Friday, January 30, 2015

Currently Loving

Really loving a lot of things at the moment but here are 5 of my absolute faves!

First up we have two body products-Yog Nog soap from Lush (pictured is one of two that I picked up in the UK rather than the manky looking one in my shower currently) and the Laura Mercier Creme Brulee souffle body creme.

Vanessa and Aimee told me I needed the Lush Yog Nog soap and I was a bit like 'nah I don't like Lush soaps' having found them very hard and difficult to lather in the past.  But one of them said it smelled of fudge and the other that it lathered really well so I took the plunge and bought some online.  Sweet baby Jesus and the angels (Classic Phoenix Nights quote right there) they were right.  It smells amazing.  It's heady and spicy and like smelling christmas pudding batter mix.  It won't be to everyones taste I guess (my other half isn't a fan) but I really love the festive smell.  And it does lather really well and lasts ages.  Massive thumbs up and another two purchased at Xmas.

I actually bought the Laura Mercier body creme as part of a Space NK sale gift set last year and whilst I have used the other components of the set, the body creme was still untouched until recently.  I thought it might be very thick and sticky and I am not a huge fan of heavy body creams.

But I was so wrong.   The texture is slightly heavier than a milk and feels amazing on the skin.  It feels so light and absorbs quickly with no residue.  The scent is sweet without being cloying or interfering with my perfume.  It's lush.

MAC Blue Brown pigment

MAC Blue Brown pigment

Next up is the MAC pigment in Blue Brown which was my festive staple this year.  I am really into MAC pigments at the moment, I love the way they can be pressed over a cream eyeshadow to add depth and dimension.

Blue Brown is a stunner.  It's very duo chrome in that it runs from teal to blue to red to brown under different light and you can even change the tone of it by using different coloured cream shadows beneath.  Here I have used the Trish McEvoy 24hr Shadow and Liner in Topaz as a base (obsessed!!!) and then used a MAC 239 brush (anything with short tightly packed bristles is best) to pat the pigment over it.  Pigments are of course messier than normal powder shadow but start with a little, tap the excess of your brush and build up the colour.  When I am really lazy I just use my finger.  Love. 

Burberry Oxblood Lip Cover

Burberry Oxblood Lip Cover

Burberry Lip Cover in Oxblood was another winter fave, it's a vampy wine tone, great for whitening teeth.  Oxblood comes in three formulas-I have Lip Cover, the heaviest duty of the three.  Opaque and long lasting.  It also comes in the sheerer Lip Mist and the glossy Lip Glow.  The bullet is beautiful with the Burberry embossed check and the lipstick applies smoothly and offers comfortable wear. It currently has handbag lipstick collection status.

Tarte Gifted mascara

Finally, Tarte Gifted mascara is really floating my boat at the moment.  I hate the packaging.  I'm not a fan of wooden packaging at all, I think it looks old fashioned and clunky.  It's a bargain price at $20 and can be shipped to the UK from Sephora in the US.  At first I didn't like it so much, I felt the formula was very wet.  But I persisted and after 4 weeks it was uh-mazing.  The best thing is it doesn't flake or smudge no matter how much you put on.  It's very black and lasts all day, holding a curl and keeping lashes looking long and fluttery.  It's not the most volumising mascara I have tried but it's easily buildable for a more intense look.  I am liking it a lot.  It also has a very 'normal' shaped bristle brush.  I have a post coming soon about some disappointing mascaras with weird and wonderful brushes but this mascara has a normal old school brush which does the job perfectly.  It's also brilliant on bottom lashes leaving them separated and smudge free.

Tarte Gifted mascara

Do you love any of these products as much as I do?


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