Saturday, September 27, 2014

Guest Post | Angel Eau Sucree Review

Hello everyone! I'm Ray from ToySaturn and I shall be your guest blogger this post. *tips hat*

I've got a sweet treat for you today in the form of Thierry Mugler's Angel Eau Sucrée perfume, and I'm really excited to share my thoughts on this because it is really is quite something to behold.

I have a few friends that love the original Angel, but I wasn't sold with how it smelt on my skin. 
But I'm always up for trying new things so when I spotted Angel Eau Sucrée, I wanted to see what it smelt like. It took a few attempts to find a bottle of this that had some left in, and I actually had to try about five bottles that were all empty first! In the end, I hunted down a perfume lady in Debenhams and ask if there was any I could try.

The iconic Angel star bottle has been iced, sprinkled in sugar and wrapped up in an angel blue and parma violet lilac candy striped box. There was a little lilac envelope in the box inviting me to register my perfume to join an online community. This was such a nifty little touch that I wasn't expecting. It made opening the box into an experience, and that isn't something that perfumers often pull off. It's a seriously pretty package from the second you get it in your hands. 

Top Notes: Red fruits sorbet.
Heart Notes: Caramelized meringue.
Base Notes: Vanilla and Patchouli.
I can't think of any other fragrances that smell anything like this. Vanilla is almost always a winner with me, and I love the fact this has meringue at the heart. Meringue! Whoever came up with the idea of putting meringue in perfume can be my new best friend.

I always feel a little nostalgic when I first spritz this on, and it makes me think of funfairs with sugary doughnuts and carousels. That's where my mind goes, although it may just be me. This scent stays quite noticeable for a fair few hours, and lingers on the skin for many more. I find it to still be very subtle on the skin still even after sleeping through the warm summer nights. That's what I call serious staying power. It outlasts everything else I own.

I ordered mine from Debenhams to take advantage of the "Try It First" guarantee, so I could see how the scent smelt on my skin, and I found that it smelt exactly the same on my skin as it did on the tester card, so I wasn't disappointed.

This fragrance launched on May 1st 2014, a limited edition for summer priced at £42 for 50ML. Personally, because of the sugary sweetness, I prefer this for winter and is the scent I plan on wearing throughout the season. I've already decanted a little into a tiny spray bottle for traveling even though it's three months away!

The only downsides to this perfume are that it doesn't come in a refillable bottle so you can't take it back to a source for replenishment (although it is in a gorgeous bottle, so maybe we can forgive it...) and that it is a limited edition, so who knows how much longer we can get our paws on it.

I'm definitely going to try and pick up a few more bottles before it vanishes forever. I really hope the house of Mugler have a change of heart and let this little beauty stick around for good.  Please oh please oh pleeeeeease!

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Thank you Gemma for organising this post. It's been a pleasure to help out and I hope everyone joins me in wishing a speedy recovery to the wonderful Stacey.  ❤

Catch you later! :)


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