Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Incognito Braces Update

Eeekk the brackets are on

So today I had my brace brackets fitted.

You can read about my journey so far here and here but today initially was a bit if a farce.

I turned up for my appointment and it was supposed to be with Dr Payam being supervised by the professor Dr Anas.  But another dentist came out to greet me and asked me to go with him and told me that Dr Payam wasn't able to be there today but that he would be happy to fit my brackets for me. I was like 'Erm ok, what about Dr Anas' who is the supervising professor and he said 'No Dr Anas isn't feeling well today.'  I was really annoyed to be honest because I feel the hospital should have called me and told me that neither of the doctors I have been dealing with since March were not there today as planned and given me the option to reschedule.  I has done the worst possible thing and 1 hour before my appointment started googling Incognito and I read stories about pain etc and so I was also very nervous.

The dentist showed me a large box that had my name on it and inside were my brackets and a plaster model of how my teeth should look post-braces.

He said he would be happy to fit them but I was really confused and annoyed I wasn't dealing with people I knew and I told the dentist that he hadn't even told me his name!!

To cut a long story short I did have the brackets fitted and now have them on both top and bottom. The procedure wasn't painful in any way but there was discomfort at times-especially with the tongue guard they put on to try and keep your mouth as dry as possible.  Applying the brackets to my teeth didn't hurt at all.  The procedure took 3 hours but I can't help feeling that was the easy bit!!  I'm booked in to have 2 teeth removed on Sunday and the third tooth removed on the Wednesday.  Then at the beginning of the next week I will have the wire fitted which will be adjusted each month.

The dentist did a great job in the end and my initial reticence was unnecessary.

The brackets on my teeth don't feel painful at all.  Now typing this I am in no pain, or even discomfort.  The brackets do feel strange, I keep running my tongue round them!  But they're not cutting into my tongue.  It is a real struggle to eat.  I can't chew at all.  Mike has made me soup but it had real pieces chicken in it and noodles and I honestly couldn't eat the chicken or chew the noodles. Could be great for the diet I suppose.  Now being able to chew is the most bizarre feeling to be honest, I don't suppose if you've never had braces you can comprehend it.

My speech is pretty much fine, my 's' are a little difficult but I can hold a comprehensible conversation.

I am dreading the extractions to be honest but having seem the model of my 'after' teeth I know I just need to remember it'll be worth it in the end.


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