Sunday, July 19, 2015

Three blogging Michelles I love!

I read so many blogs and I don't do 'share the love' posts as often as I should.  That changes today as I am going to share three beauty bloggers called Michelle that I love.

Bubbly Michelle

I first found Michelle on instagram and this lady has serious style and photography skills.  Her photographs on instagram are visually stunning and I'm forever adding things to my wishlist after seeing them in her posts.  Despite having 38,000 instagram followers she replies to almost every single instagram comment and is genuinely one of the nicest people I've met online.  Her blog is clean and stylish with big pictures, and her swatches and blog posts are not only beautifully taken/written but are extremely helpful.  Michelle was my go to when NARS launched the Audacious lipsticks as she swatched and reviewed every one and her recent Tom Ford Summer 2015 post is seriously lustworthy.  I'm also obsessed with her snapchat!

Beauty Life Michelle

My most recent discovery is youtuber and fellow expat Michelle Crossan who is an Irish girl living in Australia.  Her youtube videos are so good, I love her tutorials and I am also obsessed with her Snapchat (especially her cat.  More cat please!).  I find her voice really soothing and I love the fact that she is still so excited and humbled by the things she is sent by PR companies but that her reviews are honest and to the point.  She does tutorials using both drugstore and high end make up and has hair and skin to die for.  Her recent Boyfriend does my make up tag video was so funny that as soon as it finished I watched it again!  In the States last week I purchased two of the Hourglass Modernist palettes after seeing her tutorial with them.

Luxe Life Aspirations

If I was ever to meet Michelle from Luxe Life Aspirations I am pretty sure it would be in a Space NK store as we both have a penchant for the beauty Mecca and love a bit of a high end skincare splurge!

I feel like I have been following Michelle's blog forever and she posts a mixture of beauty and style posts-she describes her blog as an 'online chronicle of my spending habits' and I have to admit, that's my kind of blog!

So there we have it, three Michelle's you should definitely get to know-be it by following them on youtube, their blog, instagram, twitter or snapchat.  Or become a super stalker like me and follow them on all!


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