Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Life lately...London and other news

I love Life Lately posts-mainly because I am the nosiest person in the world!

If you follow me on Instagram then the fact I was in London last week is pretty much old news (but you might want to read on to see some previously unreleased exciting photos) but I had the most amazing week so I thought I would do a little post about what I got up to!  Most people will know I am from the UK originally but I have lived in Dubai for 9 years and I love going home for a holiday!  My parents live in Cumbria so I just saw my mum on this trip and spent some quality girlie time with her.

Dubai-London Heathrow, Emirates, A380 / Flying in over the Thames, felt like the opening credits of Eastenders / Who doesn't love a free bar in business class on a plane?

First purchases in London, Space NK included obvs / Cocktails at the Hawksmoor with my bestie Danielle / Lola's cupcakes, fairy glitter included

The Mad Hatters afternoon tea at the Sanderson with my mum, highly recommended, we loved it and all the well thought out details

Edible chocolate tea cups filled with white chocolate and green tea mousse at the Sanderson / Trip to the theater to see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels-just fantastic, we loved it / Bumping into Rufus Hound after the show

Saw some celebs!  Didn't post these on Instagram but David and Victoria sat RIGHT BEHIND US at Dinner by Heston-got a sneaky shot of Victoria (we were asked to be discreet by the restaurant manager) whilst she waited for David to arrive and then the back of his head lol!  Look how close my mums chair is to his!!!  /  The next day Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne were having afternoon tea at Claridges whilst we were

The most incredible meal at Simon Rogan's Fera at Claridges-we had the 19 course tasting menu and received a tour of the kitchen and Simon was in there!!  I am a massive foodie so it was bliss! / Beautiful flowers at Claridges / Great (and huge) hotel room for mum and I at the Mayfair in London

Perfect day for breakfast at The Shard / A little treat for passing my first set of exams / Gorgeously wrapped Turkish Delight from Lokum Instanbul in Knightbridge-a gorgeous little boutique well worth a visit

Another incredible meal at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal at the Mandarin Oriental-and literally the best seat in the house overlooking the kitchen, Hyde Park (and David and Victoria)

Best dessert ever at Dinner by Heston / Gorgeous gorgeous dessert at Gaucho Piccadilly / Raspberry Cronut from Harrods-OMG!!!

Spent the afternoon and evening with the absolutely lovely Vanessa from The Other VW
Honestly felt like I had known her for years and had a great time shopping and eating / The reason I was in the UK-to get my brand new passport.  Only had my (48 page) one for 3 years but because I travel a lot its full already / A massive fashion fail on the way home, spilled a whole bottle of Lucozade down me and by a terribly lucky coincidence my pj bottoms were in my hand luggage as I forgot to throw them in my suitcases when leaving the hotel!  Had to walk all the way through the airport in them-the shame!

Breakfast at The Wolseley with my mum, highly recommended if you like a busy, 20's Gatsby vibe / I totally caved and bought some new arm candy-a medium Givenchy grainy leather Antigona in medium red.  I didn't think I wanted one until I saw Danielles in person and I couldn't stop staring at it!!  Total lust and an almost immediate Selfridges purchase / Leaving a cold and rainy London after a week of uh-mazing weather

And some of you saw on instagram that I posted that I had to have surgery yesterday now that I am back in Dubai.  Following a long overdue smear test I had to have a procedure called a colposcopy about 4 weeks ago to have a closer look at my cervix when the test came back positive.  Following that procedure I then had to have a cone biopsy yesterday, where I was told they would remove a quarter of my cervix (about 1 cm all the way around the cervix) to cut out some abnormal cells.  However, during the procedure the surgeon found a 2cm by 2cm tumour which he thinks he has been able to remove in full but what should have been a 20 minute operation became almost 90 minutes.

Mike wasn't with me when the surgeon came to see me to say what he had done (they even asked if I wanted to see the tumour he had cut out) and over the past 24 hours we have realised we have lots of unanswered questions about this tumour as it was somewhat of a shock when he came in and said he had managed to cut it out when I was expecting something a bit different to happen.  But I was groggy from the anaesthetic so just nodded and smiled.

I have four weeks to wait now but I have private medical care (it's the law in Dubai for your employer to provide medical care but because I work for a multinational I am lucky to have BUPA) so I am going to email the surgeon today and push for a faster turnaround and ask him some of the questions we have.

I knew my beloved mum and dad were back in the UK worrying so as soon as I came round I send them this very dodgy selfie with a thumbs up to say I was ok. 

I haven't slept at all since the operation-so I have been awake for about 33 hours now-It's not because I am anxious or anything like that, I just don't feel tired, just restless.  I am feeling the after effects today though-am tired and sore all over, my throat is sore from the breathing tube and I just feel urgh.

I was really unsure whether to post about it but I really feel if I had gone for regular smear tests this may have been spotted and prevented from getting this far much earlier.  If it makes just one person pick up the phone and book an overdue smear I will be over the moon.  THANK YOU so much to everyone who commented and wished me well on instagram yesterday, even complete strangers were so kind offering well wishes.

I know smears aren't the most pleasant experience but please please please think about going for one regularly and get any symptoms (bleeding in the urine was my symptom but also unusual discharge or any pain down there) checked asap and they are literally over and done with in 5 minutes!

Oh and finally it's Mikes birthday today!  We're not able to do anything today because of my operation yesterday but I have managed to get a Hummingbird Bakery cake delivered and it looks amazing!  Hurry home Mike!


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