Sunday, November 30, 2014

Disappointing products-The Controversial Ones

Ok so I have always been very honest on my blog about the products I review But I do fall for hype around products very easily-it's been said if I was an Eskimo I would buy ice-but these much hyped products just aren't doing it for me personally.  I wish they did but sadly they're wasted pennies in my opinion.

First up is the newly formulated YSL Couture eyeshadow palette but the limited edition Swarovski crystal encrusted version that was exclusive to Selfridges for £69 and named #4 New York (and in the normal range is called #4 Saharienne).  There are a couple of reasons for my disappointment.  Firstly the packaging gave YSL license to add a huge premium to the RRP and after having it once in my make up bag the 'sticker' on the palette is starting to come away on the bottom left corner.  For the £69 price tag a sticker is really poor quality and unacceptable.

But the formula does not wow me at all.  I really like the YSL Chromatics eyeshadows but this formula isn't hugely pigmented or smooth and doesn't blend as seamlessly as the Chromatics.  I have so many eyeshadows and this formula is disappointing.

My next disappointing item is the Wayne Goss #1 Foundation brush.  I am gutted that I don't like this as the quality of the brush is excellent-and I love the eyeshadow blending brush I have from Wayne Goss.  The bristles on this brush are super soft and don't shed at all but I find this brush so difficult to work with.  I find that the bristles soak up a lot of foundation and that the handle and the head are too small to get a good buffing action going.

I know, I know, the By Terry Ombre Blackstar being featured here is probably making you gasp right now but really I do not get the hype!  Granted they are better than the Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks (except Amethyst which is really good) but they just don't look as good on me as they do on others.  Here is Bronze Moon and Frozen Quartz.  I also owned and blog-saled Misty Rock which just looked really insipid and didn't last on me.  Don't get me wrong I think they are alright-they make a good base for eyeshadow but used on their own, again I just think they're ok-they crease a bit and I don't find the lasting power to be great.  They're nowhere near as good as the Trish McEvoy version-I cannot get enough of those!

Admittedly I don't hate the NARS creamy concealer but I do find it very thick and a bit difficult to work with.  I did use the whole tube but it's just such a hyped product I think I was expecting miracles and when it didn't deliver I was disappointed.  I actually prefer the much much cheaper Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer!

Finally, another controversial one...the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray.  I am so glad I only bought the mini trial size (although it was still an eye watering £18).  I find this spray does nothing for my fine hair-it doesn't give any ooomph or grit to my roots or give me any volume or body.  I much prefer the much less expensive label.m or Charles Worthington versions.  I'll probably use it all up and in a way maybe it's a good thing I don't like it as that is one expensive addiction to develop!!

So tell me-am I insane for not liking some of these or do you agree with me?


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