Monday, August 5, 2013

New Michael Kors handbag!

Recently I blogged about What's is my handbag and mentioned I was getting a new handbag for work and here it is!

Michael Kors Tilda Large Tote

This is the large size saffiano leather tote in black.  I really like saffiano leather, my Prada bag is also made of saffiano leather which is hardwearing and scratch resistant.

Its a boxy square tote with simple gold hardware and Michael Kors embossed on the gold metallic strip on the front and gold studs on the bottom.

The biggest thing I don't like about this bag (and I didn't know when I bought it as I bought it online and didn't check properly) is it has a centre compartment.  I am not sure the bag is big enough for everything I like to carry and I wish it didn't have the centre compartment which in effect divides the bag into three. I like a tote where you can literally chuck everything in but this bag is going to prove to be an organisational challenge because of the compartments!

I will use the bag and see how I get on, it would be perfect if it didn't have the centre compartment.  It's good quality and sturdy and a really lovely design.

What I didn't mention is that I also bought a second bag.  Amy from The Little Koala (who also re-designed my blog for me and did a fantastic job!) did a wonderful What's in my handbag post featuring the Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac bag and I thought it was a gorgeous gorgeous bag!

The Mini Mac comes in a variety of different colours and I picked up the tan one because I thought it was a colour lacking in my handbag wardrobe!

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac

The bag is really soft leather and has gold hardware.  I don't wear a lot of gold even though for accessories I really like it.  It has a long strap so it's perfect for days out and shopping trips.  Again it has a studded bottom which I really like and an extra compartment under the main flap of the bag.  The main compartment of the bag is through the zip along the top which I am really pleased with because I have a Mulberry Alexa and having to open the flap constantly to get into the bag drives me insane!

I really do like this bag and am really tempted by the larger version in black!

This is a rare post for me as I usually post about beauty but it is nice to do something different for a change!


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