Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Guest Post | Sephora Give Me Some Lip Set

When I think of Stacey, I think of lipstick. Probably because the first post I read of hers was a Lip Six. It's safe to say I became hooked, besotted, heck I'd even say enthralled with Miss Stacey and her blog from that moment on. I have posted for Stacey before, and for some bizarre reason she has allowed me back to post again - it must be all that medication she's on. Either that or the bribe I slipped Gemma ;)
So basically, what I'm trying to say is, I felt this post was most fitting for the Expat Makeup Blog, because it's lip related. I though it would be something Stacey would like, that's if she doesn't already own every single product in the set already (tenner says she's got at least 3...)
So enjoy, and please, if you do one thing today, make it be booking that much dreaded but actually vitally important appointment to have your lady garden checked. Because, all jokes aside, that is the reason I'm doing this post today. And although I love posting for Stacey, as we've all gathered, I'd much rather have her blogging for us today.
Sephora are back with another favourites set of the lip variety and it's every bit as good as the last (review here). This was kindly gifted to me by the lovely guys over at Roses Beauty Store, the place I get all my America beauty products from.
The kit features 6 coveted lip products, 5 miniatures and one full size. There is only one repeat in the set for me, and it just so happens to be a favourite product of mine, so I'm more than happy about it. The line-up brands wise is pretty spectacular; Urban Decay, Smashbox, Bite and my favourite: Marc Jacobs! I only own one lip product from his beauty range, so I am excited to see one of his products in this set.
The packaging is on point, as per. These favourites sets are always really well produced and always catch my eye whenever I venture into a Sephora. I think this one is my favourite so far, the products are well encased so it's ideal for carrying around.

I've swatched all 6 products below. Prior to application I exfoliated my lips with the Sara Happ lip scrub and applied a balm.

I'm happy with every single product in this set, the glosses are all gorgeous, and I am particularly impressed with the pigment of the Marc Jacobs 'Kissability' gloss. My favourite Buxom gloss in White Russian never fails to disappoint, and I love that there is a dinky Urban Decay Naked lipstick in there, perfect for popping in my handbag. Surprises for me were the Bite lip pencil in Meritage. I own a tonne of these, so it wasn't the product itself I was surprised with, I just wasn't expecting to like the shade so much. I also was pleasantly surprised by the Nars lipgloss in Orgasm. I think I might actually prefer it over the blush! And the full size Smashbox lipgloss in Pout is a welcome addition to my nude lipgloss collection. It looks great on its own, or layered over a nude lip.

I love the idea of having all my favourite lip products in one place, and I think it would make a lovely gift to somebody.

What are your favourite lip products?

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