Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Shopping the stash #1

I'm so glad I scheduled some posts over the weekend as following my dentist appointment yesterday I am not feeling 100% at all!

Here's my first ever Shopping The Stash post....enjoy!

I travel quite a lot with my job and last week when I was in Cairo I decided to pull some 'forgotten favourites' and some 'never yet been used' make up and shop my own stash.

Something old, something new.  Bloody cat in the corner again.
Something new

I admit to having an obscene amount of make up that is still unopened.  'Saving for a special occasion' which is ridiculous hey!  I also have some old favourites which for one reason or another had been cast aside.

Jo Malone Osmanthus Blossom

Kinda new, kinda not yet used I threw this perfume in my bag for the trip.  This is a limited edition by Jo Malone, it's their latest so you may still be able to lay your hands on it and I believe it has only just launched in the US.  It's insanely fresh and fruity.  I am not a big fan of perfume descriptions, I mean really, what does 'top note of Petitgrain, heart of Osmanthus and base of Cashmere Wood' actually mean.  And also, I will be honest-I have a sinus problem which means I can only smell top notes (at the moment-hoping to be fixed soon) and this just reminds me of peaches and apricots, ice cream and sunny days. 

Benefit Coralista

Coral seems to be such a beauty bloggers favourite and I admit to be right up there at the top of the fan tree!  I utterly adore coral on my lips and cheeks.  I bought this in Thailand in December and used it a few times but it's been hiding in the back of my muji drawers for some time.

Benefit Coralista is a pigmented yet easy to wear blusher-slightly shimmery so not for matte lovers.  I'm very pale and just feel this lifts my complexion when I put it on.  A summer staple.

Balm Balm lip balm

A new product for me now that my Carmex is finished.  I don't even know how I got this Balm Balm lip balm-I think it might have been in my Latest in Beauty advent calender.

This balm is the perfect texture for me-it's very moisturising but not sticky or heavy on the lips.  It's not greasy but it's very easy to spread.  It's a solid balm rather than that horrible gloopiness of vaseline.  The scent is lovely-really light but refreshing.

This is also a new brand to me so I did a little google search and discovered that not only does this balm cost only £3.50, it's 100% organic and can be used as a face or hand moisturiser (be careful if you are spot prone though because it contains both shea and beeswax).  It also comes in fragrance free and tea tree.

Anastasia Lash Genius

Now the weather is heating up to sauna type temperatures, sweat and smudge proofing your make up becomes vital.  Lash Genius by Anastasia is the best waterproof top coat I have ever tried-it stops mascara smudging and running but doesn't make your mascara a pain in the ass to remove at the end of the day.  I picked mine up from Cult Beauty and founder of CB Lex told me to wait until my mascara has dried and then apply this topcoat from roots to tip.

Mac Select cover up

Mac Select Cover-Up is, I have to say one of the best blemish concealers I have come across.  The texture is light as a feather yet the coverage is pretty heavy duty and was a god send last week whilst my skin was mis-behaving for the first couple of days.  I was colour matched as a shade darker than my normal Mac foundation shade but it seems to work really well and isn't yellow or pink at all on my skin.

Laura Mercier Glamour Wardrobe

Laura Mercier Glamour Wardrobe

This double layer zip up pouch houses pretty much all the lip, cheek and eye products you need for a week away.  This was a Xmas 2012 special edition and my lovely mum bought it for me.  It's lain untouched since then (shame on me) but I know that will no longer be the case after using it for the first time last week.

The matte eyeshadows on the top layer are pretty unspectacular to be honest although Buttercream makes a nice under brow highlight.  The shades that have the tiniest of iridescent sparkle (Peridot, Sable, Midnight Navy, Cherrywood and Heather Plum) are SO beautiful.  Best applied over a primer, they blend easily and the end result is more slight shimmer than full on sparkle.  I am wearing both Peridot and Sable blended together today and I love the combination.  Sadly most of these eyeshadows are limited edition but I do highly recommend trying out some swatches of the Laura Mercier Baked and Lustre eyeshadows-they are my picks from her range.

The lip glosses range from neutrals to deeper colours.  As you can see I have only tried the Sugarplum shade but it's absolutely lovely.  An iridescent coral, smooth and light as a feather on the lips.  The only downside-they don't last long and I wouldn't carry round this pouch during the day for touch ups.

The cream blushes are really sheer-you literally can't go wrong with them and they're easy to build up.  They dry to a powder like finish almost immediately.  I'll be using the 'golden glow' as a highlighter and the bronze veil when and if I ever get a tan!!

I have to admit I did enjoy digging out some of the products I have had for ages and not yet used and re-discovering some old favourites.  Have you been shopping your stash recently and discovered an old favourite?

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