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Filthy/gorgeous-MAC Pro Longwear foundation review

MAC Pro Longwear foundation review

The reason for the title of this post being Filthy/Gorgeous is that every single bottle I see of this foundation is absolutely filthy looking!  It really is not a pretty looking foundation on any dressing table.  It even looks manky in the bottle-like it has separated in the glass vial.  Although it has a great pump, the actual foundation seems to get everywhere!

But it's absolutely gorgeous on so I wanted to share my thoughts with you on the formula.

This is quite a cult formula that has been around for a long time.  I have never thought about trying it before until I was watching a Sharon Farrell video about make up for oily skin and she recommended it as being a great long lasting foundation.  My skin has really changed since my cancer surgery last year-it's now super oily and I get lots of hormonal breakouts round my jaw so I need quite a lot of coverage to feel confident.

There are things I love about this foundation and there are things I am not fond of.  But overall this is my favourite foundation to date.

Who will love this foundation?

Girls (and boys-I don't judge) who like very long lasting foundations and like full coverage.  Air hostesses.  Anyone who works in a warm climate.  People who prefer matter rather than dewier finishes.

This is definitely full coverage and I have found it sits well over both 'matte' and 'radiant' primers.  Equally it applies well with either a foundation brush or fingers.  But it is an absolute shit to get out of foundation brushes.  It's such an 'adhesive' foundation in that it welds to the skin, that it also welds to the bristles of any make up brush.  Normally I use a foundation brush two days in a row before washing it but with this formula, by the second day, the residue foundation left in the brush has stiffened into the bristles making the application difficult.  So I am only getting one days use out of a foundation brush when I use this before I need to wash it.  And I wash the brush as soon as, because the longer the formula sits in the bristles the harder it is to get it out.  I find I have to use both baby shampoo, a solid brush cleanser AND a Sigma brush cleansing glove to get all the foundation out.  And you will know if you haven't got it all out because when the bristles dry they will feel horrible.

Ok so by this point you are probably thinking 'Jesus Christ what a palava' but I promise you the coverage and finish is worth it.

This is definitely one of those foundations that looks better when it has had 20 minutes to warm up and sit on your skin.  It looks more flawless the longer you wear it.  That does not mean that you can't powder immediately or that it is tacky on application, it just seems to improve with time.  It doesn't settle into pores or fine lines and it keeps oil at bay longer than any foundation I have tried.  It's more on the matte/satin side-it's not dewy enough to be 'plastic skin' (still a foundation goal for me but I feel like I would just look greasy) but its not matte/flat.  It's quite a 'liquid' formula so it does blend very easily and seamlessly and you have a bit of time to ensure you have blended thoroughly before it sets on the skin.  It does contain SPF but only SPF10 so you shouldn't experience any flashback in photography (I have read somewhere that unless the SPF is higher than 20 you shouldn't get 'ghost face' in flash photography although I am such a granny I can't remember the last time I was photographed at night)

This foundation has been an absolute godsend to me whilst my skin has been so crap recently and I think I will forever have a bottle. more thing! You must double cleanse your skin at night to ensure you remove this fully as it does weld to the skin (in a good way obvs) Use a good oil or balm to ensure you really get the foundation off and a flannel to remove the cleanser. You will be shocked how much foundation was still on your skin at the end of the day and comes off on the flannel!!

Have you tried this MAC foundation?  I would love to know if you love it as much as I do?

Pro Longwear retails for £25/$32-I got mine online from Nordstrom


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