Thursday, January 15, 2015

Chanel Jardin De Chanel-Blush Camelia Rose

blush camelia rose review

blush camelia rose review

When pictures starting circulating of this new release from Chanel for Spring 2015 I knew I had to have it.  Even if it sat in my 'untouchable' pile of beautifully, aesthetically orgasmic make up items.

The Blush Camelia Rose is a limited edition pressed powder blush with a the camelia motif-Mademoiselle Chanel's favourite flower.  At $55 (UK price to be confirmed, I can't seem to find this online in the UK yet, I got mine from Nordstrom) the price reflects the intricate layering process used to create the flower motifs.

But the blush is tiny.  Wrongly I think I had expected the blush to be the same size as a MAC standard blusher but no, this is Chanel and perfection comes in minuscule form.

Shade wise, it's nothing groundbreaking.  The pink duo blends to a springtime dusky pink with a matte finish.  Yes it's pretty, it's very pretty but it's easily dupeable.  And on darker skintones I would definitely try before you buy.  This blush is all about the aesthetics.  And that's what gives it the wow factor.  Thankfully after one use the layers and definition are still entirely intact in the compact.

blush camelia rose review

Ignoring the fact I look like I have a black eye, I do think this shade is perfect for the transition into Springtime.  It goes with everything and is pretty foolproof.  It's a welcome addition to my collection and hasn't found itself languishing in my much loved but untouched make up stash (see here for my Untouchables post).

What do you think?  Can Chanel justify the price hike given the intricacy?  Is it something you would use or just stare at lovingly?


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