Friday, July 17, 2015

Estee Lauder: Pure Color Envy v Pure Color Envy Shine

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy

My intention when I set out to write this post was to compare the new Pure Color Envy Shine lipsticks from Estee Lauder with the 'original' Pure Color Envy formula which is one I love.

'Potent' from the original line up was on my wish list after seeing it on Rose from Mixed Gems  instagram.  It looked like an extremely pretty peach shade which would suit my pale skintone.  I had also wanted to try the new Pure Color Envy 'Shine' range so whilst on the Selfridges website I also threw the shade 'Charmed' from the new line into my basket and a few days later they were sitting, all navy and gold lacquered loveliness on my desk at work.  There is nothing like unboxing a Selfridges order!

However, what I have found is that contrary to what I expected, in this particular case the 'shine' formula is more pigmented than the regular formula.  I do not believe this is always the case-I think it's the shade I have chosen so I thought instead of comparing the two, I would compare Potent to my other Pure Color Envy shades and Charmed to other 'shine' formulas such as the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine and the Dior Rouge Dior Shine.  With me so far?

All the shades I own of the Pure Color Envy formula (to date: Defiant Coral, Rebellious Rose, Intense Nude, Tumultuous Pink and Impulsive) are pretty consistent.  The formula is very creamy but doesn't slip or slide, is smooth, opaque and hydrating and packs a lot of pigment.  Potent however is a little disappointing-it still has that creaminess to is but I find it doesn't apply evenly and it drags on the lips-you can see on the bottom lip how I have struggled to get an even coat.  The colour is pretty and the lasting power is good but I do feel disappointed it's not as good as my others.

Doing a 'shine' version of a formula is nothing ground breaking-Chanel do the Rouge Coco Shine, Tom Ford does the Lip Shine and Dior does the Rouge Dior Baume-I own shades from them all and they do them very well.  This is a summertime formula to me, a 'slick and go' wash of colour, glossy finish but without the inherent 'I have lip gloss in my hair' drama.  You can see in my swatches above that Charmed does have more 'shine' to it than Potent.

The Pure Color Envy Shine is extremely comparable to those listed above-I found Charmed to be glossy and hydrating, very decently pigmented and the lasting power was actually really good.  It has a slightly waxy feeling to it, akin to the Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick range or the Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks which stops it moving around on the lips which is great for me as often lipsticks can bleed outside my natural lip line.

It's slightly heavier in texture than the Rouge Dior Baume and slightly glossier/wetter in texture than the Rouge Coco Shine.  It's a nice lipstick.  The only thing I have to be super careful about is the shade transferring to my teeth but as long as I do a quick 'finger in the mouth' manoeuvre I can avoid that.

Knowing how good the original Pure Color Envy formula is I can't pick between the two-they're both excellent.  But the shade Potent doesn't fare as well against the others in my collection.

Have you tried either of these formulas?  What are your thoughts?


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