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Guest Post | A Guide To Maintaining Blonde Hair

A guide to maintaining blonde hair - from @LA_Curwood
Do blondes really have more fun?!? Short answer: yes! Real answer: Only when they aren’t busy using copious amounts of purple shampoo. Being a blonde can be tough work! Lighter coloured hair naturally shows flaws more easily so it needs extra care, and also there’s the case that there aren’t actually many ‘real’ blondes around meaning a lot of regular trips to the hairdressers. I myself have been a natural and unnatural blonde for many, many years and have definitely picked up a few tips along the way.
♥ Going Blonde – let the professionals do it
I am all for DIY beauty hacks and tricks, but if you really want your hair done properly and with minimal damage, leave it to the pros especially if your hair is darker to start with! I spent awhile colouring my own hair blonde from my natural dark blonde shade and I was never one hundred percent happy with it and the dry frizzy mess I was left with just wasn’t worth the money or stress. Find a hairdresser you like and stick with them, they will get to know you and your hair and work to create a happy blonde medium.
♥ Chill out on the heated hair tools
Hair dye and peroxide contributes to dry and brittle hair, so if you are also blasting your hair with the dryer, straightener and curler you’re going to have a bad time. Use heat protection and have days where you don’t get out the styling tools. As the weather gets warmer plait your hair when it’s wet and let it naturally dry in the sun. Once it’s half dry let it loose and you’ll have amazing loose summer waves!
♥ Use products for coloured/blonde hair
Purple shampoo is absolutely essential for any person who lightens their hair. The violet tones out any yellow or brass coloured shades in your blonde mane and keeps it looking fresh. I really like to have a more ash coloured blonde so I really crank out that purple shampoo and sometimes use it a few times a week, in reality once a week is fine. I have even been known to leave my purple shampoo in for a while to give my hair some purple hues which I love the look of. I use a conditioner for dry/damaged hair and always follow up with a serum or oil on my damp hair once I’m out of the shower. A once a week hair mask or overnight treatment is also a super good idea. My favourite over the counter one is the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Mask (from Shampoo n’ things) or check out Hello Hair online. Coconut oil works a trick too – however my cat likes to lick it out of my hair while I sleep.
Here's some products which I am either using now or have used recently. Fudge Purple shampoo is one of my life essentials.
Here’s some products which I am either using now or have used recently. Fudge Purple shampoo is one of my life essentials.
 ♥ Be gentle and nice
The nicer you are to your hair, the nicer it will be back to you. Really! I use a Tangle Teezer to brush my hair and seriously can’t understand what I ever did without one. Make sure you are using hair ties without any metal or elastic which is too tight. I use these knotted wide elastic ones as they never get caught up in my hair and don’t dent my hair like those super skinny ones do. I have also found that this style of hair band doesn’t over stretch too quickly so they last longer.
You can pick these up at Cotton On for around $6
You can pick these up at Cotton On for around $6
♥ Be prepared to deal with dark regrowth
It’s the worst part about being a blonde. Even though I get my roots done fairly regularly and my natural hair isn’t that dark, I still experience regrowth and it annoys the shit out of me. Just know that it will happen, and it may bug you but it’s going to be okay. I survive by trying out different partings when regrowth is starting to show and go for looser more relaxed styles to make it look like it’s all part of the style. Ombre look anyone?
Me? I’ve tried other hair colours, but I am really just meant to be a blonde. It suits my style, my look, my skin tone and I don’t think I’ll be changing any time soon.
And don’t forget, anyone who thinks hair colour correlates with intelligence obviously has none – and probably doesn’t have very nice hair either! ;)


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