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SHOW Beauty Premiere Haircare

Show Beauty Haircare review

I remember the day I shot this photo.  It was one of the hottest days in August at 9am in the morning.  If you look closely you can see the humidity on the products above.  I was outside for about 5 minutes but wowzers it was searing heat.

And I have been trying these four products from the incredibly beautiful Tamara Ecclestone's line 'Show Premiere' ever since to give them a good try out before posting my thoughts.

Because they're expensive right?  And if you're going to splurge on anything beauty related then it makes sense to read a couple of reviews.  I have to say I don't always stick 100% to this mantra but I figure most sensible people do!

I was actually gifted these four products by my best friend who told me they smelt amazing.  Whenever I visit London I tend to stay with Dani and I always find some amazing new beauty product she has picked up in her make up bag.

Considering how much I love beauty products, hair care is something I don't tend to buy that often or spend that much on-mainly because I am terrible at styling my hair.  Most days it gets straightened and a bit of texturizing spray spritzed through it.  Yet I think nothing of dropping £30 on a lipstick so I am not sure why I don't splurge so much on haircare.

So celebrity ranges?  Gimmicky?  Maybe some.  I have to admit I am really liking three of these products and have been using them daily.  They don't give me hair like Tamara's (mores the pity) but they definitely improve my hair.

There is a very grown up and glamorous air about these products.  I mean just look at the packaging-it makes me smile every time I see the decadent gold and crystal lidded bottles on my dresser.  You want to display these in the open.  The reason the products smell so good is that Tamara has worked with luxury fragrance house Givaudan.  Personally I love it but it is quite heady and noticeable so it's definitely worth a spritz in store if you're in Harrods or in Harvey Nichols where they are stocked here in Dubai.

Show Beauty Sheer Thermal Protect // £35

'The must have'

My favourite of them all, this makes a massive difference to my hair when I blow dry it.  This spray protects your hair from intense heat whilst improving its condition.  I spritz it onto damp hair and then blow dry.  It's difficult to explain but my hair feels protected.  The spray feels weightless but I can feel something on my hair.  My hair is very soft and manageable after using it and my straighteners literally glide though my hair.  It's love.  I'm halfway through the bottle already.

Show Premiere Dry Shampoo // £30

'The extremely luxe treat'

I wouldn't blame you for baulking at paying £30 for a dry shampoo when most of us are hooked on Batiste.  But I have to admit this has been my go to dry shampoo for the past few weeks.  It's a very fine, clear mist that leaves zero powdery residue in the hair yet mops up any excess oil.  It smells incredible and my hair is again very soft and manageable.  Would I buy this again for myself?  Probably not at £30 but I will definitely use every last spritz of this!

Show Premier Decadence Hair Fragrance // £55

'The one I am addicted to'

I could wear this as actual perfume I love it so much.  So yes, decadent and unnecessary but luxury personified this hair fragrance contains rosewater and coconut, caramel and almond, Madagascan vanilla and patchouli.  It also has aloe vera and vitamin E to protect the hair and jojoba oil for extra shine.  Spritzing this through my hair is my last step before walking out of the door and I am loving this little luxurious ritual.  It's longevity is really good and I am loving this paired with my two current favourite scents-Si by Armani and Fico di Amalfi by Acqua di Parma.

Show Premiere Working Texture Spray // £30

'The one I could live without'

This is an award winning product from the range but I just can't get it to work in my hair-I suspect that it's just too heavy for my fine straight hair.  The spray is a wet spray rather than a powder texturizing spray and I suspect perfect for curly haired and thicker haired girls and for giving ooomph to up dos!

It does dry instantly and there is no stiffness but it just doesn't add anything significant to my hair.

What do you think?  Do you splurge regularly on hair care and have you tried anything from Show Beauty?


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