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Tom Ford lipsticks review-Cherry Lush, Violet Fatale, Indian Rose and Spanish Pink

Tom Ford lipstick review

Tom Ford lipstick review

I own a few Tom Ford lipsticks.  I say own because until recently that's all I did.  Own them.  I didn't actually use them.  Call me a collector.

Then Vanessa came to stay.  And apparently this shocked her.  I think her exact words were 'you don't deserve to have Tom Ford lipsticks if you're not going to use them'

As much as I hate to admit that anyone except for myself is right, Vanessa was indeed correct.  And so I have been using them.

It's widely known Tom Ford is a luxury brand with a luxury price tag.  So here is a review of four from my collection that you may want to consider asking Santa for.  If you like this review then I will get round to eventually using and reviewing them all.

The quality, from the black and gold TF embossed heavy signature packaging to the actual lipstick itself is excellent.  There are no outrageous claims of X hour wear time just a simple promise of luxurious ingredients packed into the luxurious TF embossed lipstick bullet.  Ingredients such as Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil for a creamy luminous finish and feel on the lips.

All of them offer exactly what I want from a lipstick-smooth, even pigmentation, no bleeding outside the lip line or creeping onto your teeth and no 'I am tugging all the moisture from your lips' feeling.  But to be quite honest I expect that when I hand over £35 for a lipstick.  So I am happy I am not disappointed.

I have to say, it's hard to pick a favourite from these four-I am smitten with them all.

Tom Ford Cherry Lush

Cherry Lush

Worn and loved by so many bloggers, this has become my staple glossy red.  I love the luminosity this lipstick offers, your lips look lit from within.  It's a pinky toned red with a very slight blue undertone to it, making your teeth look whiter and brighter.  I also love the slight 'plumped up' effect it seems to give the lips.

Tom Ford Indian Rose

Indian Rose

Such a perfect daytime, office appropriate shade.  It's a medium pink with a slight mauviness to it.  It's kind of muted but one of those shades that makes you look instantly groomed and well put together.

Tom Ford Violet Fatale

Violet Fatale

Violet Fatale was the one shade I thought would be unwearable on me.  I bought it more because my niece is called Violet.  But when I tried it I was literally captivated by how stunning it is.  I am going to wear this a LOT this winter.  I remember thinking the first time I wore it that I could quite happily wear this shade every day for the rest of my life.  It is vivid and it is glossy but it's a very wearable purple leaning fuchsia.  I have a lot of love for this shade.

Tom Ford Spanish Pink

Spanish Pink

Spanish Pink has fast become my go to nude shade.  It has a peachy tone to it that stops it looking washed out and applies like a dream.  I find some nude lipsticks can be quite patchy on the lips and pick up every dry spot but this one glides on seamlessly.  You can literally pair this with any eye combination.

Oops spot the mistake above-have renamed Violet Fatale as Violet Femme!

Which is your favourite from these four?  Do let me know if you'd like to see more of my Tom Ford lipsticks swatched and reviewed!


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