Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Guest Post | Clinique Chubby Sticks - The Freebies

Hi guys, I am Rachel from Beautyqueenuk and I am absolutely chuffed to be guest-posting for the fabulous Stacey whilst she is recovering.  Get well soon Amazing Stace xx

Not too long ago there was a complete stampede of every Supermarket and Newsagents to get hold of a copy of Glamour Magazine for the offering of not one but two different shades of Clinique Chubby Stick. okay, so possibly not quite a stampede, but there was a lot of excitement about them and I was one of the lucky one who managed to get two sets, one of which I sent to another blogger who had been searching for them.

The reason I got them is because I am obsessed with lip crayons, I love them and have a growing collection and because I had been wanting to try a Clinique Chubby Stick for ages and ages and this was a cheaper way of doing it, not to mention I liked the look of both shades, the first being Watermelon and the second Super Strawberry and they worked out being worth around £9 each because they are smaller than a full size, but they are still a great freebie for a £2 magazine, the rest of the freebies on offer from Clinique can be seen in my post

The reason I am such a fan of lip crayons is because they are just ridiculously easy to use and the shades that are available is quite amazing, it is that simple. I have Max Factor, Revlon, Collection, Lacq and other within my collection and the Clinique ones are a great addition.

The Super Strawberry Chubby Stick is one I haven't used as much as Watermelon, but I do love it. When I put it on my lips, you can just about see the colour and it does leave a bit of a shine, but for me the Watermelon shade, which you can see in the bottom swatch, is the one which gives both colour and shine to the lips.  Once applied, they have an alright staying power, nothing like a lipstick, im talking 2 hours maximum, assuming you don't eat or drink during that time.
Personally, I am a fan, I would love to try some more from the range and have my eye on quite a few of them.

Did you manage to pick up any of the Clinique freebies? Do you have a favourite chubby stick or Clinique product you think I should try?



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