Monday, September 22, 2014

Guest Post | Juice Detox

Hi everyone 

How are we all? 

I'm Laura or Laur to my friends from

So I'm here to do a guest post & I thought long and hard about what to focus on. Then my dalmation puppy walked in and I started thinking about spots lol.
And finally decided on my go to detox program. Yes you are going to say what does this have to do with spots? 

Well let's start at the start. I'm a normal girl. I'm blessed with not many spots but I do get times my skin is in bad shape! Dame being a girl! 

Enter if you know my blog you'll know, I love trying the latest health and fitness program in the quest not to be skinny but to be healthy. I love my curves and  no body taking them from me! 

The detox consisted of four juices a day for 3 days with only water and lemon between times. 

You can not excersie on this detox! Don't you do it! Your body needs some down time while getting rid of the toxins you have built up. 

The benefits for me are weightloss not loads as I'm small but the huge benefit is my skin glows and my eyes sparkle like I have never seen before! After my three days I honestly can't believe the change in my complexion. It went from dull and lank to sparkly and healthy amazing for my combination skin. 

I try to do the detox every few months just for my skin. 

The detoxes start at £79 but shhhh I've found a 20% off discount code JUICE20 yes this is not the cheapest item you can buy for your skin but I find this helps me more than any cream has ever done. 

Check out juicetou for full details. 

Hope you like my post 
Missljbeauty xoxo 

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