Friday, June 14, 2013

Stila Festival of Colour


Turn back the clock oooohh 15 years or so and I was in my late teens with a penchant for make-up.  My friends all loved Rimmel, 17 and 'maybe it's Maybelline' which had just launched in the UK.  I loved Clinique, Nars and Stila.  A beauty addict was emerging.

I bought the Stila lipsticks (from Space NK back in the day) that were named after girls names-I remember Jean was my fave.  'Kitten' was my eyeshadow holy grail.  I had their lip glazes and glosses coming out of my ears.  My convertible colour of choice was Poppy.  I was a Stila-aholic.

Then it disappeared from the shelves in the UK, I moved to Dubai and it was a brand forgotten.  Then a couple of years ago it was back!  Some of the old faves remained like Kitten and the lip glazes but now there was a new, exciting and kitsch feel to the brand.  Retro without being old fashioned, whimsical and girly.  I was delighted it was back and seems to be going from strength to strength.

Here are my picks from the 2013 Festival of Colour range...I have had so much fun today playing with glow sticks and as I sit and type now 2 of my cats are wandering round the apartment with glow stick bracelets round their necks!

Countless Colour Pigments

Possibly one of the most beautiful make up items I have ever seen, these almost tie die effect powders are sublime.  And what is amazing is every single one is unique.  You can pick out each colour individually or sweep a brush over for a unique shade.  There are 9 to chose from-I chose Finale and Lyric and will be using these beauties as blush



I just think these are utterly stunning.

After Glow Lip Colour

Containing fluorescent pigments, these chunky lip pencils create a bright lip during the day as they respond to UV light.  After dark, the light sensitive pigment causes the lip colour to glow when exposed to UV light.  Now I'm probably too old for clubbing every weekend but with the many festivals in the UK coming up these should be on the top of your packing list!

5 shades, these are super easy to apply because of the pencil shaped nib, they're non sticky, feel lovely and moisturising on the lips but certainly pack a colour punch!  Ever after using my Sara Happ lip scrub I still had traces of Party Pink on my lips!

Party Pink

Party Pink
Festive Fuchsia
Festive Fuchsia

Spot the moving cat lol!

When I was looking at these online I discovered an AMAZING blog!  Glitter Geek is now firmly in my favourite beauty blog sites, after reading this post I literally spent the whole evening glued to Arianne's site.  You must check out her review on these products and the make up look she created.

Also in the range are 2 trio lip glaze sets.  I am a sucker for Stila lip glazes-yes they are one of the stickier lip glosses out there but they're super easy to use, amazing colours and last ages.  And I recently saw Victoria Beckham applying one to her lips and what's good enough for Victoria..........

I picked up the Road Trip collection which I am loving and is a great addition to my existing stash!

Are you tempted by anything in the range?

Top to bottom; Rising Sun, Open Road, Pink Sunset

Glow stick fun with Ali!


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  1. Just ordered Party Pink from the Cult Beauty sale :) had my eye on it since this post! xx


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