Sunday, August 23, 2015

Three new BFF's from NARS

So whilst in the US I splurged on three new NARS Audacious lipsticks-Anna, Barbara and Fanny to add to my collection along with Brigitte and Greta.

Anna is one of those shades that looks kind of boring and dull but on the lips it's a sophisticated and easy to wear mauve that I am constantly drawn to.  It brightens the face and goes with any eye make up.  The formula is easy to overdo though-the NARS Audacious lipsticks are very creamy without being slippy but they do feel quite thick on the lips.  Despite the sharp tip of the lipstick bullet, I do find that these lipsticks aren't the easiest to apply and get right first time.  I also don't find them particularly hydrating for such a creamy formula.  But, once on, they don't migrate outside your natural lip line which is great, especially when it comes to the brighter, bolder shades.  There are no matte shades-expect luminous glossy lips.

Barbara is the one I am unsure about-it's very nude.  I worry it's too brown toned and makes me a little washed out.

Fanny is my favourite and was inspired (as so many things are) by Laura from Laurzrah.  She told me to buy it.  It's a bright plummy pink and is the nicest of the three to wear on the lips-not feeling so thick and heavy.  The name always raises a titter in the office if I say I'm wearing Fanny on my lips but that's boys for you.

The packaging is nice-it's quite heavy with a satisfying magnetic click and smooth black casing.  NARS have moved away from the rubberised packaging so it's more fingerprint friendly and easier to clean.

Do I need any more?  I kind of feel I need Lana.  And Natalie.

Speaking of BFF's, mine arrives in Dubai tomorrow for a few days and I cannot wait to see her.  If only they made a lipstick called Danielle!


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