Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Gigantic Nordstrom/Sephora online haul!

My sincere apologies if this post appears somewhat thrown together-it is!!  Truth is I am currently on a business trip in Cairo and tapping away in my hotel room.  I took these pictures in a rush over the weekend before I flew here-we had family in town and so the weekend was swallowed up too.

But I wanted to quickly share my recent US hauling before I start jumping in to testing and posting reviews of what I picked up!  I think there is some really good stuff in here that I am excited to try!

First up, I have bought all three of the new Jo Malone 'Blue Skies and Blossoms' collection-I am still waiting for one to be delivered but it's the Osmanthus Blossom which is a re-promote and I have had before.  I love the coloured caps on the traditional bottles but was disappointed that the bottles didn't come with the ribbons that were shown in the online picture.  Having said that, I saw the bottles in Duty Free in Dubai on Monday and they didn't either so it's possibly just a UK thing.  These sort of scents are utterly up my street!

I also can't resist anything smelling of lemon so I threw in this new body souffle from Philosophy-iced mint lemonade sounds perfect for the hot and sticky summer months on the horizon in Dubai.

On to make up.  Firstly I picked up four of the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow Sticks and a replacement Trish McEvoy 24hr eyeshadow and liner stick.  My love for the Trish McEvoy formula is widely documented on my blog but you can read my full ramblings here.  I also picked up Tuxedo, Violet Plum, Goldstone and Taupe from Bobbi Brown-I have high hopes!

Next a product I fear is going to be a dud from my initial swatches-the YSL Full Metal Shadows in Onde Sable and Aquatic Copper.  I bought these because I have been loving the Armani Eye Tints and thought these would be a similar concept.  But the initial swatches seem poorly pigmented and very glittery.  I'll report back.

Also sneaking into the picture is the Tom Ford Lip Shine in the shade Chastity.  This has been on my wish list for the longest time but seemed permanently out of stock-I feared it had been discontinued.  When I saw it online I nabbed one.  Love the packaging of the Tom Ford lipsticks-so sleek!

I loved the formula of the first YSL Volupte Tint In Oil I purchased and so I bought three more!  These are uber glossy, light, juicy 'first gloss then stain' lip products and I can't wait to try these three shades! 

I picked up a couple of things from MAC-firstly the MAC Amber x 9 mini palette which is totally totally swoon-worthy!  This is the sort of product that makes me smile so much!  I believe these are yet to launch in the UK but they come in 3 variations and I chose Amber because I only own one of the shades in the palette already-and given I own over 75 MAC eyeshadows that is no mean feat.  I'll have a review up asap!  This is a brilliant neutral quad though with a great balance of matte and shimmer shades.

I also bought the Beauty Powder in Pearl Blossom from the MAC is Beauty collection.  I was really hoping it would be a re-promote of the Maleficiant collection Beauty Powder that I loved so much but it's much much pinker in the pan.  I thought initially it would be a 'sheen-y' pink blusher but when I swatched it, it looks quite 'highlighter-y' and silvery which I was quite happy with.

I bought a NARS Dual Intensity blush!  I was so excited about these but then when they were released I looked at online images and was a bit meh about them but I had to try one, so I have gone for Adoration.  Am excited to read some reviews about these as I am sure they will be popping up everywhere now.

I absolutely love the Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy formula and I picked up another one of the original formula and one of the new 'Shine' formulas.  I am expecting the 'shine' formula to be similar to the Dior 'Rouge Dior Baume' or the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks.  My thoughts soon.  Both are nude/pink/slightly coral shades.

I also grabbed one of the new YSL Pop Water Glossy Stains in 'Wet Nude'-quite possibly one of the worst named lipsticks ever.  I wasn't a huge fan of the original glossy stain so lets see how these newer updated versions perform.

At I was relatively restrained (pity I wasn't at Sephora Dubai on Sunday).  I picked up 3 of the new Colorful Duo Reflects eyeshadows-I love the Sephora eyeshadows and these new limited edition versions are all duochrome which I have a bit of a weakness for.  Below is Mermaid Tail,  Sirens Charm and Iridescent Shell.

Finally I picked up two of the new Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Creme lipsticks in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Infamous.  I am hoping this newer formula will be a lot less 'slippy' than the original and not migrate outside lip lines.  I have heard it is improved.   The last thing I picked up was from Bite and it is their monthly limited edition lipstick shade in Dragon Fruit.  Bite are producing an exclusive shade each month for Sephora which is in very limited quantities and I managed to grab this on the first day it was released-sadly it's now out of stock but Bite is definitely a brand I highly recommend.

Let me know what you are interested in hearing about first and also what you have been buying recently!


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