Friday, August 2, 2013

The miracle facial oil?

Caroline Hirons is no stranger to any beauty blogger-her no nonsense skincare advice has certainly made me 100 times more clued up on what I am using on my face.  I literally couldn't stalk the lady any more-I follow her blog on GFC and Bloglovin, her twitter, her instagram and have signed up for email updates when she posts a new post on her blog.

This post popped into my inbox last Tuesday morning about two balance Me products.  She had captioned the post 'balance Me cleanse and smooth face balm (and radiance face oil-secret spot weapon).  Immediate interest from me.  Now to be honest, I have recently suffered from very few spots but that very day I had a spot brewing nicely.  I have been wanting to add an oil to my night time routine and something about the picture she posted of the oil rang a little bell in the back of my mind.  I had that oil!  I didn't buy this oil so I can only conclude this small rollerball version came with my Latest in Beauty advent calender and I've had it for 7 months without realising its magical properties.

Admittedly I knew nothing about the brand balance Me, but its a 7 year old company founded by British sisters Clare and Rebecca Hopkins.  They started making products in their kitchen before being spotted by a leading high street retailer.  balance Me prides itself in 'natural, high performance, paraben and sulphate free aromatherapy skincare products, all produced in the UK'.

The radiance facial oil contains a blend of Amazonian buriti nut oil, Roman chamomile, yarrow and benzoin.  Admittedly I have NO idea what those ingredients do.  The balance Me website probably explains it better....

Our 100% natural powerfully active face oil feeds skin lacking in lustre with a rich, replenishing blend of skin- boosting and smoothing ingredients. Don’t be afraid to use if your skin is prone to congestion as oil on oil is extremely balancing, hydrating and comfortable to wear. Oil is a great way to combat congested skin, our radiance oil is packed with conditioning and softening Amazonian buruti, moringa and camellia oils that work together with soothing Roman chamomile, yarrow and benzoin to enhance the radiance of skin of all ages and types.
Slip it on morning and night, either before your moisturiser as an additional layer of protection or alone as an intense skin-boosting treat. Warm two drops of oil first in clean palms and then massage across the face, neck and d├ęcolletage using gentle circular movements to help clear toxins, enhance circulation, boost cell renewal and to give your skin back the radiance it deserves.

balance Me list the full ingrediants on their website (big thumbs up!!)

Caroline puts it more succinctly....

If you are someone who suffers from spots/breakouts/acne and slaps on toothpaste (loads gun) or nappy cream (fires gun) - use the above instead. This little rollerball is on my bedside and in my MU bag. Any sign of a zit and it gets rolled to death. Continuous use of an oil like this one is much better for your skin and your spots - and helps prevent scarring - in essence if you use this it will either:

  • bring the spot to a head without scarring - OR
  • make it completely disperse before it comes to a head
  • Also helps heal scarring old and new (remember scars can only be helped without machinery intervention if they are still red/pink, showing blood circulation - this will not fix the scar on your knee that you did when you were 6)

That's what basically sold it to me!  As they say, the proof is in the pudding so I dug out the little rollerball that had been lying innocently in my skincare stash and rollerballed that brewing spot to death a la Caroline.  And guess what, it had only bloody disappeared in the morning! Shut the front door!!!

I've been using the oil every night since-rollerballing any spots to death and pressing the oil into my skin with my palms on the rest of my face.

Another great addition to my routine!

What else would you recommend from the balance Me range?  I don't think I can buy it in Dubai but I have visitors soon from the UK!


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