Sunday, October 19, 2014

YSL Ink Fusion foundation review

YSL Ink fusion foundation review

YSL Ink fusion foundation review

This purchase was enabled by my extremely good friend Antonia who whatsapped me and told me to go and buy this new launch from YSL.  Immediately.

I am going to link Antonia's review of YSL's new Ink Fusion foundation in because we have very different skin types-Antonia has very dry skin where as I have combinations/borderline oily skin but this foundation seems to work for both which is pretty unusual.

I ordered this to Vanessa's from Harvey Nichols as it hadn't launched in Dubai and she brought it over for me.  When I unpacked it the first thing I noticed, before even opening it, was how liquid it was.  In fact, Vanessa and I looked at each other as I was shaking the bottle as if to say 'is that right'?? 

I like my foundations to be pretty heavy duty and long lasting and this water like consistency put me off immediately.

But I have four foundations on rotation at the moment and this is the one I find myself reaching for almost every day.

Unlike Antonia who applies this foundation to the back of her hand and then uses a brush to work into the face, I take a lazier approach, swiping the wand of this foundation directly onto my skin and then buffing it in with a foundation brush (Real Techniques Expert Face is perfect).  Despite it's viscosity it's not going to drip down your face and it isn't as messy as I thought the wand applicator may be.  It's advisable to give the glass bottle a good shake before opening it though.

This foundation does something I don't think I have ever seen another foundation do-it seems to sink in and weld to your skin rather than sitting as a layer on top of it.  As you buff it in you can literally see your face becoming more even toned, it's a bit like airbrush for the skin and just blends so effortlessly.  Yet it looks so natural, I can still see my freckles underneath and I can literally feel nothing on my skin.  It's completely weightless.

It's buildable if you prefer heavier coverage but it's not a full coverage foundation-Medium coverage is probably the best you'll get.  It dries down to a velvet matte finish and is the only foundation I have ever used that I don't feel I need to set it with powder.  Don't get me wrong, nothing is going to stop my natural oiliness coming through in a couple of hours so I do, of course powder but this foundation is such a great canvas, making you look flawless yet not overdone or caked in make up.

It wasn't love at first sight but it's definitely grown on me and is my go to foundation of the moment.

PS I am wearing this foundation here in this Tom Ford FOTD post


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