Wednesday, November 12, 2014

NARS Dolomites/NARS Brigitte

NARS Dolomites

This little NARS splurge came out of the blue.  Normal Sunday night, having a little innocent whatsapp chat with Latasha that saw us getting to the subject of our current wish lists.  I told her I was desperate to get Nars Dolomites having seen this review from Laura.  Latasha said she did too and within about 30 seconds we had sourced it in stock on Selfridges online and two had been purchased.  Zero remorse.

I was also, of course, desperate to try the NARS Audacious lipsticks but had convinced myself that there were so many I wanted that I would wait until I was in the UK at Xmas and have a good old swatch fest.  But then Brigitte (which wasn't even on my original wish list) fell into my online shopping basket as well.

Nars Dolomites

NARS Audacious Brigitte

NARS Dolomites

NARS Dolomites

Dolomites is quite simply amazing.  I love the NARS duo shadows and have so many-but I do favour the shimmery combos over the matte.  Dolomites has a bit of both-a shimmer and a matte-both a dream to work with.

On the left is a shimmery taupe-y plum with pink microglitter-it's a a really unusual shade, a tad metallic and unique (unbelievably) to my collection.  On the right is a rich chocolate-y bronze-reminds me of MAC Swiss Chocolate with a matte finish and red undertone.  Not colours I would ordinarily pair but I love the result.

Dolomites is limited edition but still available-grab it whilst you can-it's perfect for this time of year.

NARS Audacious Brigitte

NARS Audacious Brigitte

I have only read one less than complimentary review of the NARS Audacious lipsticks.  I am firmly on the fence at the moment.  But mainly because my lips are in a dreadful state.  They're sore and flaky and chapped and so this formula currently hasn't really had a fair trial.  My initial thoughts are that the formula is very rich and creamy when applied but it feels a little uncomfortable on my lips-almost like its drawing out the moisture.  It also feels a little heavier on the lips than other lipsticks I have been testing out recently.

Brigitte though is a gorgeous shade.  It's a nude rose, a muted pink.  I really really want to love these because I have a wish list as long as my arm.  I'll report back with an updated review once my lips sort themselves out!

What's been your latest NARS pick?


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