Monday, September 8, 2014

Guest Post | Empties

Hey! so I'm Catherine, and I write over at beauty is in the eye of the beholder a cruelty free beauty and lifestyle blog! I'm so happy to be gust posting on Stacey's blog, though I of course wish it wasn't because she's poorly, but I do wish Stacey all the best wishes in the world and I'm so proud that she's been so open in her experience to help and encourage everyone to get checked.

Anyway, today I'm bringing you a empties post, I don't know about you but there's something rather interesting seeing what people have used up. I've only just started doing empties posts, but I'm enjoying them! I am cruelty free, so I don't use anything that is sold in china or tested on animals in any way. however I only turned cruelty free in march and I've been collecting these items for a while so not everything you see is cruelty free, but don't worry I will point it out.

Boots botanics rosewater spray - boots is sadly no longer cruelty free, witch is really sad because I loved this! a really light easy hydrating spray, it doesn't feel too much which is my biggest bug bare with a lot of hydrating toners they feel too much when this was perfect. it was also great for taking a powdery look down when I've over powdered.

Superdrug vitamin E hot cloth cleanser -  sadly something else that is no longer cruelty free! but the superdrug hot cloth cleanser is so well known as a budget hot cloth cleanser. this massive tube lasted me 10+ months, I was working away at it for ages! its a really easy creamy cleanser that doesn't sting your eyes and removes all the makeup without stripping.

Trilogy active enzyme cleansing cream - trilogy is cruelty free! and a good thing too, because I loved this cleansing cream, it has fruit enzymes in to very gently exfoliate as you cleanse. its a great morning cleanser and it lasted ages, I had it for over a year! 

Soap & glory drama clean - soap & glory is sadly no longer cruelty free, witch is a shame as I liked this! finding cruelty free micellar water is a nightmare, but this was really nice. it smelt like cucumbers and removed makeup really easily. real shame!

Smashbox photo finish primer sample - smashbox isn't cruelty free, I got this in a try me set last year and I loved this a lot! a real shame I cant buy a full size, it helped my foundation stay for hours more than normal and it blended so much easier onto my skin when I used this.

B. nourished night serum - sadly no longer cruelty free, and I loved this! this serum made my skin feel so soft and smooth, I actually often used this in the morning as it made my skin feel so good. it really made my skin feel good, great budget serum.

Various neals yard remedies samples -  they are cruelty free! my parents went away to London and Edinburgh for a week for there 25th wedding anniversary and when they were in London they went to a neals yard shop and got me a body scrub as a surprise. they also got a lot of samples! these are all sorts, from oils too cleansers and I loved it all, I wish I could afford to try more neals yard.

Aromatherapy associates rose hydrating mask sample - cruelty free! I got this sample in a set with a magazine a few months ago, but this is by far my favourite product, there wasn't a lot in the sample and I really want the full sized but cant really afford a £30 mask! its a lovely hydrating gel mask, so cooling and soothing.

Boots tea tree and witch hazel exfoliating pads - sadly no longer cruelty free, but I liked these! these were little textured pads to help remove dead skin cells and keep spots at bay. they really helped keep spots away and get rid of any that popped up.

L'oreal Elvive ExtraOrdinary Oil for coloured hair - loreal is not cruelty free, I really struggled to use this up as I really didn't like it. I had used it before and I had thought I had liked it but I didn't this time! its oddly like it as alcohol in it. if anything it made my hair feel drier witch is not what you want a hair oil to do! I used it up, but no way would I use it again.

Bourjois instant drying drops - sadly no longer cruelty free, o I loved these! this was my second bottle and I wish I could buy it again, it really helped try my nails much faster than normal without the annoying side effects of a fast trying top coat. and they lasted much longer than some I've tried! 

Naked little miracle leave in conditioner - cruelty free, I loved this! really smoothed and hydrated my hair and something I will be picking up again.  

Una brennan hydrating rose moisture mask - unknown if they are cruelty free or not, I was sad when this ran out! as because I don't know if they cruelty free or not I cant buy it again and I want too! so nice, hydrated my skin without overloading my skin. in the summer I was reaching for it a lot as my skin got put through the mill in England!

Mememe flawless concealer in porcelain - cruelty free! I was surprised at how much I liked this, its creamy and easy to blend and its a great match for my skintone. perfect!

Thankyou again to Gemma for helping Stacey doing all these guest posts! 

have you finished anything lately?


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