Friday, August 9, 2013

Dior Fall 2013-DiorShow Fusion Mono Eyeshadow and DiorBlush

Dior is literally bankrupting me at the moment!

Yesterday I went shopping to pick up some very specific things-none of which included make up items but I seemed to find myself in Harvey Nichols and over at the Dior counter having a merry swatch fest of some of the Fall 2013 collection.  I have already purchased and reviewed both beautiful eyeshadow palettes Bonne Etoile and Constellation and adore them both-but nothing else had really caught my eye from the collection.  Until I ended up in store with the products right in front of my face.

First up I swatched the blushers-these are a relatively new formula from Dior and come housed in a beautifully embossed pan.

'Coral Cruise' stole my heart-it's a true coral rather than a pink coral or orange coral and is extremely finely milled yet sufficiently pigmented in one sweep.  No real shimmer but not flat matte, this is perfect for day to day use.  Almost like a zero shimmer Nars Orgasm and definitely buildable to get the look you prefer.

Next up were the new Fusion Mono eyeshadows which are described as having a 'mirror shine'.  I have decided I definitely have a type.  Not just of men but of eyeshadows too.  I like shimmery, pigmented metallic shades that come in powder form but are slightly creamy to apply.

Under the bright lights of the Harvey Nichols store, the shadow swatches sparkled and glinted in the light, winking at me to 'buy me'.

I walked out with Hypnotique and Millenium.  When I was swatching I noticed they felt a lot like the Chanel Illusion D'Ombre-that kind of mousse-y texture that is incredibly easy to apply.  When swatched under the light they look multi-dimensional-full of teeny tiny iridescent particles that just seem to make the base colour come alive.  My swatches definitely don't do them justice and I highly recommend swatching them next time you're at a Dior counter.

Hypnotique is a deep purple/grey with microparticles of light reflecting blue, silver and white.

Millenium is a deeper more truer grey (although it does look more olive in the jar) with golden and blue microshimmer.

They come encased in the same glass pots that the new Dior cream blushers come in and so are easy to keep clean and look really classic.

But....guess what?  When I got home I thought 'I wonder how these really do compare to the Chanel Illusion D'Ombre eyeshadows?' and discovered that I have bought almost two exact shades to what I already own!

The texture of the Chanel shadows is 'wetter' and slightly more creamy than the Dior but the pigmentation when swatched is very similar.   They are all beautiful-but they are all similar and I know I don't 'need' both the Chanel and the Dior.

These type of shadows do tend to dry out quite quickly-my tip is to store them upside down to prolong their life.  Also, the way to build these shadows up in intensity is not to keep packing them on but actually just to wet the brush and apply them damp.

Dior is my current favourite brand right now-they need to stop producing such objects of desire!!


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