Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The true story of a beauty addicts nightmare......

Yesterday I left the house WITHOUT MASCARA!

I had had a rubbish nights sleep, Ali (cat #3) had been particularly vocal between 4 and 5am meaning a very broken nights sleep.

I'm also doing a huge blogsale and it's really forcing me to shop my stash and figure out what works and what doesn't for me so I have been trying a few new bits (post coming up on those soon) and loving them all so much that I must have got distracted from my usual routine.

I got in the car, pulled out of the car park and up to the traffic lights.  Quick make up check in my mirror-liking that new eyeshadow!  But wait!  Something was wrong-very wrong.  OMG my lashes were nude!

I know there are potentially more things to worry about but at that moment I panicked!  I quickly weighed up my options-did I have some mascara in my bag? 17 lipsticks probably but mascara?  Negative.  Did I have time to nip home?  No and Mike would kill me if I waltzed in saying 'I'm back because I forgot to put mascara on'.  I would have to go to the supermarket and buy some.

I'll be honest, I haven't bought a drugstore mascara since I was about 15-I may as well just admit I am a mascara snob!

I had two choices at the local supermarket-Rimmel or Maybelline.  I honestly couldn't name a Rimmel mascara so I decided it was finally time to try the Maybelline Falsies mascara Tanya Burr raves about.

Mascara in my sweaty little palms, heartbeat subsiding!!
Without doubt the cheapest mascara I have ever bought-worked out about £7-8.

But it's a beaut!

The packaging bulky and plastic-y but to be honest it applies like a dream.  It has a thin concave brush which makes getting to the root of lashes super easy.  It doesn't smudge onto the upper lid-my pet hate!  It's a fairly wet formula so is easy to work with a build up.  It didn't smudge all day and gave thick, black long lashes!  The lashes look as good at 8pm as they did when I apply it at half 7 in the morning.  And for a waterproof mascara it removed so easily with a swipe of my Garnier 2 in 1 soothing eye make up remover.

I think it's a keeper.......

What would you have done?  Gone in mascara-less or would you have done what I did?


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