Monday, September 1, 2014

Guest Post | Neom Real Luxury Organic Body Oil

Hello beauties! I'm Latasha from Today I Adore, and It's a pleasure to be guest posting on
Stacey's lovely blog again! Get well soon gorgeous! Let's get into it shall we?
Neom real luxury organic body oil
Today I'll be nattering all about something super luxurious to give your skin some TLC after all that Summer partying, The Neom Real Luxury Organic Body Oil (£32). I love to use body oils particularly in the colder months, So pulling this product out of hiding has well and truly distracted me from the dip in temperature in the UK.
This is definitely a luxury body oil, and I just think the packaging is so simple & beautiful, clear glass, silver accents and a pump for easy application. Neom never let me down on the packaging side of things, and I just love their no­ nonsense approach to it. Simpler the better for me! P.s ­ Neom have changed the packaging since I bought mine, and It's even MORE lust­worthy now!
The Real Luxury Body Oil definitely packs a punch on the moisturising side of things, which is something my dry skin is always thankful for, this oil can sort out a multitude of sins in only a few minutes! Just a couple of pumps, smoothed over dry or wet skin, really just locks in hydration and makes my skin instantly soft and supple. My favourite time to apply this is right before I hop into bed, not only because I wake up with silky smooth skin and no greasiness, but also because the Real Luxury scent blends together Lavender, Jasmine & Brazilian Rosewood, to give off a sleep­ inducing concoction of scents. Honestly, It's just dreamy and gives such a lovely sheen to your skin for hours after.

If you're looking for a more indulgent member to add to your line­up, definitely give the Neom
Real Luxury Body Oil a try, it's a worthy addition to your night ­time routine too!

Have you tried anything from Neom Organics? Do you like using body oils?

Latasha xx

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