Sunday, February 8, 2015

Armani Eye Tints review-06 Green Iron and 10 Senso

Armani Eye Tints review-06 Green Iron and 10 Senso

Armani Eye Tints review-06 Green Iron and 10 Senso

Oooh so here is an exciting new release I have been playing with all weekend!  Armani have launched their new 'Eye Tints'-I can't seem them online in the UK yet but I ordered mine from Nordstrom and I already know I need more!

These are a liquid/cream hybrid initially that sets to a powder on the eyes.  I have found the easiest way to apply them is by directly swiping the doe foot applicator across the lid up to the crease and then use a fluffy brush just to blend out the edges.  I then go in with a second layer on the lid to add extra intensity.  Buildability with these shadows isn't an issue at all and you get enough time to work with them before they set.  And once they are set that is it!  They don't move, fade or crease at all, I was blown away by their lasting power.  I have quite creasy eyelids and the shadow didn't settle into lines or highlight the creases.

I have also used a small angled brush to apply them as a liner under the eye which works brilliantly!

Armani Eye Tints review-06 Green Iron and 10 Senso

06 Green Iron is my favourite!  I just love the shade and the finish which is slightly metallic.  Here I have blended a tiny amount of MAC Sketch into the crease on top of the shadow.  This shade reminds me very much of 'Sumptuous Olive' from MAC in its shade and finish.  It looked as perfect at the end of the day as it did at the beginning.

Armani Eye Tints review-06 Green Iron and 10 Senso

10 Senso is a bronze-y brown with a reddy/purplish undertone.  it was a little harder to work with and I was worried that it was just going to look a muddy mess on my eyelids but I think the trick is to build up the shade with very thin layers to get the intensity you require.  In the picture above I only have Senso on but afterwards I pressed on a MAC pigment in Rose Gold and I loved the effect it gave of duochrome eyes.  It's slightly less frosty than Green Iron but has the same outstanding lasting power.

These get a huge thumbs up from me!  And I think I need to add 09 Cold Copper, 11 Rose Ashes, 5 Onyx and 7 Shadow to my collection-this could be an expensive habit!

What do you think?  Yay or nay to this new release?


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