part 3-Blushers

Thursday, March 21, 2013

New York, New York....

24th January 2013

Today is the 24th January, but I won't be posting this post until the 20th March which is the day of my amazing, wonderful and precious mum's 60th birthday.

You see I am taking her to New York as a surprise the day after her birthday.  She took me for my 21st birthday and together we have been twice since-the last time we went was just before I moved to Dubai 8 years ago.

Now I am financially able to repay the favour so to speak and so I'm paying for us to go for 5 days-with a little help from my super dad.

The reason I have started this post today is I thought I would keep it as a little diary until I tell her, if I don't I swear I am going to spontaneously combust with excitement.  I have never been good at keeping surprises!!

So my dad and my brother and sister in law know but have been sworn to secrecy.  Mum knows we're going away but not to where.  I had to get my dad to get my mum to renew their passports as they would have less than 6 months validity in March and so they've got new ones now and dad has sneakily bbm'd me a copy of mums so I could get our ESTA's.

So, flights for me from Dubai to UK, tick-I fly home on the 19th March.
Flights to New York-tick.  BA to JFK 21st March returning 26th March.
Hotel, tick.  Booked yesterday.  I really want to treat my mum as she is so special to me-I've booked a sky view room here at the Intercontinental Times Square for us.  I know we probably won't spend a vast amount of time in it but I love a bit of luxury.  I also know NY hotel rooms are tiny but hey...
ESTA's- tick.

At the moment I still need to book the following;

Stretch limo from the airport-she did this for me for my 21st
2 Broadway shows-we both love the theatre.
Tickets for a food walking tour-I am sure my mum would enjoy this-Mike and I did one in Bangkok in December and it was fab.  This is the one I want to book which is around Greenwich Village which is an area we don't know very well.
We've done the Empire State Building every time we have been so I think this time we might go to the new Observatory deck at the top of the Rockefeller Centre 'Top of the Rock'
I've also had a couple of nice restaurant recommendations which I will book closer to the time and I have seen a cool place for breakfast from one of the many food programmes I am subjected to!

So how will I tell my mum??  Well at the moment I am flying home on the 19th and her birthday is the 20th.  My plan when I get home is to shoot to Asda or Tesco and buy a big apple and wrap it up!!  I'm sure she'll get it!!  Erm I hope so anyway!!

And of course purely selfishly there will be all the shopping yey!  Make-up shopping, double yey!  US Sephora, triple yey!!  I'm already making a list of where I want to go and brands I want to check out and I'll update this post as we get closer.

I am so so super excited about this, I love spending time with my mum and hopefully this will be a fab girlie holiday together.

25th January 2013

Went to Bath and Body Works today and they have their new season stock in and I saw this and I couldn't resist....

1st February

Had a weird dream last night that mum and I were on a flight, she didn't know where we were going and it suddenly dawned on me that I hadn't told her we were going to New York-I hadn't given here the 'big apple' birthday present and mum was completely in the dark and confused about why we were sat on this plane! 

16th February

I had a little Skype with my dad yesterday whilst mum was at work and he told me she thinks we are going to Vegas!  Oops!  I did think about Vegas to be honest, I have been, mum hasn't but what put me off was it was very 'lay in the sun all day, party at night' in Vegas and I don't think there would be enough to keep up entertained during the day in Vegas.  I hope she won't be disappointed with New York.

I've also just found out that 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' is opening on Broadway on the 3rd March.  I ADORE that film!  I'm going to book as tickets when I get paid on Thursday.  And I need to pick one thinking Rock of Ages?  Or The Lion King?

Have also been in touch with the hotel and given them strict instructions that Mrs Fell is not allowed to pick up any of the bill!!  They've been super nice helping me to arrange a few little extras in the room.

It's getting closer!  I'm getting more excited, I hope mum loves it!

11th March 2013

My trip is getting super close now!  We've had a difficult couple of weeks as a family, my dad hasn't been well and had some tests-but on Thursday we got the wonderful news that he had the all clear from the hospital.  A week today is my birthday and a week tomorrow I will be flying home!

I got some great restaurant reservations from my American colleague at work today.  New York has so many amazing restaurants that choosing where to go had become a nightmare.  This is a really busy week and I have made a list of everything I need to do-I just need to stay on top of it!

19th March

So this is the last time I will update this post before it goes on my blog. Currently I am 35,000ft up on my Emirates flight to Manchester. Mum is picking me up from the airport and then we're off to the Trafford Centre for a little retail therapy. So, everything is now sorted. I have a white stretch limo picking us up from JFK, the hotel have arranged cake and champagne in the room and on Friday morning I have arranged for flowers to be delivered first thing. Friday we have breakfast at Norma's booked, then tickets to The Top Of The Rock, then we have pre theatre dinner and then Breakfast At Tiffanys on Broadway. I also discovered one of my best friends is going to be in New York at the same time so we're going to try and meet for dinner on Saturday. I can't wait to tell my mum, this week when we have been chatting on Skype I have found it so so hard to bite my tongue and not let it slip or say anything about New York. I am terrible at keeping surprises.

When I get back today I need to go to Clinton cards to get some wrapping paper and some banners for home and then I need to go and buy the 'big apple' from the supermarket. I can't wait to tell her! On her actual birthday tomorrow we are going for some pampering at a Spa in the morning and then dinner with my brother and nieces.

I'm off to watch a film, drink some champagne and then have a sleep!!

Thanks for reading!



Monday, March 18, 2013

My Big Birthday Giveaway!!

So this is my Big Birthday Giveaway yey!!!  And its the first one I have organised on my blog so I hope you like it!

Today is not only my birthday but it's an extra exciting day because tomorrow I am flying home to the UK for a very exciting 2 week holiday!

I've tried to put together a selection of goodies that I hope you will love!

What's in the prize? :-)

All the goodies together!

1 x Bioderma, 1 x Clarins Double Serum Complete Age Control

2 Bath and Body Works Candles-Cranberry Pear Bellini and Warm Vanilla Sugar

Real Techniques Foundation Brush and Huda Beauty lashes in Monique (A Dubai exclusive!)

Make Up For Ever HD Primer in O, 2 x Make Up For Ever Aqua Eye pencils and Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

Korres Guava Body Butter, Steamcream Limited Edition and Baby Face Cream (A Thailand exclusive!)

Nails Inc polishes in Haverstock Hill and Park Lane

Rules of the giveaway :-)

This is an international giveaway
It will run from today, 18th March 2013 until 2nd April 2013
The winner will be chosen at random by Rafflecopter and announced on Wednesday 3rd April.  The prize posted as soon as I receive the winners postal address.  It will be posted from the UK as I will be there on holiday :-)
The prize will be posted Recorded Delivery or International Signed For so will need a signature on receipt.
If you are an international winner unfortunately I will not be able to include the nail polishes due to new postal regulations-sorry :-(
The winner must contact me within 3 days or a second winner will be randomly chosen using Rafflecopter

How to enter :-)

Follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget below

Any questions please email me at or tweet me @expatmuaddict

Lots of love
Stacey xxx

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Braces update

A week ago I blogged here  about my decision to get braces on my teeth.  I am just back from the dentist after my 'sign up' consultation and although I have indeed 'signed up' I am feeling a bit bruised, battered and anxious.

Today I was expecting to meet with one of the Professors who specialises in the Incognito braces I have opted for-they are the most expensive but also the most suitable for me I feel-the dentist gave me the options and I decided which suited me most.

I met the Professor-Dr Anas.  He is a young guy, really nice and quite a character-but extremely professional. The first thing he asked me was why I wanted braces-I was honest and said for pure vanity reasons-then I felt a bit fickle!!

He talked me through the process-today I would have my teeth cleaned and then impressions taken of my top and lower teeth and my bite. These are then sent to the US where my brace will be custom made for me-this will take 8 to 10 weeks.

Once the brace arrives in Dubai they will call me back to the dentist and the professor will apply the brackets which are made of gold behind my teeth. Once on my teeth he will send me straight to have my teeth extracted-one side of my mouth the same day, the other side a couple of days after-and then they will fit the wire behind by teeth.

I asked him about pain and he said when they were fitted it would be a 6/10 for the first day and then decrease down to 0 over the next few days. "And its not pain Stacey, its discomfort". We've all heard that before!!!

He says when they fit the bottom brace its like 'moving from a mansion to an apartment for your tongue' in that suddenly there is less space. For the top brace he says I will have trouble saying 'Mississippi or Massachusetts' for a few days-but they are not generally words that are part of my daily language. He said after 2 weeks my speech should be fine so I need to ensure I get it fitted on my 2 week break between my Cairo business trips.

Then they presented me with my contract-to go ahead requires a AED12,000 (about £2200) upfront payment and then monthly instalments of AED500 for 16 months. I had expected it to be just the instalments but to be honest I can see why they ask for a lump sum-I haven't paid a penny so far and instalment are much easier to walk away from than handing over £2k upfront. I needed to make a snap decision which isn't my preferred way of making such a big decision but I did and gave the go ahead.

Paying £2k upfront was much less painful than what came next!!

At my first consultation I had impressions made of my teeth and they were then made into a porcelain model of my mouth. I'd expected the new impressions to be done in a similar painless manner-but this time was so painful I actually cried and my poor dentist was mortified and apologised profusely. The problem was the mouth guard thing they use to create the impression which is filled with a silicone type material to make an exact and precise impression-the medium one fit my mouth but wasn't long enough to fit my back teeth. The large version barely fit in my mouth-and I now have cuts and bruises round the side if my mouth to prove how difficult it was to get in. Currently I look like I have had lip fillers (indeed not a bad thing) but my lips are swollen and sore, my mouth has a cut on the side and ulcer and is bruised. We had to take 3 impressions of my bottom teeth and 2 of the top. The Professor kept coming to check the impressions and saying 'no, not good enough, do it again' to be post grad. He knew it was really painful but reminded me how much I was paying him and therefore he had to get it 100% right, especially as these are custom made.

I was fully informed of every step and I am still very impressed with the efficiency of the Post Grad teaching hospital I am received treatment from.  I have paid the AED12k so it's now a case of waiting for the braces to come back. I am dreading the extractions-I think psychologically for me that's the worst bit.

I had some really positive comments after my last post about this and everyone said it was so worth it-I need to keep reminding myself of that because after today, when I am feeling now like I have gone a couple of rounds with Mike Tyson I need to keep my eyes on the prize so to speak.


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bloomingdales haul-Burberry and YSL

I am totally blaming this haul on the beautiful Martyne from Going The Extra Style.  In fact, I am going to go as far to say that Martyne is an enabler.

So why is Martyne to blame?  Well she is looking for the perfect nude lipstick, saw a picture of Scarlett Johansson wearing said perfect nude, found out it was Burberry 'Cameo' but didn't have a Burberry counter close to her (She lives in that small country called Wales where they speak funny).

Being the dedicated beauty blogger I thought I would go to my local Burberry counter and swatch Cameo for her so she could see the pigmentation in natural light.  The trouble is, I also swatched and bought these 3 Burberry lipsticks for myself.

The Burberry lipstick packaging is just beautiful.  The lid has a magnetic 'snap' close mechanism which just seems so expensive and luxurious.  The lipstick bullet has the infamous Burberry check and I just think these lipsticks are divine.

And this beautiful palette also fell into my hands

Burberry Complete Eye Palette in Pink Taupe

And then these YSL new Volupte Shine lipsticks also seemed to appear at the check out.

Honestly, the YSL packaging wants me want to squeal with delight.  They are stunning!!

So I walked out of Bloomingdales with swatches of Burberry Cameo all over my hands and a very empty purse!

Oh and Martyne, cwtches xxx

I'm having a blog sale to make way for new make-up-check it out here.  A lot of the things are brand new and untouched!

Oh and lastly, keen an eye on my blog because on Monday I will be launching my first Giveaway! xx

Friday, March 15, 2013

Blog sale


As I am flying home to UK this week I thought I would take the opportunity to have a mini blog sale to make way for some new make-up!

First, the boring bit-the "rules".

1-Prices are in GBP and I would prefer to only post to the UK-if you are an international buyer please leave me a comment and I will quote you on postage
2-Postage will be £2.50 extra and will be sent on a trackable service.
3-Payment is by paypal only-please leave me a comment or email me with you paypal address and I will invoice you
4-If you tell me you want an item between now and Tuesday 19th March it will be posted to you on the 20th March.  If you would like to buy something after the 19th March unfortunately I will not be able to post it until Easter Saturday which I think is the 30th March.
5-Payments must be made within 24 hours

Now for the fun stuff!!

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Starter Kit

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Starter Kit and Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish 100ml

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Starter Kit containing 100ml Cleanse and Polish and a Liz Earle muslin cloth-BRAND NEW PLUS Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish 100ml (about 10 single pumps used)-for both items £15 +pp SOLD

Mac Pressed Pigment in Light Touch

Mac Pressed Pigment in Light Touch

Mac Pressed Pigment in Light Touch

Mac Pressed Pigment in Light Touch-Brand New, not even swatched £7 +pp  SOLD

Opi Shatter Polishes in Silver, Red and Black

Opi Shatter top coats-all new and unused £2.50 +pp each SOLD

Ciate mini polishes

Ciate mini polishes in Mojito, Headliner and Big Yellow Taxi

Ciate mini polishes in Mojito, Headliner and Big Yellow Taxi-all brand new and unused £1 each +pp

Guerlain Meteorites Perles blusher in 00
Guerlain Meteorites Perles Blusher in 00

Guerlian Meteorites Perles Blusher in 00-used twice- £5 +pp SOLD

Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Benefit Hoola Bronzer-brand new-£8 +pp  SOLD

Smashbox Fusion Softlights Bronzer in Baked Starburst
 Smashbox Fusion Soft Lights Bronzer in Baked Starburst-used once £6 +pp SOLD

Mac Lingering Eyebrow pencil

Mac Eyebrow pencil in Lingering-used twice-£6 +pp

Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc in Golden Mosaic-travel size

Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc in Golden Mosaic, travel size (4g), swatched only £3 +pp SOLD

Limited Edition Cheryl Cole Colour Riche L'Oreal Lipstick in Red Passion, Mac Sheen Supreme lipstick in New Temptation, Illamasqua Lipstick in Magnetism

Perfekt Lip Perfection Gel in Paramount

Swatches (l-r) L'Oreal Red Passion, Perfekt in Paramount, Mac New Temptation and Illamasqua Magnetism

Limited Edition Cheryl Cole Edition Colour Riche L'Oreal Lipstick in Red Passion-I actually own 3 of these so I have swatched one I use regularly-this one for sale is brand new and unused £4 +pp

Perfekt Lip Perfection Gel in Paramount-used once- £4 +pp  SOLD

Mac New Temptation- used twice- £4 +pp SOLD

Illamasqua Magnetism-used once- £4 +pp

Any questions-please just ask!!!

Stacey xxxx

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