Friday, December 12, 2014

Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss-the review

Chanel Rouge Allure gloss review

Chanel Rouge Allure gloss review

Chanel Rouge Allure gloss review

Chanel Rogue Allure gloss £26 // $34

I was patiently awaiting the launch of the new gloss version of the Chanel Rouge Allure lipsticks and they have finally hit Dubai.  They may have been in Dubai longer than I thought because I was thrown at the counter by the 'tester' glosses not being in the same packaging as the actual gloss.

When swatched initially I have to admit I wasn't blown away-the gloss seemed extremely thick and sticky on my hand but I did end up buying two-for research purposes.  I really wanted an almost clear pinky shade  but they all seemed to be quite pigmented.  I picked up one coral-Affriolant and one brighter pink-Supreme Sensible looks like the kind of shade I was looking for but it didn't seem to be on counter so I may pick it up in the UK.  I am kind of tempted to pick up Chanel's signature red Pirate too as it now comes in this formula and I don't own many red glosses.

So yes, I am saying I would pick more up because I really do like these glosses.  Briefly covering off packaging, these tubes have the same 'push to click, pop out' opening as the Rouge Allure lipsticks.  It's actually kind of cool in one way as the packaging is so sleek but on the other hand it's slightly irksome as you can't see how much product is left in the tube.

The applicator is really good to use-it has a tapered pointy end with a flat paddle that seems to draw out the exact amount of gloss needed for one application.  I have also tested out the ease of use of this after 3 glasses of vino and it passed!!

Onto the formula-it is on the thicker side.  And it's kind of tacky when you apply it but actually once it's on the lips it feels absolutely fine.  It's more of a liquid lipstick texture than anything else and reminds me of the MAC Pro Longwear lipglosses but with a glossier, wet look finish.  It applies very evenly which I love and has decent lasting power-it's a gloss, not a stain so don't expect miracles.  But the fade is pleasantly even and because of the slightly heavier texture it doesn't wander off round your face or settle into lip lines nor does it gather in that less than attractive ring of gloop.  It also does not highlight any dryness on the lips which is a major bonus point for me-I am really struggling with this at the moment-I put a lipstick on and all of a sudden it's highlighting dryness and flakiness but these don't at all. 

Chanel Rouge Allure gloss review Affriolant

Affriolant-A warm pink with a definite coral undertone and a glossy, wet look finish.  When I am in the mood for gloss this is pretty much what I am reaching for at the moment.  Lips don't look too overdone but have that polished, glassy look that I personally love.

Chanel Rouge Allure gloss review Supreme

Supreme-A brighter fuchsia with a glossy, glassy finish.  Loving it.

Final thoughts? Really lovely and I am glad I did purchase them.  Whilst writing the review have convinced myself I do need Pirate and Sensible.  There are 10 shades in the range and the Chanel website lists these as limited edition but they're still very much around.

Have you picked up any of these new glosses from Chanel?  Would love to know your thoughts!


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