Friday, October 24, 2014

5 more MAC nudes

MAC nude lipstick review

Nude is never out of style.  Autumn is one of the seasons I love to bring out my nude lipsticks, interchanging them with vampier berry shades and reds.

My first 5 MAC nudes post is the number 1 most read post ever on my blog so I am following it up with 5 more MAC nudes from my collection.

MAC nude lipstick review

MAC nude lipstick review

Half n half is a chocolate based nude, smooth and creamy on the lips.  The Amplified finish is one of my favourites as it isn't drying and has a very opaque, even and smooth finish.

Faux is such a beautiful nude.  It's kind of warm and pink toned and brightens the complexion.  The satin finish just makes lips look perfect.  I can see this being upgraded immediately to handbag lipstick status.

Viva Glam II pulls a little bit more grey toned mauve and is a bit Kim Kardashian on me.  I think I can get away with it with a gloss on top or worn with a bronzey or smoky eye.  The more I wear it the more I like it.

Velvet Teddy is more warmer caramel toned shade-very similar to half n half but with the matte finish.

Creme cup is a milky glossy pink with a cremesheen formula.  This is my most recent purchase but I have to admit I don't love it despite it being one of MAC's biggest sellers and a bloggers favourite.  Cremesheen is usually my favourite formula from MAC but I find this shade doesn't apply particularly evenly to the lips.

Are you a nude lip obsessive like me?  Which is your favourite?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Malin + Goetz detox face mask

Malin & Goetz detox face mask review

Malin + Goetz detox face mask // Space NK £29

'Fun' is not normally associated with skincare but this is about as fun as it gets!  Imagine snap crackle and pop on your face.

Two ways you can use this mask:
1) As your weekly deep cleansing mask
2) As a deep clean cleanse for your skin

Malin + Goetz designed a mask that would clarify skin without the use of heavy clays or harsh chemicals and the result was this lightweight foaming gel that once on your face and interacting with oxygen froths and swells on your face to draw dirt and impurities from your skin in just 5 minutes.

The mask uses almond extract to clarify and soothe and Vitamins C and E and Soy Protein to brighten and firm.  It's very very gentle on the skin and your skin feels literally so soft once your rinse this off.

To me, it's more softening and hydrating than detoxing but that might just be because I am so used to using clays to get my weekly detox fix.  I can really see all skin types loving this.

I have just finished off this tub and it lasted me a good 6 months using it once a week.

Have you tried anything from Malin & Goetz?  I am also loving their Mojito candle at the moment too!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Lip Six

Lip Six is back!!  Here are my last 6 lip picks!

MAC Zazoom, MAC Kittenish, NARS Easy lover, Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect, NARS Stella, Dior Fluid Stick Tiny Pink

Top row (L) MAC Lipglass in Zazoom (R) MAC Patentpolish lip pencil in Kittenish (LE)

Middle row (L) NARS gloss (old formula) in Easy Lover (R) Charlotte Tilbury KISSING lipstick in Bitch Perfect

Bottom row (L) NARS gloss in Stella (old formula) (R) Dior Fluid Stick in Tiny Pink

Sunday, October 19, 2014

YSL Ink Fusion foundation review

YSL Ink fusion foundation review

YSL Ink fusion foundation review

This purchase was enabled by my extremely good friend Antonia who whatsapped me and told me to go and buy this new launch from YSL.  Immediately.

I am going to link Antonia's review of YSL's new Ink Fusion foundation in because we have very different skin types-Antonia has very dry skin where as I have combinations/borderline oily skin but this foundation seems to work for both which is pretty unusual.

I ordered this to Vanessa's from Harvey Nichols as it hadn't launched in Dubai and she brought it over for me.  When I unpacked it the first thing I noticed, before even opening it, was how liquid it was.  In fact, Vanessa and I looked at each other as I was shaking the bottle as if to say 'is that right'?? 

I like my foundations to be pretty heavy duty and long lasting and this water like consistency put me off immediately.

But I have four foundations on rotation at the moment and this is the one I find myself reaching for almost every day.

Unlike Antonia who applies this foundation to the back of her hand and then uses a brush to work into the face, I take a lazier approach, swiping the wand of this foundation directly onto my skin and then buffing it in with a foundation brush (Real Techniques Expert Face is perfect).  Despite it's viscosity it's not going to drip down your face and it isn't as messy as I thought the wand applicator may be.  It's advisable to give the glass bottle a good shake before opening it though.

This foundation does something I don't think I have ever seen another foundation do-it seems to sink in and weld to your skin rather than sitting as a layer on top of it.  As you buff it in you can literally see your face becoming more even toned, it's a bit like airbrush for the skin and just blends so effortlessly.  Yet it looks so natural, I can still see my freckles underneath and I can literally feel nothing on my skin.  It's completely weightless.

It's buildable if you prefer heavier coverage but it's not a full coverage foundation-Medium coverage is probably the best you'll get.  It dries down to a velvet matte finish and is the only foundation I have ever used that I don't feel I need to set it with powder.  Don't get me wrong, nothing is going to stop my natural oiliness coming through in a couple of hours so I do, of course powder but this foundation is such a great canvas, making you look flawless yet not overdone or caked in make up.

It wasn't love at first sight but it's definitely grown on me and is my go to foundation of the moment.

PS I am wearing this foundation here in this Tom Ford FOTD post

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The almost perfect mascara

Too Faced Better than Sex mascara review

Too Faced Better than Sex mascara review

When a brand names a product 'Better than Sex' you know they think it's good.

Without making this post too innuendo driven I am a mascara whore.  I know exactly what I want from a mascara (very black, very volumising) and go through tubes and tubes of the stuff whilst still always maintaining a stash of 20+ 'must try' mascaras.

Let's talk packaging.  It's good.  Unique.  Stands out from the crowd with its metallic rose pink tubing and embossed fancy lettering.  A good start.

The brush-slightly larger than I usually prefer, with extra stiff bristles (I am sorry, it's hard to avoid the sexual innuendos) and a slight hourglass meaning it tapers in in the middle.   With wands this size I have a habit of getting the mascara all over my lid, on the bridge of my nose and on the outer corner of my eye but this brush is really easy to use, getting into all the corners and right down to the roots.

I quickly learned that the more you work with this mascara the more you're rewarded on the lashes.  Pile it on.  It's easy to build as it doesn't dry ultra quick and 2-3 coats gives masses of length and volume without the clumps.  Just keep putting more on.  This mascara is so versatile in that you can get a very natural, fluttery lash or an extra black dramatic lash.

So why is it 'the almost perfect' mascara?

It has two problems-a minor one and a major one.

The minor problem is that when you first start using it the formula is far too thick on the wand.  You need to wipe it with a tissue until the mascara starts to dry out.  After a couple of weeks it'll be fine.

The major problem for me is that this mascara flakes and smudges like crazy.  And because I love the effect, I have tried everything to prevent this-using a lash primer and a waterproof top coat but even my beloved Bare Minerals 'Locked and Coated' topcoat can't cope with this mascara.

Sad to say I won't be repurchasing it and continue my hunt for my own personal 'better than sex' mascara.

Too Faced Better than Sex mascara review