Friday, February 13, 2015

Chanel Spring 2015: Rouge Double Intensité in Darling Pink

Chanel  Rouge Double Intensité in Darling Pink

I bought two items from the Chanel Spring 2015 and today I am reviewing the second-the Rouge Double Intensité in the shade Darling Pink.  The first item was the highly covertible Blush Camelia Rose which is very pretty, especially on pale skin.

The Rouge Double Intensité is not a new lip product to Chanel but this is a new shade.  And shade wise it's really pretty.  It's a nude muted pink.  This is the first time I have tried this formula and I have read some amazing reviews online of other shades.

Unfortunately I am just not getting it.

Ok so the concept is simple, a coloured liquid lipstick and then a clear gloss.  Matte or glossy lips in one double ended tube.

The liquid lipstick has a doe foot applicator which is very easy to use.  The colour goes on evenly and smoothly but that's where the positives with this formula end for me.  In seconds, as the formula dries it becomes tacky-and then just feels tackier and tackier on the lips.  It feels like I have chewing gum on my lips which is not a pleasant sensation at all.  There is no way I could wear this lipstick on its own, it would annoy the hell out of me.

The gloss makes it better.  The gloss isn't sticky and seems to alleviate the tackiness of the underlying liquid lipstick.  It doesn't last long on the lips but gives a definite glass like shine-something I personally love.  Once it wears off, thankfully the tackiness does not come back.

The formula is pretty drying on the lips although it didn't peel off on my lips or highlight dry patches.  They just feel a bit dehydrated.  And the underlying colour does last a long time.  Not the 8-10 hours I have seen claims of online but perhaps as this is a nude shade it wears off quicker.

 Rouge Double Intensité in Darling Pink

 Rouge Double Intensité in Darling Pink

I really really hate the feeling of the 'base' liquid lipstick on my lips and I can't get past that so I this is a formula that I would ever repurchase again. 


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