Sunday, October 11, 2015

Good Genes-bad reaction

Sunday Riley Good Genes

I have really tried so hard to get on with this serum.  Yet it's genuinely making me feel like the most unpopular girl in class.  Everyone else loves her and she loves them-but she doesn't love me.

I've tried on five different occasions to introduce this into my evening skincare routine and when that was an epic fail I tried to introduce it twice into my morning routine.  Also an epic fail.  I did give it time in case this was an initial 'purge' phase but it continued way longer than I was comfortable with.

On paper I don't know why this doesn't work for me.  I've studied the ingredients and can see nothing there that I know would disrupt my skin.  But every time I use it my chin ends up with painful spots.  I've tried it when my skin was already bad, hoping it would improve it, but it seemed to make it worse.  I have then tried it when my skin is calm, clear and happy and within a day or two the spots are back.

The claims (courtesy of Cult Beauty)

A multi-purpose treatment, Good Genes works hard to un-do the damage caused by sunlight, acne, pollution & less-than-healthy lifestyle choices! The potent blend of ingredients combine to plump fine lines, fight hyper-pigmentation, heal scar tissue & boost circulation so skin looks smoother, younger & more vibrant. It can be used daily to give your complexion a moisture & radiance boost, or applied as a treatment mask to increase circulation & get skin glowing ahead of a special occasion.

Featuring Lactic Acid to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Liquorice to combat uneven skin tone, Lemongrass to improve circulation and protect from environmental aggressors and Sunday's patented NV-5 Ageless Complex to wage war on the early signs of aging. 

It sounds like a dream but for me it's a nightmare.  Cult Beauty does warn it may not be suitable for sensitive skin but I wouldn't say my skin is that sensitive and it's certainly used to regular doses of AHA's and BHA's. 

Sunday Riley Good Genes

It's £85 so I would highly recommend trying to get hold of a sample first before splurging to see if the serum works for you.  I also personally felt that the product seemed to be used up very quickly so if you do like it, it could be an expensive commitment.

This is a very personal experience because I've read far far more rave reviews of this than negative reviews like mine.  But you'll always find brutally honest reviews of anything I use on my blog and personally this was an expensive mistake for me.  I have over half left and it will be in my next blog sale-hoping someone does love it.


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