Wednesday, December 10, 2014

RéVive Cream Cleanser

Revive cream cleanser review

RéVive Cream Cleanser// £55 for 180ml bought from Space NK

I've fallen for a cleanser. 

Back in June I did a massive skincare haul in Space NK when I was in London.  I was 'stocking up' naturally.  I'd gone in armed with a list of cleansers I wanted to try and this RéVive one was on it.  I have since found out it's available in Harvey Nichols in Dubai!

This is the first skincare product I have tried from this brand, founded by Harvard trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr Gregory Brown. 

There are three cleansers in the line-an Exfoliating cleanser, a Gel cleanser and the one I plumped for, the Cream Cleanser. 

This fits into my own evening skincare routine as my 'second cleanse'-the one where I use a nourishing cleanser to compliment my make up removing cleanse and provide some nutrients to my skin.

The main active ingredient in this cream cleanser is jojoba seed oil which has natural antibacterial properties.  The cleanser just feels so lovely and luxurious on the skin.  It smells slightly floral and doesn't feel heavy on the skin and rinses cleanly without the need for a flannel (although I use one anyway).  My skin just feels so unbelievably soft after cleansing-this is such a lovely cleanser for all skin types. 

But is it worth £55?  I really love the feeling on my skin-it has such a lovely texture that it makes me spend more time cleansing my face in the evening.  But looking at the ingredients list I don't see anything I would deem very expensive or ground breaking.  The packaging is a bit cheap and nondescript.  It comes in a plastic squeezy bottle but it's made of that like 'furry plastic'-do you even know what I mean?

If you are the sort of person who only does one cleanse in the evening then I would not recommend spending such a large amount on this cleanser.  There are far better (as in more effective at removing makeup), cheaper options out there on the market-a good balm or oil is what you need.

But as a luxury, nourishing second cleanse in your routine treat I am smitten.  But would I repurchase?  Not at £55.


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