Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Oskia Perfect Cleanser review

Oskia Perfect Cleanser review

I really loved the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel and featured it in my 'holy grails of 2014' blog post at the beginning of this year.  I wanted to try more from Oskia and picked up the 'Perfect Cleanser' balm cleanser from Space NK.

I feel like I am getting to know my skin type more and more and what it does and doesn't like.  I love the fact that on the Oskia website there is a FULL list of the ingredients for each product meaning I can easily avoid making any expensive mistakes-I personally have to avoid cocoa butter totally, actively avoid mineral oil and I try to avoid lavender.  It can be so frustrating to buy an expensive product based on the ingredients listed on the website and then find when you receive it that they haven't listed them all and actually the product contains something I want to avoid!

I've used nearly all of this now and feel in a position to share my thoughts on this cleanser.  I have to admit at first I didn't 'get it' really.  The Perfect Cleanser is a very thick, nourishing balm and I have been using it as my first make up removing cleanse.  I find the rose scent very calming and relaxing and similar to the Renaissance Cleansing Gel.  It is emollient and relatively easy to massage into the skin but when I apply it to dry skin using dry hands, it sticks to the skin like no other cleanser I have tried.  It's difficult to rinse off and doesn't rinse clean.  I must use a damp flannel to ensure it's thoroughly removed from my skin.

However, when I really started to enjoy using the cleanser is when I started dampening my hands first and then applying the balm cleanser to my dry face that way.  The balm is much easier to spread and doesn't feel so sticky.  I still highly recommend using a flannel to remove this cleanser but my skin feels calm, nourished and plump after use.  It's really effective at removing make up as well.  It could be argued that given the high quality of the ingredients in the cleanser that you may want to use this more as a 'treatment' second cleanse rather than one that removes make up but I'm comfortable to recommend it as an effective make up remover AND treatment cleanser.

I really do think that this cleanser would be fantastic for dry and mature skin as it is so nourishing.  It's also great for frequent flyers like myself and really helps to restore the balance of my skin without upsetting it.  I've had no outbreaks using this (and I have very hormonal, combination skin)

I do find it a little bit more work than other balm cleansers as it's so thick and I do slightly favour the Renaissance Cleansing Gel formula but my skin certainly has definitely appreciated the nourishment, especially recently after a couple of long haul flights!

Have you tried anything from Oskia?  Any more product recommendations?

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