Friday, August 28, 2015

New in-Chloe 'Carlina' sunglasses

I know usually you tune in here to read about make up or skin care but today I thought I might share a recent purchase of one of my other passions-sunglasses!  (NB I also like shoes, diamonds and handbags)

I had seen these sunglasses whilst browsing Nordstrom and ran them past my personal style adviser Lis to see what she thought. Lis and I have fairly similar taste so I am always whatsapping her going 'what do you think of this'? but the trouble is always encourages me to purchase! 

These are the ChloĆ© Carlina 60mm sunglasses in the green/gold shade and I bought them in store at Nordstrom in LA recently.  They also come in a grey and bronze shade but the green was subtle and something unique in my collection.  They're oversized, extremely lightweight and I love the almost 60's feel to them.

I'm so pleased I bought them and I got great feedback when I posted a picture of me wearing them on instagram.  The other trouble is, I really want the ChloĆ© Danae sunglasses too now.

Living in a hot country is the best excuse I can think of for lusting after so many sunglasses!  Totes justifiable.


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