Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tom Ford Matte Lipsticks-Pussycat and Plum Lush

Tom Ford Matte lipsticks

Whilst we're all still fawning over Tom Ford's lips and boys collection (did you snaffle anything during the first 24hr sneak preview on 1st December??  I did.....) there are also some new Tom Ford lipstick kids on the block-the Mattes.

Limited edition but still very much available, there are 8 new matte lipsticks in the range.  I kind of wanted them all but limited myself to two.

The formula of the two I did choose is pretty consistent across both lipstick bullets-there is very good pigmentation, smooth application straight from the TF embossed bullet and the formula itself doesn't leave the lips parched.  Matte formulas are notorious for being the most drying but this year has seen a spate of excellent new matte formulas to suit all budgets-from the drugstore Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet to the mid range Clinique Soft Matte lipsticks to the upper end of the spectrum Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution, YSL Le Mat and now Tom Ford at the top of the price 'tree'.

So there is no excessive drying and the formula doesn't look overly matte on the lips, even when it's dried down.  They feel creamy to apply and leave a satin matte finish with a good 3-4 hour wear time. 

Tom Ford Matte lipsticks Plum Lush

Tom Ford Matte lipsticks Plum Lush

Plum Lush is a beautiful plummy pink with a smooth, opaque, satin finish.  I did use a lip brush with this shade but I always do with darker, bolder shades.  This shade would compliment cooler and warmer skin tones and gives a perfect year round pop of colour.

Tom Ford Matte lipsticks Pussycat

Tom Ford Matte lipsticks Pussycat

Let's face it, I was bound to buy Pussycat even if it was green given that I am a self confessed cat lady!  I've bought other lipsticks before just because they had a cat related name!  Luckily, Pussycat is just about lipstick perfection.  It's a mauvey pink-the sort of shade I love for daytime.  This shade is definitely more 'matte' on the lips than Plum Lush but is completely comfortable to wear and has great wear time.  The best all rounder of all eight shades (and perfectly named)

Did you pick any of these lipsticks up?  I would love to know your thoughts!  I bought mine from Nordstrom in the US (online using my Aramex Shop and Ship account) as these lipsticks are still not on counter in Dubai.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Lip......fourteen. The berry lips

So it's Monday which is usually Lip Six day but this week and next week I am going to mix it up a bit and do a seasonal variation-so here are my best berry lips!  Hopefully there is a shade and finish for everyone!

Top row (L) Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in 502 Art Deco (absolutely loving this formula-non drying matte liquid lipstick (R) Tom Ford Violet Fatale/ Xavier (from Lips and Boys)

Middle row (L) Buxom lipstick in Menace (R) NARS Larger than Life gloss in Penny Arcade

Bottom row (L) MAC Mineralize lipstick in Lush Life  (R) Burberry Lip Cover in Oxblood

Top row (L) MAC lipstick in Rebel (R) Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Bright Raspberry

Middle row (L) MAC lipstick in Captive (R) Rouge Volupte Pearl in 113 Iridescent Burgundy

Bottom row (L) MAC lipstick in Plumful  (R) OCC Lip Tar in Strumpet

(L) Buxom lipstick in Moonlighter (R) MAC lip pencil in Magenta

Tell me which you love!!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Here come the boys-Tom Ford Lips and Boys

A quick post today-as many of you know I am on holiday in the UK at the moment so apologies for being a bit quieter than usual.  I am so happy at the moment, the happiest I have been all year and for the first time in a long time being in the UK has made me crave a move away from Dubai.  I am not saying we'll up sticks and leave Dubai-I definitely want to complete 10 years in Dubai next year but it's always good to have options.  If I could afford to live in the cottage we are currently staying in I would be very happy.

Anyway-todays post is about Lips and Boys.  Is there anything better?  Well we all know that the right boy and the right lipstick can make a girl very happy!

Here are the Lips and Boys picks I chose when they went on sale for 24 hours on the 1st December.
With regards to the formula, they are definitely 'Tom Ford' lipsticks.  Read my review here for the lowdown.

First up- JAMES

Even though James is a repromote of a lipstick I already own I had to get it!  I mean come on, regular readers will know James is my assistant at work and a constant source of hilarity and amusement in my daily life!  We all love James and I love this nude-y coral toned lip.


Not so sure about Alexander-it's an almost lavender toned pink that I don't think works well on my skintone.  I was hoping it might be a bit more bubblegum pink but I guess that's the problem with blind buying (and that there were so little swatches on the internet prior to the 1st Dec sale)

Next we have MICHAEL

Another purchase based on the name as my other half is a Michael.  However I absolutely love this mid pink shade-it has that 'lit from within' quality on the lips that Cherry Lush has.

Next up, and very similar to Michael is GIACOMO

Such a beautiful shade and literally just one tone darker than Michael, I absolutely love Giacomo.

Finally we have ALEJANDRO

Alejandro is a great pink toned red-it reminds me of Cherry Lush which I also love.

The lipsticks are definitely on the 'mini' side.  Here's a size comparison with a regular size Tom Ford lippie.  The regular size looks like a giant lipstick!

The shades go back on sale again for a limited time on the 26th December-I think I need to definitely add Patrick to my collection and will be actively seeking out reviews of all the other shades (Temptalia has them all!)

Some of the collection are repromotes of old shades or, permanent collection shades renamed for this collection.  The renamed shades are......
  • Holden = Vanilla Suede
  • Beau = Blush Nude
  • Henry = Warm Sable
  • William = Pink Dune
  • Addison = Pink Dusk
  • James = Twist of Fate
  • Richard = Negligee
  • Cooper = Pure Pink
  • Adriano = True Coral
  • Alejandro = Slander
  • Leonardo = Smoke Red
  • Xavier = Violet Fatale
  • Collin = Indian Rose
  • Cary = Casablanca
  • Didier = Moroccan Rouge
I would love to know what you picked up or are planning to pick up when they go back on sale.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss-the review

Chanel Rouge Allure gloss review

Chanel Rouge Allure gloss review

Chanel Rouge Allure gloss review

Chanel Rogue Allure gloss £26 // $34

I was patiently awaiting the launch of the new gloss version of the Chanel Rouge Allure lipsticks and they have finally hit Dubai.  They may have been in Dubai longer than I thought because I was thrown at the counter by the 'tester' glosses not being in the same packaging as the actual gloss.

When swatched initially I have to admit I wasn't blown away-the gloss seemed extremely thick and sticky on my hand but I did end up buying two-for research purposes.  I really wanted an almost clear pinky shade  but they all seemed to be quite pigmented.  I picked up one coral-Affriolant and one brighter pink-Supreme Sensible looks like the kind of shade I was looking for but it didn't seem to be on counter so I may pick it up in the UK.  I am kind of tempted to pick up Chanel's signature red Pirate too as it now comes in this formula and I don't own many red glosses.

So yes, I am saying I would pick more up because I really do like these glosses.  Briefly covering off packaging, these tubes have the same 'push to click, pop out' opening as the Rouge Allure lipsticks.  It's actually kind of cool in one way as the packaging is so sleek but on the other hand it's slightly irksome as you can't see how much product is left in the tube.

The applicator is really good to use-it has a tapered pointy end with a flat paddle that seems to draw out the exact amount of gloss needed for one application.  I have also tested out the ease of use of this after 3 glasses of vino and it passed!!

Onto the formula-it is on the thicker side.  And it's kind of tacky when you apply it but actually once it's on the lips it feels absolutely fine.  It's more of a liquid lipstick texture than anything else and reminds me of the MAC Pro Longwear lipglosses but with a glossier, wet look finish.  It applies very evenly which I love and has decent lasting power-it's a gloss, not a stain so don't expect miracles.  But the fade is pleasantly even and because of the slightly heavier texture it doesn't wander off round your face or settle into lip lines nor does it gather in that less than attractive ring of gloop.  It also does not highlight any dryness on the lips which is a major bonus point for me-I am really struggling with this at the moment-I put a lipstick on and all of a sudden it's highlighting dryness and flakiness but these don't at all. 

Chanel Rouge Allure gloss review Affriolant

Affriolant-A warm pink with a definite coral undertone and a glossy, wet look finish.  When I am in the mood for gloss this is pretty much what I am reaching for at the moment.  Lips don't look too overdone but have that polished, glassy look that I personally love.

Chanel Rouge Allure gloss review Supreme

Supreme-A brighter fuchsia with a glossy, glassy finish.  Loving it.

Final thoughts? Really lovely and I am glad I did purchase them.  Whilst writing the review have convinced myself I do need Pirate and Sensible.  There are 10 shades in the range and the Chanel website lists these as limited edition but they're still very much around.

Have you picked up any of these new glosses from Chanel?  Would love to know your thoughts!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

FOTD-navy eyes

Well this is something very new!  I don't think I have ever done a face of the day post but we went to a party on Thursday evening and I quite liked my make up so I thought I would share what I used.

I saw this look on Heather Davern Makeup and loved it.  Heather is a professional make up artist and I am most definitely not so this is my amateur version of the look.  Must work on blending!


I primed my skin with the Murad skin perfecting primer (reviewed here) which is good but not particularly mattifying if you have oily skin.  I then buffed in Make Up For Ever HD foundation (shade N115) with a Sigma F82 round kabuki brush.  This is one of my favourite ever foundations and has no SPF in it so is good for 'nights out' photographs.  It's medium to medium high coverage.

I concealed under my eyes with the Shiseido Sheer Eye Zone corrector in 102 and covered up a few spots with MAC Select Cover up in NC20.

I set all of that with MAC loose Blot Powder in Medium and then dusted the MAC Maleficent Beauty Powder in Natural over the top-this was sadly limited edition but it's amazing at diffusing the skin.  Something like Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light gives a similar effect.  I didn't use any contour (as I am so crap at it!)


I smudged MAC eye kohl in Smoulder messily all over my lid as a primer and lined my lower lashline and waterline with it too.  In the past I have found that smudging kohl liner over the lid works well as a primer and is also brilliant when you want to use loose pigments as it gives the pigment something to 'stick' to.  On this particular occasion it didn't work so well, it was hot in the restaurant we went to and my shadow creased around the socket so I will stick to a primer next time.  I then blended MAC Kid eyeshadow through the socket and a little bit above with a clean MAC 217 brush-I have a huge gap between my eye and brow so always feel I need to go a bit higher.  I also have hooded lids so I need to go higher to 'see' the shadow when my eyes are open.

I then patted on MAC Contrast eyeshadow with a MAC 239 brush.  This is the most beautiful sapphire blue colour and I applied it all over the lid, blending into the crease.

I then popped whatever was left on the brush on top of the kohl along my bottom lash line.

I applied MAC pigment in Vanilla using a pencil brush to my inner tear duct area.

Tarte Gifted mascara is on my lashes and it's a great mascara.  It's new so it's a bit wet but I am hoping it will dry out a bit and be amazing!!  Clinique bottom lash mascara is on my bottom lashes as always!  That stuff doesn't move all night.

My brows are filled in with MAC Omega eyeshadow and a MAC 208 angled brush.

Cheeks and highlight

My all time fave, NARS Deep Throat Blush is on the cheeks and the Chanel Camelia De Plumes highlight on the tops of my cheeks and down my nose (review here).  I am beyond obsessed with this highlighter, I am so glad I bought it!!!  It's subtle and gorgeous.


I wanted a pink lip so I used the Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss in 17 Supreme.

And that's everything-I like to think more is more when it comes to make up!

It's my work Xmas party today and then Mike and I fly home to the UK tomorrow for Xmas-very much looking forward to it!