Sunday, December 14, 2014

Here come the boys-Tom Ford Lips and Boys

A quick post today-as many of you know I am on holiday in the UK at the moment so apologies for being a bit quieter than usual.  I am so happy at the moment, the happiest I have been all year and for the first time in a long time being in the UK has made me crave a move away from Dubai.  I am not saying we'll up sticks and leave Dubai-I definitely want to complete 10 years in Dubai next year but it's always good to have options.  If I could afford to live in the cottage we are currently staying in I would be very happy.

Anyway-todays post is about Lips and Boys.  Is there anything better?  Well we all know that the right boy and the right lipstick can make a girl very happy!

Here are the Lips and Boys picks I chose when they went on sale for 24 hours on the 1st December.
With regards to the formula, they are definitely 'Tom Ford' lipsticks.  Read my review here for the lowdown.

First up- JAMES

Even though James is a repromote of a lipstick I already own I had to get it!  I mean come on, regular readers will know James is my assistant at work and a constant source of hilarity and amusement in my daily life!  We all love James and I love this nude-y coral toned lip.


Not so sure about Alexander-it's an almost lavender toned pink that I don't think works well on my skintone.  I was hoping it might be a bit more bubblegum pink but I guess that's the problem with blind buying (and that there were so little swatches on the internet prior to the 1st Dec sale)

Next we have MICHAEL

Another purchase based on the name as my other half is a Michael.  However I absolutely love this mid pink shade-it has that 'lit from within' quality on the lips that Cherry Lush has.

Next up, and very similar to Michael is GIACOMO

Such a beautiful shade and literally just one tone darker than Michael, I absolutely love Giacomo.

Finally we have ALEJANDRO

Alejandro is a great pink toned red-it reminds me of Cherry Lush which I also love.

The lipsticks are definitely on the 'mini' side.  Here's a size comparison with a regular size Tom Ford lippie.  The regular size looks like a giant lipstick!

The shades go back on sale again for a limited time on the 26th December-I think I need to definitely add Patrick to my collection and will be actively seeking out reviews of all the other shades (Temptalia has them all!)

Some of the collection are repromotes of old shades or, permanent collection shades renamed for this collection.  The renamed shades are......
  • Holden = Vanilla Suede
  • Beau = Blush Nude
  • Henry = Warm Sable
  • William = Pink Dune
  • Addison = Pink Dusk
  • James = Twist of Fate
  • Richard = Negligee
  • Cooper = Pure Pink
  • Adriano = True Coral
  • Alejandro = Slander
  • Leonardo = Smoke Red
  • Xavier = Violet Fatale
  • Collin = Indian Rose
  • Cary = Casablanca
  • Didier = Moroccan Rouge
I would love to know what you picked up or are planning to pick up when they go back on sale.


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