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Cle De Peau eyeshadow review-Baby Universe and Satin Moon

Cle De Peau Baby Universe

Cle De Peau Baby Universe review

Cle De Peau Baby Universe review

Recently when I posted a Nordstrom haul the most requested review was of the two Cle De Peau eyeshadow quads I picked up.  These were my first ever Cle De Peau purchases and I was really excited to see if these eyeshadows were worth the luxury price tag.  Without doubt the packaging is stunning-but you have to buy the compact and then a 'refill' separately which actually is a bit annoying-1) because of the extra cost 2) because once you fill the outer case you don't know what eyeshadow quad is inside unless you can remember it by name/sight and 3) if you hit pan on one colour you can't replace it as the shadows aren't placed individually into the compact.

So in terms of cost you're looking at $55 (approx £35) for the 'refill' (and it's only sold as a refill) and then $25 (approx £16) for the compact so $80/£50 ish for both (the US price then has 8% tax added on) so we're talking a pricy eyeshadow compact when the likes of Dior quintets are £40, Charlotte Tilbury quads are £38 and Chanel quads are £40.

So I bought two from the Fall 2014 collection-they're all still available on Nordstrom.  I picked up Satin Moon and Baby Universe.  And I really really wanted to get Stardust too but held off until I gave these a good test run.  Did I need both looking at the compacts?  Probably not to be honest-they're similar.

Baby Universe

Baby Universe contains two satin shades and two mattes.  I have tended to pair the matte with the matte and the shimmer with the shimmer.  As you can see they swatch beautifully and it's a well put together quad.  My favourite is the colour on the far right, its a little bit bronzey, a little bit red, a little bit purple.  The first shade on the left is very interesting-it has a very slight duochrome finish to it-a slight lavender undertone.  There's no really 'dark' shade in this quad but I think the shades work well enough to not miss one too much.

The not as good as I had hoped to be honest.  Don't get me wrong, the pigmentation is good and the colours blend easily enough, there is a good colour gradient between the shades (ie they don't all mulch into one shade on the lid) and they last all day without creasing or fading.  But they're just not as buttery soft to apply as I thought they would be.  I've said they're good and they are.  They're just not excellent.

Cle De Peau Satin Moon review

Cle De Peau Satin Moon review

Cle De Peau Satin Moon review

Satin Moon

Satin Moon is a bit more of an all rounder with shades from light to dark, but no matte shadows in this pan.  I prefer this pan to Baby Universe but would love that far right shade from Baby Universe to be in this quad!  The overt shimmer you see in the swatches below doesn't really translate to the lid but the pigmentation is stronger than Baby Universe.  Fave shades from this quad are definitely the two in the middle, I live for these kind of shades!!!!  The darker shade is a little bit difficult to work with but does blend out eventually!

I think my conclusion on my first Cle De Peau purchases are that really there are better eyeshadows out there.  Tom Ford (I know a more expensive choice), Nars eyeshadow duos and MAC Veluxe Pearl are pretty much the forumlas at the top of my eyeshadow tree and I think I had expected the formula to be more akin to those-slightly softer and 'creamier' (for a powder shadow) than they are.  Slightly more pigmented, slightly easier to blend.

I don't regret purchasing them but I probably won't rush again to buy more-eyeshadows anyway-although Stardust does look beautiful.  There are more things I would like to try from the range so it hasn't put me off CDP as a brand.

What do you think?  Sara from Color Me Loud has done an excellent review on Satin Moon if you do like the look of this quad, and her eyeshadow looks are beautiful as always!


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