Friday, January 23, 2015

MAC Pro Palette-the Quads

I've done reviews of all three of my MAC Pro Palettes here (that will link you into palette 3 and that post has links to palettes 1 and 2 in it) and today I bring you my 3 MAC Pro Palette quads to finish this mini series.

Personally I love these kinds of posts for MAC shadow inspiration as I know the selection can be very overwhelming in store so I hope you enjoy it!

MAC Bronze, Swiss Chocolate, Sketch and Star Violet

Bronze is pretty much what it says on the tin.  It has a slight orange undertone so basically if you have blue eyes you need this shade in your collection.  It's really very versatile though and will pair well with browns, greens, plums and blacks.  A good all rounder.

Swiss Chocolate is a red toned brown matte.  I find MAC matte shadows to be a little on the chalky side in general but you just need to take a little extra time blending for seamless results.  Swiss Chocolate makes an excellent transition shade and looks particularly spectacular with green eyes.

Star Violet is a stunning shade with a very slight duochrome and a veluxe pearl finish which is my favourite of all the MAC formulas.  It's less red toned than MAC Cranberry and has a brown/pink tone to it.  There is a shade in NARS Dolomites that is similar.  Have a look at this beautiful eye look using Star Violet and Sketch on Heather Davern Make Up-that post made me buy both shades!

Sketch is a matte dark burgundy shadow with a velvet finish.  It works really well with Star Violet and other purple and plum toned shades.  I mainly use this in the crease and it's pretty easy to work with.

MAC Divine decadence, cranberry, tempting, sex and the oyster

Divine Decadence was a limited edition shade from 2013 but could be duped with something like MAC Antiqued.  It has warm copper and red undertones with a bronze base and a velvet finish.

Cranberry is a winter favourite-this deep cranberry red works particularly well patted over any cream eyeshadow base-I have been pairing it with the Trish McEvoy 24hr eye shadow and liner in Topaz.  It's frosted and jewel toned.  Here's some 'how to wear' inspiration again from Heather Davern.

Tempting is one of my all time faves.  It's just one of those shades that looks good on everyone but especially green and blue eyes as it has a slightly red undertone.  It's a metallic bronze which is very easy to work with.

Sex and the Oyster was another limited edition shade from the same collection as Divine Decadence.  This is a blackened teal, it's not duochrome like MAC Club but has a veluxe pearl finish.  It works well with browns, greens and greys.  Urban Decay 'Hijack' would be a good dupe if you like this shade although the undertone is slightly bluer.

MAC Honesty, Mythology, Soba and Haux

Honesty doesn't work well on my skintone.  MAC describes it as a pewtered bronze but it has a weird orange duochrome undertone and when applied it looks very sheer and glittery.  I am not a fan of this shade.

Mythology is a medium copper and is very similar to Trick from the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette.  It has excellent pigmentation and is easy to work with.

Soba is fantastic on blue eyes and another good all rounder.  This is a great matte neutral and is a warm gold brown shade.  It's an excellent crease shade and blending out shade.

Haux has similar properties to Soba in that its an excellent crease/blending out shade.  It's matte but easy to work with.  Its a warm toned plummy mauve and works really well with other purple tones.

MAC Nylon, Filament, Electra, Gleam

I only use Nylon as an inner corner highlight.  It's frosty and a pale yellow gold.

Filament has fairly poor pigment and large glitter particles.  Again this isn't a great shade to apply, it's uneven and has a lot of fallout.

Electra is a light grey shade with excellent colour payoff.  It works well with other greys and purples and would look good on everyone.

Gleam is another shade I am not a huge fan of-the Lustre formulas seem to be the worst ones MAC do (Gleam, Filament and Honesty are all Lustres).  It's a peach and gold duochrome that I don't use very often because of the poor pigmentation.

So there we have it, mini reviews of 16 MAC eyeshadows here and 45 more herehere and here.  You can also read a review of MACs pre made 'cool' palette here and my guide to depotting MAC eyeshadows here.


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