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Tom Ford Lip Colour Shine review

Tom Ford Lip Colour Shine review

Tom Ford Lip Colour Shine review

Damn it I haven't done a negative review of a Tom Ford make up product yet.  Today I am going to.  Well it's not negative, negative per se, it's just more lukewarm and 'I'm not advocating you go straight out and buy these'.

I love Tom Ford lipsticks.  Like love them.  I reviewed four of the Private Blend shades from my collection here and even looking back at that post I am thinking 'so nice'!

So mainline Private Blend Tom Ford lipsticks are a splurge I know, but they're a worthwhile one if you want (need) a luxury lipstick.

I purchased four of the Lip Color Shine formula (£38 each in the UK), the glossier and lighter version of the Private Blend lipsticks.  I've been impressed with other 'shine' formulas, such as the Dior Rouge Dior Baume and Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy Shine and I reach for them often as a no fuss, sheeny veil of colour so I had really high expectations of the Tom Ford version.

They come packaged in the same luxury black and gold lipstick casing but a slightly skinnier version.  There is the signature TF embossed into the casing lid but no TF embossed onto the actual bullet.  The bullet has a flattened off angled tip which seems common in this type of formula.

Tom Ford Lip Colour Shine review

Tom Ford Lip Colour Shine review

Tom Ford Lip Colour Shine review

So my thoughts.....I really dislike two of them and the other two I like but they're practically the same shade and I definitely don't need both.

Bare and Chastity do absolutely nothing for me at all.  Bare is so grey toned on me it makes me look ill.  It also has extremely visible gold glitter specks through it that remain on the lips long after the colour has worn off which looks weird.  Chastity is a shade I really searched for as it was always out of stock, but again it looks terrible on me-streaky, uneven and really milky.  It's so pale it makes me look ghostly and it also has that smattering of golden glitter in the formula.

Quiver and Ravenous though are blue based pinks that are right up my street...but look how similar they are to each other.  Quiver is ever so slightly darker and has a slight lavender undertone to it.  I don't need both.

The formula though can't be knocked-these lipsticks are supremely hydrating and glossy.  They wear comfortably for 1-2 hours and are easy to reapply.  They tick all the boxes of what I look for in a 'shine' formula-light, balmy and glossy.  I just don't think the price (or glitter content of some) is justified.


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