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Guest Post | Beauty & The Bees


I’m Stace’s guest! I’m her guest! I’ve put these products to the test! Um- yep, I’ve lost myself there. I can’t remember the rest of the lyrics to ‘Be Our Guest’ to change them, and, if you don’t know what I was trying to do… well- AKWARD! 

 A big hello to you all! My name is Martyne, and whilst I am not an alcoholic I am a bit of a skincare-o-holic. Typically I will write about my latest hauls/loves related to fashion at but I am partial to spending my hard earned on creams that tell me I will look 21 in one application.

 I’m the grand old age of 33 and OK, getting old doesn’t bother me, but I don’t want a face full of wrinkles or to look 80 when I am 40. I mean THIS COULD HAPPEN. So, when my eye cream ran out (you must have heard me scream) I thought I would ditch the Estee Lauder night eye cream and try something different. I am open-minded. I can do this. Cue the following:

Nip & Fab Viper Venom eye roller and Nip & Fab Bee Sting Fix. 
 The Viper Venom is very similar to the Garnier eye roll- you know the one, this is just twice the price. It says after use it will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. It contains LIFTONIN + SYN-AKE – I mean, that sounds like a mini eye lift in a roller! I have been using it the last three weeks and in all honesty- I think I would have been better off just getting the Garnier one! I haven’t noticed anything dramatic. On the plus side, I haven’t started hissing or anything.

 Let’s talk about the Bee Sting Fix, I did read good things about this product. The name sounds somewhat aggressive and up for the job. This is meant to reduce the look of fatigue and two of the active ingredients are: Bee Venom: This controls the facial muscles- apparently. It increases blood circulation gently plumping out and firming the skin. It also claims to fill and smoothe fine lines and wrinkles. So, with the roll on above my lines shouldn’t even be visible. Propolis Extract: this is a substance harvested by bees on flower buds and it is meant to be a great skin healer, anti-oxidant and antiseptic. Well, bee schmee. It feels more like a primer to me than a cream and whilst I am going to continue to use it, I just haven’t noticed anything ‘WOW’. Why am I so hard to bees? For the love of God just give me eyes that look as fresh as a daisy! Would I buy this product again? I don’t think I will. 

 Can we move on to lips a minute? How many of you are like me? You buy a million lip balms, don’t finish them all, pick up more Vaseline’s simply because it’s a different ‘flavour’… you know the drill.

 Yep, that’s me. Usually I don’t suffer from overly dry lips, but when I was wearing one of my nude lippes last week, my skin looked too dry and flaky for my liking. All of my lips looked uneven and I thought right, let’s get exfoliator hunting. 

I have tried ones from Benefit, Lush, Clarins, Clinique and they just didn’t cut the mustard. I remembered a product from The Body Shop that I owned a few years back but something told me they discontinued it. I checked their website and was happily proved wrong! YAY! Boy do I LOVE this stuff! It comes lipstick stylee and is what I can only describe as a minty conditioning stick with exfoliating grains in. It buffs away all the dead skin off your lips (which I wipe off with a tissue) and leaves a bit of the moisturising stick on too. I would advise to wipe this off though- unless you like the just dug up look. It’s mint green. Finish with a slick of one of your 50 lip balms and you are hot to trot! This baby cost me £8.00. Would I repurchase? HELL YEAH! 

 And last but not least- I wanted to talk about the romance that has rekindled with me and my Clarisonic face brush. How many of you use one of these brushes? They are just amazing! Mine has been on the shelf for the last 5 months purely because I have been too lazy to repurchase a new brush head. I have brought it out to play again and I can’t believe I was that stupid to have not used it the last few months. It cleans my skin like nothing I have experienced. Imagine a clean face- well this gets you ten times cleaner! You know when you brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush and you notice a huge difference to your teeth as opposed to using a standard one? They look cleaner and brighter? Well, this is just that. It’s a huge toothbrush – for your face.

 It uses a sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second, working with the skin's natural elasticity to thoroughly remove any impurities. You are left with smoother, softer and healthier looking skin. It’s also meant to absorb your skincare a lot better too- meaning you save money in the long run. (This was my justification, just go with it). Honestly, I am never, ever, ever going to let this sit on the shelf for months until I buy a brush head again! I have two coming in the post as I type. My one cost around £200.00. YES it is expensive. I get it. But it is your FACE! Ditch the wipes to get rid of your make up. Your face is NOT a bum. Would I recommend a Clarisonic as part of your everyday skin routine? HELL YEAH! 

 Big thanks to Stacey for having me! We all know how tough things must be for her right now, but lots of positivity from Wales! Along with plenty of cwtches! Xxxxx 

 And- before I go- if anybody does have any amazing eye cream that you think I should know about- please drop me a line!


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