Friday, October 10, 2014

Sneak peek: The Nordstrom haul

So you'll have noticed a distinct lack of haul post around these parts recently and it's true to say my irrepressible hauling did take a temporary hiatus whilst I have been unwell but that's not to say one or two didn't take place!

Below is my latest Nordstrom online haul.  Currently all untried and untested-just a little sneaky peek.

First up a Sarah from and beauty or something enabled purchase.  She raves about the Guerlain liquid eyeliner incessantly.  And when you see eyeliner skillz like Sarah you know you gotta jump right on that bandwagon so here it is in all it's glory.

I have literally been dying to try some ClĂ© de peau makeup but it's not available in Dubai and I am not even sure if it's in the UK.  But after reading several US blogger reviews I could not pass up on the A/W2014 eyeshadow compacts in Baby Universe and Satin Moon.  They just look utterly beautiful.  Neutral-ish and absolutely my cup of tea.  You have to buy the compact and the 'refill' separately which is a tad irksome but they're undeniably beautiful.

I also could not resist picking up this gorgeous highlighter.  It's one of the most stunning pieces I own inside and out.  I need to use it though and not make it one of my 'The Untouchables' just because it's pretty.

If there is one fragrance house you can buy from blind and 9/10 times NOT be disappointed it's Jo Malone.  I read so many reviews of the new 'Wood Sage and Sea Salt' cologne I was sure I would love it.  You can read a fantastic review on my blog of this very fragrance by the lovely Louise

I couldn't resist another Dior 'Rouge Dior' lipstick in the new shade Rose Tutu-a gorgeous neutral pink.  My Rouge Dior collection is well into double figures these days.

Last up, I could not resist the Smashbox mini version of their Full Exposure palette.  More neutral eyeshadows?  Hell yeah!

Do let me know what you would like to see a review of first!


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