Sunday, February 15, 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Colour Morphing Eye Pencils review

My first experience of the Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Colour Morphing eye pencils was not great.  I pretty much slated the Champagne Diamonds one, it was so packed full of glitter I stated it was bordering on inappropriate for daytime.

But my best friend Danielle loves these and raves about how easy they are to use and last all day and I admit my curiosity got the better of me.  So when we were in Selfridges beauty hall in Manchester over Xmas I ended up buying a few more.  For research purposes.

The idea behind these chunky eye pencils is simple-a day and a night version to enhance the colour of the eye itself.  I have green eyes.  I bought pencils designed for hazel, brown and green eyes.  #Rebel

My research gave a mixed bag of results.  They all swatched amazingly.  Way less glitter than Champagne Diamonds and look at the multi tone sparkle in the swatches in sunlight.  Beaut.  They also all worked brilliantly under the eye as a liner-lasting the distance with fading or smudging.

Golden Quartz is an olive green with golden glitter than blends out grey.  There is a lot of glitter in this one, not as bad as Champagne Diamonds but still visible.   Whilst all the pencils do without doubt glide on easily without tugging you don't get a huge amount of time to work with them before they set and Golden Quartz was one of the fastest to fade and crease.  It wasn't horrendous and when I was testing these I was wearing them in Cairo and working 14 hour days but at the end of the day they definitely looked better from a distance than up close.  I applied straight to the lid and then blended out a bit with a MAC 217 fluffy brush.  When blending it diluted the colour dramatically and I definitely needed to 'top up' the lid on a couple of shades.  I didn't use a primer but I definitely recommend powdering your eyelids if you have even slightly oily eyelids to try and prolong the wear by giving a dry clean matte canvas to start with.  You can see I have crease-y eyelids and 9 times out of 10, powder eyeshadow works better on my lids.  Another thing that was common to all the shades was the need to sharpen the pencil after just one use.

Dark Pearl is pretty but perhaps the least pigmented of all but easiest to work with and longest lasting.  I would say this shade is a purply taupe and has no glitter making it great for daytime.

Amber Haze is the worst of the bunch which is a shame as it's the colour I wanted the most.  You can see from my swatches above that within minutes it was already creasing-this was already after a second application of the pencil on my lid.  Again Amber Haze is quite heavy on the glitter and was difficult to work with.

Shade wise, Bronzed Garnet is my favourite and as cliched as it seems is the one designed for green eyes.  It definitely makes my green eyes greener but because of the strong red metallic tone also makes my skin look paler.  This is again one of the better pencils, definitely visible after 14 hours and smooth and glitter free to apply.

I totally get why people like this kind of eyeshadow-especially when they are as smooth and creamy to apply as these pencils.  It's swipe and go eyeshadow.  But for longevity the Trish McEvoy shadow sticks (that I know I bang on and on about) are definitely better and don't crease or fade as much.

Have you tried any of these pencils?  How do you feel about the formula?


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