Saturday, November 16, 2013

Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Fallen From The Lipstick Tree review

Not one to pass up trying a new lipstick or three, when Charlotte Tilbury launched her make up line in Selfridges I was there, chomping at the bit to get my hands on some of the goodies!

It's taken me a while to get this post together but here are my thoughts on the 'K.I.S.S.I.N.G Fallen from the lipstick tree' lipsticks.

This is a very photo heavy post but I was having quite a lot of fun taking the pictures as the packaging really is beautiful.

The lipsticks are packaged in a slightly rose gold heavy 'column' effect tube.  It's quite 20's and glam.  CT is embossed on the top of the lid and 'Charlotte Tilbury' is lightly embossed on the inner casing of the bullet.  Definitely one to whip out in public!

I picked up 5 shades from the range; Penelope Pink, Nude Kate, Coachella Coral, Velvet Underground and Bitch Perfect which is possibly the best name ever for a lipstick.  Consistencies across all the lipsticks are that they don't bleed on the lips, they have a slightly heavy waxy feel and they don't transfer to the teeth (no finger in mouth trick needed).  They are also all quite unforgiving on anything less than perfect lips so if you have dry lips, definitely exfoliate and moisturise well beforehand.  Once on the lips none of them feel drying at all.

Bitch Perfect

Bitch Perfect is a warm neutral caramel colour.  Creamy and easy to apply straight from the bullet, this colour gives an effortlessly polished look with a satin finish.

Nude Kate

Nude Kate is a lovely cool toned nude.  The formula feels quite thick on the lips and this was the shade I had the most problems with when my lips weren't in tip top condition.  There was a lot of gathering of colour on the inside of the lips.  However, with exfoliated lips this colour applies smoothly and opaquely in one pass.

Coachella Coral

Such a pretty pink based coral!  The easiest to apply from the bullet with a satin finish.  A great lipstick for the summer.

Penelope Pink

Don't be misled by the name, Penelope Pink definitely leans more nude/tan than pink and is very very similar to Nude Kate, perhaps a touch warmer.  Penelope Pink is possibly a little glossier in the finish than Nude Kate.  This one feels quite lightweight on the lips and is creamy to apply with no tug on the lips.

Velvet Underground

Velvet Underground is the most difficult to apply from the bullet as it's quite stiff and I needed to use a lip brush for a precise line.  It's a blue based magenta that looks really lovely but feels quite thick and syrupy on the lips.  It's probably my favourite colour of the 5 though as it is so pigmented.

Overall I think these are good lipsticks-they're not the best lipsticks ever even though I can't put my finger on why I'm not totally bowled over by them.  However they're a nice (and aesthetically pleasing) addition to my collection.

Have you picked up anything from the Charlotte Tilbury collection?  I also reviewed the Uptown Girl eye quad here.


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