Sunday, March 16, 2014

MAC Pro Palette-#2

Back in November I posted swatches of one of my MAC Pro Palettes and you can read that post here.  I have finally gotten round to writing up my post about my second Mac Pro Palette.

I hope this gives you some inspiration next time you're at the Mac counter!

SUMPTUOUS OLIVE is one of my all time favourite shades and finishes (veluxe pearl).  It's one of those magical duochrome shades that love the light to bring it to its full beautiful glory.  A golden khaki-warm in tone and most used by me all over the lid with Wookwinked in the crease.

SHALE is the most gorgeous cool toned mauve with very very subtle silver sparkle.  One of the less pigmented shades and a great one for beginners

HANDWRITTEN is a matte chocolate brown, fairly warm in tone.  Great for definition in the crease.

TWINKS pairs well with Handwritten for a brown toned smoky eye.  It is another from the veluxe pearl range and is a warm golden brown with red microshimmer and a hint of plum

PATINA is one of Mac's most popular shades.  A great all rounder and a great 'My first MAC shadow'.  Patina is kind of a light golden brown with almost an apricot hue to it when swatched.  It's quite a unique but very versatile colour.  When I am swatching it again today it looks more rose/old gold in the sunlight than my swatch above.  Definitely one to check out.

HUMID is a medium green with gold microshimmer.

SILVER RING is a relatively sheer medium silver grey.  It works well with Mac Carbon for a smoky eye or even with Mac Soft Brown though the crease for a more daytime look.

CORK is medium warm toned brown with a satin finish.  I don't find this colour to be massively pigmented and it can be a little bit difficult to work with.

QUARRY is a matte plum brown, perfect for adding subtle definition in the crease.  Try paring it with Patina.  I personally find the matte shades harder to blend from Mac than the other formulas but the pigmentation on this one is good.

ALL THAT GLITTERS is another one of Mac's most popular shades.  Peach in tone with a frost finish-the beauty of this shade is it's versatility.  It looks great paired with browns, bronzes, purples, taupes and golds.  It's probably too peach for me to wear on it's own but makes a great base shadow to be paired with darker colours.

CONTRAST is a very pigmented blackened navy with a pearl finish and blue microshimmer.  It's so beautiful.  The pigmentation is very even too when applied.  A great alternative to black and if you have light blue eyes you MUST buy this colour.

SATELLITE DREAMS  is a stunning purple with magenta undertones.  It blends best with golds and browns.  I found this beautiful look using Satellite Dreams and Shale.

CONCRETE is a cool toned dark brown but with a grey undertone.  One that can be used as a eyebrow colour as it is relatively matte.

COQUETTE is a matte medium brown, I mostly use it for crease work.  Not too warm or cool toned so a good choice for everyone.

NAKED LUNCH is an eyeshadow I have repurchased several times.  An excellent base colour, foolproof in application, akin to Stila 'Kitten' but with a much finer, lighter texture and because of that, doesn't quite pack the punch of pigmentation Kitten does (my all time favourite eyeshadow btw).   It's the perfect champagne peachy pink.

All of these shadows are from the permanent line.  Do you own any?

I have just taken photos to show you my third Mac Pro Palette so watch this space.



  1. Some gorgeous choices here, definitely inspiring one or two purchases for me ;) x

  2. That's SO nice of you-you really made my day xxxx

  3. Thank you Jen! xxx

  4. Thank you Antonia-hope the dissertation is going well xxx

  5. Thank you lovely Laura! Definitely check out Sumptuous Olive-you won't regret it xx

  6. Thank you Holly!! xx

  7. It's a really lovely formula and easy to blend. I haven't noticed much difference-more differences in the textures-veluxe pearl is my fave texture xx

  8. I bet it looks fab on you Sandy! I agree you need contrast and quarry lol! xx

  9. Great choice Annie!! xx

  10. Sumptuous Olive is getting a lot of love on this post!! xx

  11. So many killer shades, Stacey! Twinks and Sumptuous Olive are two of my faves :)

  12. Wowzers what a beautiful palette. Antonia. xx

  13. Another fab post! The photos are beautiful and illustrate and show the colours really well. Sumptuous Olive is on my wishlist already, but I might have to add a few more! I already own Naked Lunch.

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  14. Oh I think I'll need to have a closer look at Sumptuous Olive! I don't do too well with MAC these days but the last shadow I tried was a LE so maybe one from the permanent line will stay longer on. Do you find a difference in quality between LE and permanent? :)

  15. This has such a nice mix of neutrals and more colourful shades, I love it when people have a nice mix up!

    Holly /

  16. Love love love sumptuous olive. Think I need to add contrast and quarry to my eyeshadow gang. Want to branch out for the golds and bronzes! xx

  17. I love how you post so often, you're One of my top 5 make up blogs I love to read!! Keep up the great work :))

  18. Hey Stacey, I actually own several of these! Sumptuous Olive is one of my all-time favorite eyeshadows as well! Satellite Dreams and Shale look very different on you, but they're great shades in any case :)

  19. Naked Lunch has to be my favourite! Have repurchased this many a times. My newest shade is Twinks! xx


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