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What's in my handbag? The Anya Hindmarsh Smiley Maxi Featherweight Ebury Tote

Anya Hindmarsh Smiley Maxi Featherweight Ebury Tote

Anya Hindmarsh Smiley Maxi Featherweight Ebury Tote

Anya Hindmarsh Smiley Maxi Featherweight Ebury Tote

Anya Hindmarsh Smiley Maxi Featherweight Ebury Tote

I am super nosy by nature and I love 'what's in my handbag' posts so I decided to do a new updated one.  The last time I did one was just over 12 months ago and featured my Chanel Cerf executive tote.  That bag came to a tragic end when I spilled a whole tub of honey yoghurt inside the bag-that was a bad day!

For day to day office use I am now using the Anya Hindmarsh 'Smiley' Maxi Featherweight Ebury Tote.  I bought this bag 4 months ago from and it's now sold out, however Anya Hindmarsh produce a variation of this bag every season.  I genuinely could not love this bag more.  It reminds me of my Prada Saffiano leather tote, is incredibly roomy but very lightweight.  I am definitely I 'lets pack the kitchen sink' kind of girl and this bag is fabulous for that.

The tote is made of matte tumbled leather which makes it super soft but very hard wearing.  I am quite rough with bags and always bumping into things so I prefer textured leather over smooth leather-this bag is therefore perfect!  It's structured and stands on its own.  It has black and grey bungee cord straps (I didn't know bungee cords still existed) which are also really hard wearing and quite striking-adding interest to an otherwise simple (from a distance) black tote.

The tote has gold hardware and the signature gold Anya Hindmarsh bow on the front.  It has a grey suede lining which I was really wary of and thought might get filthy very quickly but actually it's super easy to clean (I just hoover it out!).

It's the little details that I really love though.  The single pocket inside with the stamped out 'have a nice day' and the stamped out smiley face on the right side if the bag.  It's a little quirky and genuinely makes me smile.

So that's the bag-this is what is inside right now.  And I literally mean right now, I just tipped out the bag and photographed the contents.

Firstly I keep a diary and a notebook together in a thick plastic envelope.  The diary and notebook are from Moleskine and the clear envelope is Erin Condren.  I was using an Erin Condren planner but they're just so huge that it wasn't working for me.  I'd love to design my own planner-and the week would start on a Sunday as that's the first day of the week here in Dubai!

Whats in my handbag

Whats in my handbag

I always have sunglasses in my bag-after all I live in a country when the sun shines almost 365 days a year.  Currently, I am carrying the Jimmy Choo 'Posie' sunglasses which have black lenses, a cat eye frame and silver glittery arms-very bling for Dubai!  I bought these recently from Bloomingdales in LA.

Whats in my handbag

Jimmy Choo Posie sunglasses

Jimmy Choo posie sunglasses

My make up bag is a bit of a disgrace-who needs 3 glosses and 7 lipsticks on a day to day basis?  I do clearly.  At least I have options.

Whats in my handbag

My purse is from Louis Vuitton and was the Elysee wallet style with Aurore coloured trim-which is now discontinued.  I bought it last year and it was definitely the most expensive wallet I have ever bought.  I actually regretted it as soon as I bought it because it was so expensive.  But actually it's a great wallet for in your handbag, especially if you have a lot of cards to carry around.  It has 3 sections for cash and a coin section-it works well for me and has worn well.  All the corners are completely intact, it's only the cream leather tag that is showing wear as all LV leather does.  Having said that I rarely carry cash around and rely on the Bank of James to get me though the week normally!  It's not great when you want to take a small bag out as it is massive! 

Louis Vuitton Elysee wallet

Down to the random bits in my handbag-a ventolin inhaler (I have 3 but you don't need to see them all), a Boost (inspired by Kirsty), my work pass, a MAC Moisturecover concealer that had escaped from my make up bag and the Marc Jacobs (P)Outliner that I bought from Sephora last week.

Lastly in there was my iphone 6, a tangle teaser, my Prada keyholder which I have had for years and was a gift from my best friend (the keys are my apartment, my mum and dads house, my Samsonite suitcase and my office drawers in case you're wondering) and a freebie Guerlain leather pouch that was a GWP that has all my medication, some dental wax, my HSBC secure keys for internet banking and some eye make up remover wipes!)

So that's what is in my handbag right now and is a pretty fair representation of what I carry round on a day to day basis (apart from usually more chocolate and some haribo!)

If you've done a WIMH post link me up-the inner nosy girl in me wants to see!!


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