About me

Hello I'm Stacey.  Welcome to my blog!

Here's a little bit about me, the 'expat make up addict'.

I started this blog in November 2012 as a way to share my absolute love of all things beauty related.

I moved to Dubai in 2005 and have lived and worked here every since.  I am originally from Cumbria in the UK.

I live with my three 'babies'-my cats, Chesney, Fizzy and Ali.

I love my job and am a total workaholic.  I need to work to pay for my love of make up, cocktails, diamonds and shoes!

On the 14/7/14 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and I have spoken openly about my treatment and recovery on this blog.  I am passionate about raising awareness about this illness.  

I love social media!  Please feel free to chat with me on twitter, instagram or email me on expatmuaddict@gmail.com

Instagram: expatmakeupaddict
Snapchat:  stadybelle
Twitter:    @expatmuaddict



  1. I live in the Middle East too and have done so for the past three years! I live in the one starting with Q for smart people like you, haha. Anyone I'm only twelve but I have blog too, I've bookmarked you!xx

    1. Hi Zoe! How you're having fun in Q! Am sure it's super hot like Dubai. Would love you to send me the link to your blog xx

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  3. Hi stacey, I've changed my facebook account but now it won't let me add you :( I'm janeebaker xxx

  4. Hi Stacey,

    Love your blog and follow you on IG, genuinely look forward to all your new posts and pics! makes me very excited to come visit Dubai in a few weeks!
    Was wondering if I could private message you somehow as am hoping to move out to Dubai from the UK myself.

    Heloise Leworthy

  5. Hi Stacey,
    Love your blog and follow you on IG, literally cant wait for new posts love reading your reviews and your pics :) Makes me really excited to visit Dubai in a few weeks!
    I was wondering if I could PM you and pick your brain as i am hoping to move out to Dubai myself from the UK and we seem to have a few things in common (love of wine cats and make up for a start!) i understand if you are too busy, you seem to live a hectic life!
    Anyway happy birthday i hope you have a great day celebrating and get spoilt!

    1. Hi Heloise, you can email me any time at expatmuaddict@gmail.com xx


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