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Sephora eyeshadows-tried and tested!

Sephora Colorful eyeshadow review
Sephora Colorful eyeshadow review

Sephora Colorful eyeshadow review

Sephora Colorful eyeshadow review

Sephora Colorful eyeshadow review

Although Sephora's own brand make up is widely available in some parts of the world (including Dubai where I live), the poor beauty obsessed in the UK have to survive on a daily basis without a Sephora. 

But then the world changed for the better last year and Sephora decided to ship to the UK so I had this great idea of doing a series of posts on Sephora own brand make up so that even if you couldn't see the make up in person you could get an idea of what was the good, bad and the ugly from their range.

And then I wrote this one post last year and then forgot about my 'series'.

So I am back today with a review of another Sephora own brand line and I really really highly recommend these as I love them!

Above you can see the Sephora Colorful Eyeshadows and all the ones I own are from the 'shimmer' range except for the mini Hollywood's Calling which is from the 'mirror' range.  Before I start there is a dizzying array of shades of the Sephora eyeshadows-there are 30 shimmer, 16 mattes, 17 glitters and 8 matte lustre single shades before you even start to contemplate the many palettes they also sell plus the odd limited edition shade they bring out.  Here in Dubai, in store they tend to be either on a tall carousel or laid out on the Sephora counter-but I often find the range overwhelming, confusing as they aren't labelled well and the stock all mixed up.  Bad Sephora.

But that's the only criticism I have of these shadows as they are just fabulous on the eyes.  I can't speak for the matte shades as I am definitely a shimmer girl but they are all so smooth and even to apply.  The pigmentation is great on all the shades I own but the texture is light as a feather.  The staying power is fantastic too, once they're on the eyes they will not crease, fade or dry out until you decide to take them off.  They don't contain any particles or glitter and I would say the texture is more satin finish than a true shimmer.  Having said that, in artificial light they really do look luminous on the eyes.  Blending wise-they're so easy to work with and to build up if you want a more dramatic look.  The colour is also true to the pan.  I literally adore every shade I own.

Size wise, you get slightly more product that you would in say a MAC single eyeshadow-MAC is 0.05oz per pan and Sephora is 0.07oz per pan.  I would love to depot these and have them all together but they don't look as easy to depot as a MAC shadow.

Price wise they retail at $13 which is around £8.50 which I think is really good for something that is such good quality.  Of course don't forget US products have an additional 8% tax and of course the shipping charges to the UK.

This is another product I would highly recommend checking out if you're in a Sephora or if you fancy a little online splurge.

Have you tried any of Sephora's own brand make up line?


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